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Chatfuel Pricing Change Ends Unlimited Free Plan & MobileMonkey’s Free Forever Plan

Usually we don’t blog about competitors but today I want to talk about huge price increases happening in the chat marketing industry.

Chatfuel pricing is increasing. They always promised it’d be unlimited free forever —


Now they’re backtracking. They’re saying, “Oops! Just kidding, now it’s a paid product.”

So the new Chatfuel pricing gets rid of the unlimited free plan and limits it to 5,000 contacts.

MobileMonkey’s free plan is unlimited and non-expiring.

And while I’m biased, we think MobileMonkey’s platform is better — better user interface, better AI.

I’m working on this for the next decade and the best is yet to come.

If you’re not excited about the loss of that free plan?

By all means, use our free plan.

Get MobileMonkey free forever with unlimited contacts here.

What Exactly Do You Get with a Free MobileMonkey Account? 

Excellent question.

In addition to free, unlimited contacts for forever, you’ll be able to:

  • chat blast/mass message contacts in real time
  • create useful custom audience segments 
  • create mobile-friendly Click-to-Messenger ads
  • create a chat widget for your website
  • host landing pages for your Facebook Messenger chatbot 
  • access to chatbot templates, including chat conversations to welcome users, capture leads, offer main menu suggests, ask questions, etc.

Free MobileMonkey subscribers will also have access to on-site chat support and live operators. We’re always here to help you create and manage your chatbots! 

Special Upgrade Offer: Check Out Our Pro Plans

MobileMonkey’s free plan is unlimited and non-expiring. But our pro plan has automation features great for agencies and advanced marketers, and we’re offering a special deal to all Chatfuel customers. 

If you’re hit by the Chatfuel pricing changes and a customer of Chatfuel on or before June 13, we’ll do a competitive upgrade to our pro plan: $49 for 12 months with UNLIMITED contacts. 

MobileMonkey Pro is usually $49 a month for 5,000 contacts, so this is quite a deal! 

Why Should I Upgrade to a Pro MobileMonkey Account? 

Here’s a look at some of the benefits of upgrading to a pro MobileMonkey account. In addition to all the awesome features you get with a free plan, you’ll also be able to: 

  • Do drip campaigns within Facebook Messenger to welcome and onboard users, keep leads engaged, and scale communication
  • Schedule chat blasts at prime times for up 10X better engagement 
  • Seamlessly integrate MobileMonkey with your other business systems

You’ll also gain access to MobileMonkey Bot Analytics, which provide unparalleled data on campaign value and effectiveness, including information on contacts, conversions and sessions.

How to Upgrade to a Pro Account & Get 92% Off 

Convinced you need pro and want to take advantage of our special upgrade offer for Chatfuel customers?

If you’re ready to sign up and get 92% off with unlimited contacts for a year, here’s what to do:

  1. Create a free MobileMonkey account.
  2. Sign up for a Pro account with the code “mobilemonkey” using the same email address as your free account.

Have any questions? We’re here. 

Need help porting over your contacts? We can do it.

Let’s talk.

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    1. Hi @Precious. If you’d like to get the upgrade offer, the promo code ends this month. Definitely grab it before it expires!

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