10 Life Skills they Don't Teach in College FEATURED

10 Life Skills they Don’t Teach in College

10 Life Skills They Don’t Teach in College

The infographic below shows the life skills that are never taught in college but you will know now.

  • How to network with purpose
  • How to manage your bank account
  • How to build a career that’s all your own
  • When to trust your gut
  • How to avoid burn-out
  • How to bounce back or the art of failing with grace
  • How to be a good partner
  • How to communicate and negotiate well
  • How to take care of your home
  • The importance of travel

10 Life Skills they Don't Teach in College

10 Life Skills They Don’t Teach In College And How You Can Do It Now FAQ

How to network with purpose?

No matter how great you start your conversation with, if your ultimate purpose is to networking, then it’s a bleak way of starting a friendship. As much as possible, reach out to people that you know and you know you as well as your classmates, professors,and friends that you think might get interested in your field.

How to manage your bank account?

As much as possible, start an achievable budget for yourself. The 10% of your paycheck should go to your savings for future needs.

What are the easiest money saving tips?

  • Record your expenses
  • Make a budget
  • Plan on saving
  • Choose what to save
  • Know your priorities
  • Have the right tools

How to build a career that’s all your own?

When deciding a career to pursue, you must determine what you are really up to. Think of things creatively and how you can make a living out of it. Also, never forget to pursue your passions and live an extraordinary life.

When to trust your gut?

Be a person who won’t second-guess the choices you made throughout your life, including those small ones. Go for things that “feel right” and pay attention to those that feel “off”.

What are the gut instincts that you should never ignore?

  • Your Health
  • When you are in danger
  • When you want to help
  • When you know how to do something
  • When you think that it is truly right

How to avoid burn-out?

Do some meditation for about 10 minutes in a day. There are on-campus counseling also that are of great help. A limit time when using gadgets especially in the mornings and evenings.

How to bounce back or the art of failing with grace?

The people you admire surely have their own biographies. Read and learn from them. Take note of the ways that they did to cope up with their setbacks. Always remember to see the bigger picture and never exert too much effort on the small stuff.

How to be a good partner?

Either friendship or relationship, both teaches how to strike right when it comes to partnership. Think of the qualities that you’re looking for and also focus on yours. You should never be a one-sided person.

What are some tips to become a good partner?

  • See the best in your partner
  • Have fun
  • Be grateful to your partner
  • Acquire a good relationship towards yourself

How to communicate and negotiate well?

At first, go for small negotiations. Learn to value your worth so by the time you will go out to the real world, you will know how to negotiate the right starting salary.

What are some tips when negotiating?

  • Don’t get afraid to ask
  • Listen before you speak
  • Do your homework
  • Don’t rush
  • Aim high
  • Do not focus on the pressure

How to take care of your home?

House-cleaning applications and food delivery services are not cost-effective. Learn the basics of cooking and cleaning. Anyway, you can learn everything online. There are lots of videos where you can get a reference.

The importance of travel?

Have a scheduled trip once every six months, whether it’s out of the country or just an out of town trip. There are websites that offer affordable deals to suit your budget.

What are some tips when traveling?

  • Pack essentials inside your carry-on
  • Take note of your hotel information
  • Have some old currency with you
  • Keep your boarding pass

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