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10 Places to Find Free Music for Video


Where To Find Background Music For Video:

The Infographic below lists 10 places to find background music for videos.

  • Free Music Archive
  • Gerry Music
  • Incompetech
  • Internet Archives Netlabels
  • Tunetrack
  • Opsound
  • Beatpick
  • Jamendo
  • Magnatune
  • Imatunes

Free music for video

10 Places To Find Background Music For Video

What is background music?

It is an unobtrusive accompaniment of a video or film. Furthermore, music that is used in advertising is said to affect marketing strategies, consumer choices as well as ad comprehension.

Why picking the right background music important for videos?

Picking the right background music controls the customer experience and increases performance.

How can you download music from Free Music Archive?

If you are using your computer to download music from Free Music Archive, you will see a down-arrow just next to all song on this site. Click the button and the download will instantly start.

What are the Advantages of using Free Music Archive?

As its name suggests, one of the most-loved advantages of Free Music Archive is its free music downloads. Another good thing about this site is its ease of use when it comes downloading your favorite songs.

How can you download music from Gerry Music?

  • Create an account on Gerry Music by simply registering your email and choosing your username and password
  • Login to the site and start looking for your background music
  • You can only use PayPal when paying for your desired video

What are the advantages of using Gerry Music?

Though you have to pay a minimal amount when downloading on Gerry Music, it is still worth it because of the huge variety of tracks like Corporate, Inspiring Motivation, Epic, Upbeat, Cinematic, Electronic, Acoustic, Emotional and Rock.

How can you download music from Incompetech?

  • Go to Incompetech
  • Look for the music you want to download
  • Choose from the options “Download as mp3”, “Get it from iTunes”, “Listen Now!” or “Watch the Video on YouTube”
  • Everything in Incompetech is free of charge but if you are kind enough, you can donate a small amount to the site

What are the advantages of using Incompetech?

Incompetech offers free music to everyone. Though there is a “donate” button, it is optional. Aside from that, they provide you with lots of options to suit your needs.

How can you download music from Internet Archives Netlabels?

  • Go to Internet Archives Netlabels
  • Pick from their wide variety of music
  • Click download and wait until it begins the process
  • The downloaded file will be saved into your computer

How can you download music from Tunetrack?

  • Go to Tunetrack
  • Sign up for an account
  • You have a lot of options to choose from. Download your favorite songs and pay the required amount either through PayPal or any major Credit Cards

How can you download music from Opsound?

  • Go to Opsound
  • Choose from their wide range of music
  • You can either download, share, reimagine or remix any music
  • You can download music for free

How can you download music from Beatpick?

  • Go to Beatpick
  • Upon going to the site, you will be prompted to options “Music Search” or “No Time? Ask Us!”
  • If you choose the “Music Search”, you will be introduced to pre-cleared songs based on their search engine, license the music you want, and download or test the music just before licensing.
  • If you choose the “NoTime? Ask Us!” button, you will be prompted to advantages like free service without commitment, saves time and you will receive the music within 24 hours.

How can you download music from Jamendo?

  • Go to Jamendo Music
  • Click the “Start” button
  • Start downloading your music and save it to your computer

How can you download music from Magnatune?

  • Go to Magnatune
  • Pick from their wide variety of options including popular, new, classical, rock, new age, electronica, world, ambient, and jazz.
  • You are required to pay aone-time payment of $299 to download unlimited music

How can you download music from Imatunes?

  • Go to Imatunes
  • Pick your music and put it in the cart
  • Pay the necessary amount before downloading


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