Reasons Why Employees Choose To Stay On Your Company FEATURED

Reasons Why Employees Choose To Stay At Your Company

Top 11 Reasons Why Talented Employees Stay:

The infographic below describes the top reasons why talented employees stay longer in your company.

  • Inspired To Work Smarter
  • Feeling Valued, Recognize, Respected
  • Mentored
  • Paid Well
  • Good Benefits and Incentives
  • Believe in The Company Mission and Vision
  • Working Environment Satisfaction
  • Exciting and Challenging Work
  • Great Relationship With Their Superiors
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Career Growth, Learning and Development

Reasons Why Employees Choose To Stay On Your Company

Reason Why Employees Choose To Stay At Your Company FAQ

What are the common reasons why employees leave their work?

One of the leading reason why employees leave their work is because of their boss/manager. As they say, they left their jobs, not the company.

What are the reasons why employees stay in the company?

Exceptional and talented employees stay in a company for many reasons. It may be because they feel as though they are respected, recognized and valued or simply because they are being paid well.

How can you inspire your employees to work smarter?

Let your employees participate in seminar programs that will help them gain more knowledge in their craft.

How can you make your employees feel valued?

In every achievement they have, it won’t hurt if you would send your congratulations or even a small token of appreciation.

How can you make your employees feel recognized?

  • Let your employees reward one another
  • Offer a platform
  • Let them make significant decisions
  • Give them small surprises
  • Be specific when you praise them
  • Give them extra time off
  • Be transparent
  • Encourage your employee’s feedback
  • Host events participated by your entire company

How can you make your employees feel respected?

The best way you can make your employees feel respected is by treating them with courtesy, kindness and politeness at all times.

Why should you mentor your employees?

You should mentor your employees:

  • As an introduction for the new hires
  • To help develop your employee’s skill in a specific area
  • To help existing staff move on a senior role

Why should you pay your employees fairly?

  • Employees talk
  • They are thinking of their pay more than you do
  • They’ll give you advantages
  • They don’t mind pay scales
  • When you choose to negotiate, you will only lose


What are the common benefits and incentives for employees?

  • Medical Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Retirement Benefits
  • Paid Time Off
  • Fringe Benefits

What happens when your employees believe in the company’s mission and vision?

When they believe and live with the company’s mission and vision, they become eager to do their daily tasks and responsibilities not just for their individual benefits but for the entire company.

How can you implement a working environment satisfaction?

  • By providing a positive working environment
  • By rewarding and recognition
  • By involving and engaging the workplace
  • By developing worker’s potential
  • By evaluating job satisfaction

How can you let your employees feel that their work is exciting and challenging?

Letting your employees feel that their work is exciting and challenging is the best way you can avoid them from leaving the company — a great way to improve employee retention.

Why does the characteristics of employers matter?

Most employees leave their company not because of their jobs, instead, they leave because of the character of their employer.

How can you promote work-life balance?

  • Ask what they need
  • Educate them
  • Do not burn them out
  • Embrace flextime
  • Support Telecommuting
  • Encourage work efficiency
  • Promote health
  • Foster creativity
  • Lead by example

How can you promote career growth, learning and development towards your employees?

You can foster learning, growth and development towards your employees by evaluating their strengths and weaknesses, adapting to different learning styles, making learning fun and interactive, taking advantage of online courses, and reviewing information.

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