Creating mobile ads can get pretty complicated

Learn the Art and Science of Creating Mobile Ads That Get All the Clicks

Creating compelling, clickable mobile ads is truly an alchemy of art and science.

When the art of creative design melds with the science of insights derived from solid data and analyses, their synergy yields a powerful mobile ad that defies the reader to not click on it.

Yes, it can be that persuasive, like the mythical sirens of legend that lured seafarers to their rocky shores. In this case, it merely involves enticing prospects to click on an ad with far better outcomes–such as click-through rates (CTRs) and conversions.

Proving your mobile ad is clickable to your higher-ups is key to budget allocation for you to do that thing you do so well. It is also a smart way to collect data to build upon for more mobile ads, and justify further funding for your efforts.

AppLovin put together an infographic on What Makes a Mobile Ad Clickable? that explores the fundamentals of what makes for a click-worthy mobile ad, beyond the aesthetics of the design.

In a rare concession from graphic designers, the infographic notes that data points are essential to making a merely good mobile ad great in terms of performance as measured by CTRs.

Creating mobile ads is both an art and a science

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