Upgrade to Team Plan for ONLY $89.50/mo 
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Team Plan
Upgrade for ONLY $89.50/mo!
If you need more than a few Pro Plan Pages then upgrade to Team Plan for:
UNLIMITED Pro Plan features on UNLIMITED Facebook Pages
On-Boarding Support
25,000 Contacts included*

*Blocks of 20K additional Team Plan Contacts are only $19/mo
Questions about upgrading to a Team Plan? Contact us: sales@mobilemonkey.com

Team Plan Benefits

Unlimited Facebook Pages & Bots with Pro Features!

With a MobileMonkey Team Plan you get unlimited Pro features and functionality on all of your Facebook Pages and bots.

No need to upgrade ever again – you get all the bells and whistles!

Contacts are aggregated across all Facebook Pages in the account making your contacts go farther. 

Multi-User Collaboration

Have employees that need special log-ins or limited access? No problem.

Want to invite a client to collaborate on a bot? Got you covered.

Want to assign admin privileges to another user? You got it.

With MobileMonkey Team Plan you can easily invite new users, manage your team and collaborate with stakeholders all within your Team Dashboard.

On-boarding Support

To get started you get a kick-off call with an Account Rep, and a 1 hour training consulting session.

Invite your entire team to the session and we will train them all!

Upgrade to Unlimited Facebook Pages with Pro Features in MobileMonkey Team Plan Today!

Team Plan FAQs

If your client has their own Account, they can invite you as an Admin or Collaborator. However, only Facebook Pages and Bots that are connected directly to your Company will have Pro features enabled as part of your Team Plan.
Each Team Plan is for one Company and includes all of the Facebook Pages and Bots connected to that Company. If you are part of more than one Company, the Team Plan benefits only apply to the Company with the Team Plan.
Your Team Plan benefits apply to all Facebook Pages and Bots connected to your Company. Add as many as you need.
No problem! You can easily transfer a Facebook Page and all Bots and Contacts to another User’s Company.
Team plan includes 25,000 Contacts across all Facebook Pages connected to the Company. Contacts are cumulative across all Pages.
Extra Contacts are charged at $19/mo per 20,000 cumulative across all Pages connected to your Team Plan Company.
There is no limit to admin or collaborator Users you can invite to your Team Plan Company.