Top 6 Ways to Use Facebook Chatbots FEATURED

Top 6 Ways to Use Facebook Chatbots

Larry’s Top 6 Chatbot Use Cases:

The infographic below tells about the top 6 uses of chatbot.

  • Live Operator Takeover
  • Facebook Messenger Ads
  • Build Huge Contact Lists
  • Q&A
  • Landing Page Replacement
  • Chat Blasting

Top 6 Ways to Use Facebook Chatbots

Top 6 Uses Of Chatbots FAQ

What is a chatbot?

Chatbot is an artificial intelligence that communicates to humans through the use of Internet. Basically, it is an assistant which communicates either through instant messengers, text messenger or as a virtual companion to assist customers.

What are the uses of chatbots?

  • Helps improve customer service
  • Simplify the shopping experience
  • Personalize communication
  • Improve people’s response rate
  • Automate those repetitive tasks

What are the main factors that help motivate people to utilize chatbots?

  • Productivity – chatbots help provide quick and efficient information or assistance.
  • Entertainment – people get amused by chatbots.
  • Social and relational factors – chatbots enhances conversation and social experiences.
  • Curiosity –

How are chatbots used as live operator takeover?

With chatbots, you can easily jump in on a conversation but allow chatbots to answer basic questions.

How are chatbots used as Facebook Messenger Ads?

With chatbots, the Facebook Messenger ads are converted into mobile-friendly ads that helps generate 3-5x higher conversion rates.

How are chatbots used to build huge contact lists?

Chatbots that are commonly used to build huge contact lists include Checkbox Plugin, Website Popup, Link Plugins, etc.

What are the best mailing plugins to enhance contact list?

  • Thrive Leads
  • Bloom
  • Optin Monster
  • OptimizePress
  • PlugmatterOptin Feature Box
  • Thrive Content Builder
  • Optin Forms Plugin

How are chatbots used for Q&A?

Chatbots automatically answer common business questions.Chatbots also covers the answering of repetitive messages, allowing faster and more efficient communication among consumers.

Why is it important to answer Q&A?

Answering questions of customers enhances the customers experience, making them want to hire your services and buy your products all over again.

How are chatbots used as landing page replacement?

Chatbots are much better than regular landing pages because you get user information for all who engage.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is an entry point of a web page. This page is created for marketing or advertising campaign.

How are chatbots used with chat blasting?

Email marketing on Steroids are used to send push notifications.

What is chat blasting?

Chat blasting is similar to email blasting but only through chat. Chatbots are commonly used on chat blasting to minimize repetitive work.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a direct marketing using emails as means of communication or raising a message to the audience. To say it short, emails that are sent to prospective customers are considered email marketing.

What are the advantages of email marketing?

  • Easy tracking of ROI. Email marketing also has proven higher return on investment as long as you do it properly. It comes second to search marketing as the most effective online marketing strategy.
  • Advertisers can gain higher email subscribers, especially those who wants to receive email notifications over the subject they are mostly interested.
  • Almost half of internet users check their emails in a day.
  • Electronic mails can be created with personalized, dynamic and relevant messages.
  • Transactional emails give businesses a chance to respond accordingly to important customer messages such as a product purchase or online shop cart abandonment.


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