The Different Kinds Of Bad Bosses You Might Have FEATURED

The Different Kinds Of Bad Bosses You Might Have

The Four Types of Bad Bosses:

The infographic below states the four kinds of bad bosses, one of the many reasons why employees quit their jobs.

  • Marionette
  • King Kong
  • Superman
  • Taskmaster

The Different Kinds Of Bad Bosses You Might Have

The Different Kinds Of Bad Bosses You Might Have FAQ

What are the four types of bad bosses?

There are four types of bad bosses, namely: Marionette, King Kong, Superman, and Taskmaster.

Why are there bad bosses?

Somehow, during your entire employment, you will encounter a bad boss. There are bad bosses because a person’s character differ from one another. However, the best things that you need to do is cope and adjust with them.

How can you cope with a bad boss?

  • Never let them affect your work
  • Identify their motivation
  • Set boundaries
  • Stop thinking that they know all
  • Identify triggers

What is a Marionette boss?

They are mere puppets who follow orders of the higher boss. They tend to exude no loyalty to their employees and never stands up for them.

How can you cope with a marionette boss?

  • Practice empathy. Understand what your boss is dealing with to have this kind of attitude
  • Be tactful. Think things before speaking.
  • Vent your frustrations but never to your colleagues.
  • Try to get yourself transferred to another department.

What is a King Kong boss?

These type of managers possess a superiority complex and likes to draw the distinction between management and staff. It is dreadful to work under a manager who is more worried about pushing their weight around than building relationships.

How can you cope with a King Kong boss?

As much as possible, you need to understand the situation first before you jump into the conclusion of leaving your work because of our boss. Chances are, you will lose the opportunity that you have and end up jobless instead.

What is a Superman boss?

They think the organization revolves around them. Some start behaving like they are the owners of the company. This trap includes making all of the decisions solo, ignoring feedback and taking the credit.

How can you cope with a Superman boss?

You can cope with a superman boss by showing that you are really fit for the job. Let them see your importance to the company and weigh things first before deciding to quit your job.

What is a Taskmaster boss?

Their sole focus is on the bottom line. Continuously drilling employees is a sure way that makes them happy at work. Micromanagement suffocates, demoralizes and kills creativity.

How can you cope with a Taskmaster boss?

You can cope with a taskmaster boss by doing your job properly. Exceed everyone’s expectations and do your best in your craft.

What are the reasons why employees quit their jobs?

Some employees quit their job because of a bad boss. As they say, employees don’t leave companies, they leave because of their boss

What should be the characteristics of a boss?

  • Communicates clear vision
  • Connects this vision to everyday tasks
  • Sets clear performance expectations
  • Provides consistent feedback and coaching
  • Cares about their employees
  • Shares personal information
  • Makes work fun
  • Fosters team development
  • Values employee perspectives
  • Rewards good performance

What are some tips when you encounter a bad boss?

  • Don’t avoid your boss
  • Befriend your boss’ assistants
  • Take notes
  • Memorize assignments
  • Confirm all deadlines
  • Be timely
  • Learn from the mistakes of others

How to become a good employer?

  • Behave professionally
  • Take criticism gracefully
  • Learn to do your job well
  • Create good relationships with the people around you
  • Maintain a clean job performance record
  • Be on time
  • Be part of the solution
  • Always be productive

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