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Mastering the Facebook Messenger subscription opt-in page is the first step in becoming a Messenger marketing ninja. You use Messenger opt-in pages to sign up your subscribers so you can execute Facebook Messenger marketing tactics like: Facebook post autoresponders Chat blasting new blog posts in Messenger Facebook Messenger drip campaigns RSS ...

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Every Marketing Tool You Need to Know in 2018

Every marketer needs the right tools in order to succeed in running marketing campaigns. Here’s a list of every marketing tool you need updated for 2018. 100+ Must-Have Marketing Tools This mega list of marketing tools is categorized. Check out tools for automation, email, ads, SEO, SMM, research, analysis and ...


Facebook Messenger Marketing 101: Get Started with MobileMonkey Webinar

Today we launched the first webinar in our new series, getting started with Facebook Messenger marketing and chatbot building. Watch the replay here: It’s a fast-paced and tactical chatbot building webinar presented by MobileMonkey customer success specialist Allie Adams and COO and co-founder Jason O’Hare. It covers bot basics and ...


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How to Do Webinar Sign-ups with a Messenger Chatbot

Today I’m going to show you how to do webinar sign-ups and event reminders in Facebook Messenger. Webinars are a favorite of B2B businesses and educational organizations. They provide an interactive education experience useful at any stage of the user journey. That’s gold. Compared to email marketing, you’ll get more ...