How to Send Messenger Blasts to Your Page Fans and Convert Them to Contacts

Old news: Facebook Page posts get lame donkey reach of about 1-2%. Thanks, Facebook algorithm update. 🙄

Great news: Facebook Messenger chat blasts get 80% reach. Plus, you can use Messenger to send a message to all of your Facebook Page fans.

Now that empowers marketers to create meaningful customer relationships.

Today I’m going to show you 3 easy hacks on how to convert your Facebook Page fans to Messenger contacts and how you can use chat for blazing unicorn engagement in persistent chat conversations with MobileMonkey.


How to Convert Facebook Fans to Facebook Messenger Contacts

When you connect to your audience on Messenger you can send messaging that’s relevant, conversational, engaging and ongoing.

So it’s no surprise we see a lot of questions like this one in the MobileMonkey Facebook Messenger and chatbot marketing group:

Is there a way to send messages to people who like your Facebook Page?

how do i send chat blasts to facebook page fans

The solution: You can invite them to connect on Messenger!

Here are 3 ways to make a Facebook Messenger connection with your Facebook Page fans:

  1. Run click-to-Messenger ads targeting Page fans.
  2. Use a Facebook Post autoresponder to automatically engage commenters in Messenger conversations.
  3. Update your Facebook Page CTA to “Send Message”.

This is your step-by-step guide to executing these 3 hacks for Facebook Messenger contact list growth, inviting fans of your Facebook Business Page.

1. Target Page Fans with a Click-to-Messenger Facebook Ad

Facebook marketers can do send-to-Messenger ads where the targeting is a Page’s fans.

Use your chatbot to ask something like: “Hey can we connect on Messenger?”

Run a send-to-Messenger ad in Facebook, where the audience targeting is your page fans:


Once they click on that ad and message your page they become a contact.

Experience a Facebook Messenger ad for yourself by clicking “Show in News Feed” here.


Create a chatbot that responds to someone who clicks “Send Message” in your ad targeted to your Page fans, engaging new contacts with a conversation.


After first contact in Messenger, the person is saved in your MobileMonkey contacts database and you can send follow-up messaging.

Just create your chatbot experience with the visual chatbot builder‘s drag-and-drop widgets:


Copy the JSON code for your Messenger ad with the big yellow “copy” button:


And paste this code and the MobileMonkey provided referral URL into your Messenger ad:


The full 5-step guide on how to set up a Facebook Messenger ad with a chatbot in MobileMonkey has all the copy-and-paste detail.

2. Set Up Facebook Post Autoresponders

Most of the people who comment on your Facebook posts are your Page fans, naturally.

What a Facebook post autoresponder does is automatically send a message in Messenger to someone who posts a comment on your Facebook content.

Immediate engagement built right into your Facebook content! Love it.

And Messenger connections you can send follow-up messaging to! Brilliant.

See the Facebook post autoresponder we designed for this post about our upcoming chatbot marketing summit.

If you leave a comment, you’ll be greeted by the autoresponder in Messenger:


To set up a Facebook comment guard in MobileMonkey, just …

1. Create your chatbot autoresponder sequence with the visual chatbot builder:


2. Then create a new comment guard by picking that chatbot sequence from a drop-down selector, setting your frequency cap (the maximum amount of times someone will get the autoresponder) and choosing the Facebook post from a drop-down of the Page’s latest posts:


The simple guide to creating Facebook post autoresponder that will turn your post commenters into new contacts is here.

3. Use the “Send Message” CTA for Your Facebook Page

And finally, if you’re wondering, “Can I message people who liked my Page from MobileMonkey?” Yes, you can use the Send Message button as your CTA (call-to-action).

This is easy to do from your Facebook Page. Hover over the pencil and click the option to “Edit Button”:

Send Messenger blast to Facebook Page fans CTA

Pick “Contact You” and “Send Message” from the options Facebook offers:


On the next message, pick Messenger as where you want people to contact you:


Now when your Page fans send you a message by clicking the primary CTA button of your page, your Messenger chatbot will reply with your welcome page, and you’ll have a new Messenger contact you can send follow-up messaging to.

You can learn more about how to create a Facebook Messenger greeting for your Page here.

I hope this was a helpful look at how to convert your Facebook Page fans into Messenger contacts that you can send awesome chat blasts to.


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