Video: The Top 10 Chatbot Marketing Hacks of All Time

There are over a billion users of Facebook Messenger worldwide – can your business connect with then in an automated way? Enter Facebook Messenger marketing automation.

In today’s blog post I’m doing a deep-dive into the tactical details of how to do chatbot marketing on Facebook Messenger.

In this chatbots tutorial video, I’ll cover:

  • How to build a chatbot in 20 minutes with zero coding.
  • How to chat blast all your Facebook Messenger contacts with customized chat blasts.
  • How to use chatbots for lead generation, appointment booking, content promotion, etc.
  • How to train your bot to answer common customer service questions.
  • How to grow your list of Facebook Messenger contacts.
  • Advanced chatbot strategies and tactics.

Watch it here: 

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  1. Unicorns and Donkeys are land animals … perhaps you could say “a mermaid in a sea of tuna….”
    or “a whale in a sea of sardines …”

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