4-Point Guide in Creating a Startup Unicorn FEATURED

4-Point Guide in Creating a Startup Unicorn


4-Point Guide In Creating A Startup Unicorn:

The infographic below shows how you should start a business.

  • Project a bold vision
  • Embrace epic change
  • Find your unicorn growth hack
  • Make unicorn babies

4-Point Guide in Creating a Startup Unicorn

4 Point Guide When Starting Up A Business FAQ

What are the 4-point guides when starting up a business?

The 4-point guides are:

  • Project a bold vision
  • Embrace epic change
  • Find your unicorn growth hack
  • Make unicorn babies

Why should you follow this 4-point guide?

Following these 4 point guide will lead you to success. You might have to face challenges along the way, buy with these point guides, you will surely get away from it.

Why do you need to project a bold vision?

Pitch the boldest vision you could ever imagine. Once people (investors and employees) finds your vision, you will make your dreams into reality.

How to project a bold vision?

To project a bold vision, you need three key elements – Affinity, Vision,and Impact.

  • Bold vision – helps create an emotional pull to help unify the team
  • Bold affinity – sustains the attraction towards the idea
  • Bold Impact – with established vision and affinity, you can ultimately achieve project success

Why do you need to embrace epic change?

Big changes equal big impact. There are times when you have to entirely change something to attain success. Changes do not always mean negativity, sometimes it will lead to huge success.

Why should you embrace changes?

  • It encourages development
  • It analyzes your life
  • It makes you accept your fears, doubts,and uncertainties
  • It keeps you away from self-loathing

What could be the result of big changes?

Big changes resultina big impact. Once you know how to handle these changes, you will definitely find success sooner or later. Never fear to venture new things because it is where you will find the best things in life.

Why do you need a unicorn growth hack?

A unicorn growth hack helps you double down your unicorn projects while keeping a close eye to attaining success. You unicorn growth hack will be your key to success. Find it!

How should you find your unicorn growth hack?

  • Analyze – the needs of your company
  • Sttudy – the things that might help your company grow
  • Listen – to the people around you
  • Work hard – on achieving your goals

How should you handle your unicorn projects?

  • Define the scope of your project
  • Determine the available resources
  • Understand the timeline of your project
  • Assemble your team for your project
  • Detail the work
  • Develop your preliminary plan
  • Create a baseline plan
  • Seek for project adjustments
  • Work out your plans
  • Monitor the progress of your team
  • Document everything
  • Keep your members informed

What do you mean by saying ‘make unicorn babies’?

The statement ‘make unicorn babies’ means another business or another project. Never stop creating something and ensure that you will succeed out of it.

Why do you need to make unicorn babies?

Since you already learned a lot from your previous project, it will be a waste if you will just settle and won’t orchestrate your next move. Build your dreams the second time around and aim for success!

How should you make unicorn babies?

  • Learn from your previous mistakes
  • Work hard on it
  • Learn from the people around you
  • Do not fill your mind with negativity
  • Always focus on success

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