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How To Become A Productive Unicorn Every Week

How To Become A Productive Unicorn Every Week:

The infographic below explains how a person can become productive every week.

  • Set Monthly Goals
  • Make A List Of Tasks
  • How Much Time Will Each Task Take?
  • Plan Your Weekly Calendar
  • Reschedule
  • Plan The Next Week

how to be productive

Steps On How To Become A Productive Unicorn Every Week FAQ

What defines a productive person?

A productive person means that you are doing a lot of useful things. A productive worker makes a lot of work than a busy person who only likes to sneak out to gossip and drink a cup of coffee.

How can you become productive?

You can become productive with the help of these things:

  • Set monthly goals
  • Make a list of tasks
  • How much time will each task take?
  • Plan your weekly calendar
  • Reschedule
  • Plan the next week

Why do you need to set your monthly goals?

Setting up your monthly goals gives you focus on the things that you will do, given that you a target to meet. It also allows you to measure your progress, keeps you locked an undistracted, helps you in overcoming procrastination, and gives you motivation.

What are some tips when setting up monthly goals?

  • Evaluate where you are at the moment and reflect on your current satisfaction level
  • Define your desires to have a better life
  • Make your goals specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-sensitive

Why do you need to make a list of tasks?

Making a list of tasks turns your monthly goals into an action plan to achieve each one.

What are some tips when making a list of tasks?

  • As much as possible, write it days before the actual tasks
  • Content matters
  • Assign time estimates
  • Use sections
  • Re-evaluate the items you have created

Why do you need to determine the time that you need for each task to be complete?

Determining the time that you need for the completion of the tasks in your list allows you to manage it according to your preference. Also, it allows you to plan your next activities beforehand.

What are some tips when deciding how much time you need for the completion of each task?

Setting a reasonable timeframe for the completion of work is very important to the success of the project. When planning, it is very important not to overrate the capacity of your team. Failure to meet this will result in a lot of unmet deadlines. When deciding, consider the amount of input, resources,and work you need to reach the milestones.

Why do you need to plan your weekly calendar?

  • You can track your responsibilities
  • You can focus on important activities
  • You can let other people know about your schedule
  • You can increase your productivity
  • You can have that feeling of completion

What are some tips when planning your weekly calendar?

The best day to plan your weekly calendar is on weekends because it will give you time to review this week’s success as well as failures while looking ahead to another full week. One hour is enough to plan a weekly calendar. At first you might find it hard to have established thoughts but later on, you will see a positive improvement.

Why do you need to reschedule?

Make sure you get everything done. If things come up or there is anything you didn’t get to, put it on your list for the next week.

What are some tips when rescheduling?

When rescheduling, see to it that you can do your tasks at the appointed time. Failing to do so will delay your work progress.

Why do you need to plan for the next week?

Take a new list on Sunday. Planning a week before your tasks allow you to assess risks and opportunities. It helps you to become proactive, improves your performance, gives you enough time to establish the things that you need and revise it accordingly.

What are some tips when planning for the next week?

  • Schedule your plans on Sundays
  • Decide the things that need to be done
  • Create useful routines
  • Reflect on your list

Why do you want to become productive?

  • You want to do useful things with your time
  • You want to do better
  • You won’t earn more
  • You want to relax
  • You want something different in your life
  • You want more time
  • You want to have a free time

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