Skills for the future workforce

Top 10 Job Skills for the Future Workforce

Skills for the Future Workforce: 

The infographic below best describes the critical skills for the future workforce.

  • Sense-Making
  • Social Intelligence
  • Novel and Adaptive Thinking
  • Cross-Cultural Competency
  • Computational Thinking
  • New Media Literacy
  • Trans-Disciplinary
  • Design Mindset
  • Cognitive Load Management
  • Virtual Collaboration

10 Critical Skills for the Future WorkForce FAQ

How can skills affect the chances of acquiring success at work?

With proper skills, an individual can perform tasks profoundly, without the need of too much assistance. Skilled individuals are also knowledgeable in their fields of expertise, allowing success to be easily attained.

What is sense-making?

Sensemaking is when people give meaning to their collective experiences. They give meaning to new developments and experiences that could help achieve better things at work.

How can sense making help you attain success at work?

If a person has sense-making skills, they will be able to understand and resolve easily work-related issues or events that can either be confusing, unusual, ambiguous or anything that disrupts expectations.

What is social intelligence?

Social intelligence is a person’s ability to easily get along with others and make them cooperate in the things that you do, especially in a working environment.

How to attain success at work with social intelligence?

A social intelligent person will most likely attain success at work by interacting with co-workers and making them cooperate on things that need to be done.

What is novel and adaptive thinking?

Novel and adaptive thinking is a person’s ability to come up with great and unique ideas which can be used at work and into their personal lives.

How can novel and adaptive thinking help you achieve success at work?

People with novel and adaptive thinking will most likely succeed because of their ability to create something unique and innovative.

What is Cross Cultural Competency?

Cross-cultural competency is the person’s ability to respond and adapt accordingly to the cross-cultural environment, especially when working abroad.

How does cross-cultural competency help in attaining success at work?

Cross-cultural competency is very important to attain success at work especially if you are working abroad because this skill allows you to interact accordingly with people from different cultures.

What is computational thinking and how it helps in attaining success at work?

Computational thinking is a process of solving problems that include a series numbers, logical ordering, data analyzing, and creating solutions to algorithms and dispositions. Computational skills used at work helps in acquiring better coding knowledge, helping employees automate their work tasks more efficiently.

How can new media literacy help you succeed at work?

Since new media literacy is the individual’s ability to suitably consume different messages in a variety of forms, a worker who is well equipped with this skill can adapt easily to new media tools used at work and proficiently do their job.

How can transdisciplinary contribute to your work success?

A person who is transdisciplinary is flexible enough to do different things and not just focus on one specific area, whilst, it helps in obtaining success in work and life in totality.

How useful is it to have a design mindset to succeed at work?

With a design mindset, you can easily solve complex problems and come up with desirable solutions for your clients, which could lead to your success at work.

How can cognitive load management contribute to your work success?

A worker who handles gracefully the cognitive load given to him at work will most likely succeed because they can manage things accordingly. Whether it’s an additional learning, memorization or understand anything that’s work related, they can resolve issues given that the situation might be stressful.

How is virtual collaboration related to obtaining success at work?

When a person knows how to collaborate with virtual team members, he becomes well-versed and can carry out tasks through technology-mediated communication.


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