Facebook News Feed Armageddon Survival Guide FEATURED

Facebook News Feed Armageddon Survival Guide: 6 Loopholes to Stay Alive

Facebook Newsfeed Armageddon Survival Guide:

The infographic below explain how Facebook newsfeed works and 6 tips to cope with it.

  • Facebook Groups
  • Instagram
  • Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Building Your Own Brand
  • Try Out Other Publishing Channels

Facebook News Feed Armageddon Survival Guide

Facebook Newsfeed Survival Tips: 6 Things To Consider To Stay Alive FAQ

What is the “unicorn’ of Facebook engagement loopholes?

Facebook Groups are the unicorn of Facebook engagement loopholes.

How can you achieve “free” post visibility on Facebook?

Facebook group discussion end up getting featured in their user notification tab, which drives an enormous amount of “free” post visibility.

What are Instagram-y verticals?

Instagram-y verticals are those in the field of travel, food, fitness, entertainment, consumer goods and so forth.

How can you obtain free organic engagement on Instagram?

  • Never use Instagram Bots
  • Be creative with your Instagram Hashtags
  • Schedule your Instagram Posts
  • Add a Call-To-Action to your Instagram Posts
  • Join Instagram Pod
  • Become active with Instagram Stories
  • Host an event on Instagram

What are the particular areas that need to be focused on Facebook advertising?

  • Promotion of Unicorns: Sponsored posts with unusually high post engagement rates (+10%) are still remarkably cheap (1-4 cents per click)
  • Remarketing: People who visited your site recently are the most likely people to buy your stuff in the future.
  • Custom Audiences: It’s like email marketing on Facebook, just upload the emails and phone numbers of people in your customer database and they’ll see your ads.

What are some tips when promoting on Facebook?

  • Use images, not links
  • Use quotes
  • Use questions
  • Share old content
  • Like their comments
  • Never use custom banners
  • Customize your profile picture
  • Use memes and trends
  • Post interesting facts
  • Ask for their opinions

What are some ways when remarketing?

Get people to visit your site. They will most likely the ones who will buy your products in the future.

How to acquire custom audiences?

Custom audiences can be acquired by simply uploading their emails and phone number into your customer database. That way, they can see your ads easily.

What are the things to ask before cutting or investing in channels this year?

  • Do you truly understand the needs of your target market?
  • Does your product/service offer compelling & uniquely differentiated value?
  • Is its essence conveyed in an unusually memorable/inspirational way?

How can you truly understand the needs of your target market?

  • Applying for an Intelligent Customer Engagement
  • Creating more robust buyer personas
  • Generating data from customer analytics
  • Anticipating, predicting and planning for the future
  • Traversing your customer’s path

What are other channels that you can use for publishing?

Smaller channels that you can invest your time with are Twitter, Medium, LinkedIn,and YouTube.

Aside from emails, where can you send people updates from your company?

Like email marketing, you can get people to opt into receiving updates from your company page via Facebook Messenger.

What can you use to send updates or respond to your customer’s inquiries?

You can use automated chatbot to send updates to subscribers and respond to inquiries.

What are the advantages of using social media for your business?

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Increased inbound traffic
  • Increased search engine rankings
  • Increased brand authority
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Improved brand loyalty
  • Cost-effective
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Acquire marketplace insights
  • Thought leadership

What are the tips when using Facebook for your business?

  • Get a catchy URL
  • Choose the right template
  • Tweak the tabs
  • Choose the right CTA button
  • Choose native videos
  • Stay in touch
  • Make targeted Facebook posts
  • Spend money
  • Follow the changes in algorithm
  • Experiment all the time

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