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11 Ways On How to Publish on LinkedIn Pulse

Ways To Hack LinkedIn Pulse Algorithm:

The infographic below states the 11 proven ways on how to hack LinkedIn Pulse Algorithm.

11 Ways To Hack LinkedIn Pulse Algorithm FAQ

What is LinkedIn Pulse?

LinkedIn Pulse is LinkedIn’s very own version of thepersonalized newsfeed. It also works as astandalone app.

Where is it used?

LinkedIn Pulse is used by users to know the headlines and top news of the day.

What is its importance?

LinkedIn Pulse is used for the same reason as to why you publish content on your site – Exposure.

Why should you know how to publish the LinkedIn pulse?

Finding success when it comes to LinkedIn Pulse requires the right strategy. You need to put on enough time and effort to make everything worthwhile.

Why should you optimize your titles for your LinkedIn Pulse?

You need to optimize your titles for LinkedIn Pulse so your post can garner hundreds to a few thousands of views on the average.

How can you capture eye-catching images for your LinkedIn Pulse?

Eye-catching images attract more views for your LinkedIn Pulse.


  • Choose a strong subject
  • Take photo at different angles
  • Make shadows your main subject
  • Minimalist background is better
  • Experiment with new angles
  • Avoid the use of too many colors in a single photo

How to grow your network on LinkedIn?

Growing your network on LinkedIn is necessary to uplift exposure. You can do these using these steps:

  • Optimize your profile
  • Post regular updates
  • Build up connections regularly
  • Add LinkedIn URL to your email signature
  • Participate in groups
  • Thank people

What topics should you publish on LinkedIn?

Determining the kind of topics to publish on LinkedIn helps attain your much-needed exposure. Some of the fastest growing topics in LinkedIn include:

  • Change readiness
  • Geomodeling
  • Direct Banking
  • Basin modeling
  • Trade Station
  • Digital Cable
  • Industry-analyst relations
  • Document outsourcing
  • Structured trade
  • Foodservice distribution

What are LinkedIn Channels?

LinkedIn is monitored by algorithms. Once your content gets featured, it will be posted on LinkedIn Channels.

How to optimize your posts on LinkedIn?

You need to give your content a push in the right direction. You can optimize them using these steps:

  • Aligning with your audience
  • Finding a content that will fit for the channel
  • Following the editorial calendar of LinkedIn
  • Writing top-notch content
  • Creating human connection
  • Publishing during the right times
  • Posting new contents regularly

 How to contact them pulse editors?

You can get in touch with pulse editors by easily tweeting to @LinkedInPulse. Ask the pulse editors politely to get featured on a Channel.

What are social ads?

Social ads help you drive more traffic to your post, which helps you push through the top of the Channel.

How to promote your LinkedIn Page?

You can promote your LinkedIn page by putting a link to other social media profiles like your Twitter profile and Facebook account.

Why do you need to repost content?

Reposting content offers numerous benefits including driving more traffic to your LinkedIn profile, and reaching out to new and current followers.

Tips when reposting content:

  • Reframe the content every time
  • Repurpose your historical content
  • Avoid reposting the same content on the same day as the previous one
  • Know who you are writing for

How to syndicate content?

You can syndicate content by posting remarkable content that has generated more traffic and engagement as well.

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