MobileMonkey Top Growth Marketing Hacks of 2018

My Top Growth Marketing Hacks of 2018: Facebook Ad Loopholes, Crazy SEO Experiments, Unicorns, Chatbots & More

Today I’m highlighting the top 7 most popular Growth Marketing Blog articles for 2018.

I cover all sorts of Growth Marketing topics including Facebook Ads, SEO, PPC, chatbots, LinkedIn marketing, Social Media Marketing, etc.

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#7) Facebook News Feed Armageddon Survival Guide: 6 Loopholes to Stay Alive

RIP Facebook News Feed for Marketers (2004-2018). Here’s what to do next.

These Facebook news feed tips can keep you from meeting your end.

#6) The Inverted Unicorn Ad Targeting Strategy that Doubles Facebook Relevance Score

A crazy way to double your click-through rates on Facebook Ads.

Facebook ad targeting strategy - inverted unicorn

#5) Video: My Top 10 Chatbot Marketing Hacks of All Time

Create your own chatbot for Facebook Messenger in just minutes with no coding.

#4) Attention search marketers: ALL keywords are branded keywords!

How to make your “non-branded” keywords perform as though they were “branded” terms.

Branded vs Non-Branded keywords

#3) The Cost of Influencing an Election through Fake News and Facebook Ads is Cheaper than You Think

I set up a fake news site and promoted fake news content. Hilarity ensues.

#2) Three Unusual Hacks to Dramatically Up Your LinkedIn Game

I’m getting gazillions of views from LinkedIn every month. Learn how.

#1) 5 Brilliant Headline Hacks for Crazy High Organic Click-through Rates

Higher CTR = Higher Organic Search Results. Turn your donkeys into unicorns!

high click through rate tips

Be a Unicorn in a Sea of Donkeys

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