Millenial Marketing Strategy Stats

Rethink Your Millennial Marketing Strategy Using these Stats

Marketing Stats of Millennials:

The infographic below states some stats that will make you rethink your millennial marketing strategy.

    • Recommendations
    • Social Media
    • User-Generated Content
    • Smartphones
    • Loyalty
    • Values
    • Advertising
    • Snapchat
    • Facebook
    • Experts

Millenial Marketing Strategy

10 Stats That Will Make You Rethink Marketing To Millennials FAQ

Who are millennials?

Millennials are those people born in the early 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s, aging between twenties, thirties and even teenagers. They are the first people who will respond to your marketing strategies, making it totally important for you to adjust to their preference.

Why should you adjust your marketing strategies for millennials?

Marketers should adjust their marketing strategies for millennials because they are influential and digital natives, touching their smartphones for about 45 times a day. Once you get what they want, you will obtain your ROI.

What are the contributions of millennials to your ROI?

Just in America, millennials represent the most buying power compared to other generations, making it fairly important for sales organization to target them for the next 20-30 years.

Why do millennials trust the recommendations of family and friends rather than claims by the brand?

Millennials mostly believe the recommendations of family and friends because they are the people whom they know and trust.  

Why do millennials prefer to promote products/services through social media?

Social media platforms are currently on the high these days. For millennials who spend hours per day browsing social media, it becomes a lot easier for them to market certain products and services.

What are the rewards that millennials get when promoting product/services in social media?

Millennials may not be interested in working so hard just for their efforts to be left unnoticed. Millennials most likely want recognition and support as their reward for promoting something online.

What is user-generated content?

User-generated content or simply UGC are those content like blogs, videos, images, audio files, and other forms of media that were made available for the public. UGC creates a lot of advantages for your marketing strategies.

Why should you optimize your marketing strategy for smartphones?

Since more than 85% of millennials own a smartphone, it is just right to optimize your marketing strategy to suit small screen devices. You can do so by creating content that can be viewed on small screen devices.

What is a loyalty reward program?

Loyalty reward program is a marketing strategy in which loyal customers were offered rewards for frequent purchases.

How can you adjust your marketing strategy to suit the values portrayed by millennials?

Though millennials put high regards on their image, they are also deeply worried about the state of the world. It is best to adjust your millennial marketing strategy by showing that the products and services you offer have advantages to the world.

What is traditional advertising?

Traditional advertising is the ‘usual’ areas for media placement including radio, newspaper, television, and outdoor billboards.

What is the reason why millennials don’t prefer traditional advertising?

Millennials are more attached to gadgets like smartphones, laptops, and tablets, making it totally hard for them to like traditional advertising.

How can you market your products/services through Snapchat?

If you want to get noticed by millennials, it is time to change your band use Snapchat. Marketers can either send promo codes, launch products and leverage influencer marketing using Snapchat.

How can you utilize Facebook to market your products?

Same as Snapchat, Facebook is also a very good social media platform to market your products and services. You can simply post an engaging advertisement to your account and more people will notice it.

Why does millennials trust experts than mere advertisements?

Millennials trust experts than mere advertisements because they are well-versed in their specific fields and can offer real factual references.

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