How I Got 1 Million Facebook Messenger Contacts Using MobileMonkey

Your number of Facebook Messenger contacts is really important. Your list size is your reach.

It’s kind of like the days when companies were trying to get people to like their Page, but this number really matters because Messenger contacts have 60-80% open rates.

Today I’m highlighting the top 5 high impact Facebook Messenger hacks and Facebook tools you can use right now to grow your Facebook Messenger contacts. Use these tools to grow your contact list like crazy.

I cover all sorts of growth marketing topics including Facebook Ads, SEO, PPC, chatbots, LinkedIn marketing, Social Media Marketing, etc.

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What are messenger ads? 

#5) Connect your website chat to Facebook Messenger

When you use a Facebook Messenger customer chatbot your customers have no wait times to get answers to FAQs.

And you make new contacts who can opt-in to follow-up marketing messages. Bazinga.

See what acting like a Facebook Messenger website customer chatbot is like. Click the “Chat Now” button in the bottom right of this page or any page on MobileMonkey.com and type “webinar”.

#4) Share links to your Facebook Messenger chatbot

Creating a link to any mobile-friendly Facebook Messenger chat page is the easiest thing to do.

Link someone straight to a Messenger chat page like this. 

Share that link anywhere you get eyes, like your email CTAs.

email contacts to messenger subscribers

#3) Build landing pages for Facebook Messenger chatbots

MobileMonkey landing pages simultaneously grow your campaign leads and your Facebook Messenger contact list.

We built a landing page for my webinar tomorrow, “The Top 10 Facebook Messenger Hacks of All Time – NEW & IMPROVED!” using MobileMonkey. Check it out.

#2) Create new contacts using Facebook send-to-Messenger ad campaigns

No one’s using Messages ads in Facebook but it’s a marketer’s secret weapon.

Promote your content while getting new Messenger contacts in MobileMonkey.


#1) Use Facebook post autoresponders — now with customizable frequency cap!

There are 3 crazy hacks you can use to grow your Facebook Messenger contacts with a MobileMonkey autoresponder.

Better than ever, Comment Guard now features a frequency cap feature.

Set a maximum number of times users can see the Facebook post autoresponder — hourly, daily, weekly — for ultimate automation tuning.

See a comment guard with a 1 hour frequency cap here.

unicorn post autoresponder

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What are your most successful contact growth tactics?

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