9 Facebook Messenger Chat Blast Tactics for 70%+ Engagement in MobileMonkey

I’ve shown you how to send mass messages to your Messenger contacts via the MobileMonkey chat blaster.

We’ve walked through how to do auto-drip campaigns in Facebook Messenger to chat blast an audience in a timed series, nurturing leads from “How do you do?” to “I love you.”

I’ve shared my own personal open rates that show 50% and higher open rates and 10-20% click rates in chat blasts — a 4x to 10x gain in engagement.

Are you and your chat blaster doing the jig on unicorn mountain yet?

Today I’m going to show you my top 9 tips for getting the max engagement from your Facebook Messenger marketing blasts with MobileMonkey.

We analyzed 1,000 chat blasts to find the best and worst Facebook Messenger chat blasts — the ones with unicorn open rates, the ones with the most complaints, and the one that almost got us banned!

Interact with the sample bots for each tactic to experience the power of MobileMonkey chatbots yourself and prepare to become a master blaster.


Chat Blast Tip 1) Be Clear with the Opt-in

The tips for successful chat blast campaigns might sound familiar.

That’s because chat blasting is like email blasting but instead of designing your blasts in something like MailChimp you build them in MobileMonkey.

The first key tactic to mastering chat blasting is to secure opt-in permissions to blast. Make it obvious when someone’s signed up for updates.

The best way to do that is to let them know quickly after contact that they’re in the list with a context appropriate autoresponder.

Experience the easy opt-in process in a Messenger chatbot here.


You should make the opt-in confirmation message a high-value connection by including relevant, useful content.

Definitely let them know what they’re signing up for.

Chat Blast Tip 2) Be Clear with the Opt-out

Just as you want to be clear with opt-in, let people know how to opt out.

Be explicit about how they control receipt of messages with a clear and simple statement in your chat blasts so they can stop the messaging any time.


If you’re subscribed to MobileMonkey Messenger updates, you’ll see our opt-out statement in every chat blast and at the beginning of drip campaigns.

What happened when we were new to chat blasting and didn’t think to do this?

We got enough complaints from users who didn’t realize they could stop the messages that we almost got banned from Facebook Messenger.

MobileMonkey’s Facebook Messenger marketing rules are here for your perusal.

Let your subscribers know they can unsubscribe at any time.

Include the opt-out statement in each periodic blast as well as in the first blast of a auto-drip sequence.

See how I clearly include the opt-out clause in my chat blasts here.

Chat Blast Tip 3) Combine Quick Questions with the CTA “Show Me the Secrets”

The Quick Question widget quickly becomes the favorite chatbot widget of MobileMonkey users.


  • Quick Questions are answered by the user with a button tap or click — low-friction, easy to engage with.
  • A user’s click on Quick Question buttons counts as an engagement and resets the 24 hour clock (see Facebook Messenger’s 24+1 Rule).
  • Quick Questions save custom attributes to your contacts.
  • Custom attributes are used to create audience segments you use to target blasts and auto-drips.

I’ve done a lot of Facebook Messenger ads and the best thing to do is use the QQ to ask obvious questions, like “do you like cookies?” Button says: “Yes.”

Make it easy to engage. Don’t even give two options. Just use a Quick Question with a single answer button.

To experience this bot, add my ad to your news feed for 24 hours and click “Send Message” to get the secrets.


Learn more about Facebook Messenger ad secrets here.

Are you hungry for more secrets?

Chat Blast Tip 4) Front-Load Autoresponders for a Tight-to-Trailing Drip

The next two tips will maximize your engagement in Facebook Messenger drip campaigns.

First, when you’re designing the timeline, use the Fibonacci sequence as inspiration.

You know the Fibonacci sequence, a series of numbers where each next number is double the number before it?

Use the Fibonacci sequence as your cadence — 5 minutes, then 10, then 20, 30, 50, 80, you get it.

Drip a lot of messages in the first 24 hours to adhere to the Facebook Messenger 24+ 1 Rule.

Here’s our new MobileMonkey Messenger contact drip campaign timeline:


Notice how it starts off with frequent messages (1 minute, 2 minutes) and tails off?

Try this quick 5-minute drip to see the power of a drip campaign in chat featuring audience segments and timed auto-responders. 


Read all about how to do drip campaigns in Facebook Messenger with MobileMonkey here.

If you think about how you chat with people, its a ton of chats back and forth initially which then dies off.

Try to emulate that pattern.

Chat Blast Tip 5) Never Use Quick Question Buttons in Drips in a Tight Sequence

You know how I said Quick Questions are the greatest?

There’s actually a time when you don’t want to use them.

In your drip campaigns, when you have a series of messages coming in a short time-frame, the Quick Question button content will be lost when the next message happens if the user hasn’t engaged yet.

Use the QQ button for periodic chat blasts. Don’t use it for drip campaigns where the time between chat blasts is short, like less than 6 hours.

Here’s the confusion it could cause if you use a QQ during a drip where messages are spaced less than 6 hours apart:

missing quick question content

Instead, include your link within the text field or as a button in a Text widget because those don’t disappear.

Chat Blast Tip 6) Don’t Machine-Gun Blast

Here’s another lesson learned the fun way (read: through complaints).

Facebook Messenger suggests sending short messages. You’re designing like natural chat, after all.

But there’s a caveat! Don’t send more than a few chat messages in one blast.

Each chat message is a ping with a notification on the user’s phone.

Notification overload could get you in report territory.

Here’s the message we blasted that helped us see the light!

facebook messenger notifications

Fewer messages at one time is better. Don’t blow up their phone.

Chat Blast Tip 7) Use Emojis

Emojis up engagement like no joke!

We find it across channels:

Which emojis are most effective at increasing engagement and clicks?

Source: Emoji study data
Source: Emoji study data

MobileMonkey’s chat blasts use emojis in text, questions, and within buttons. 

Emojis are just a fun, visual element you can add within the text of your messaging to add surprise, delight and meaning.

Chat Blast Tip 8) Use Dynamic Parameters to Customize Messages

There’s nothing like a personal hello. Even when we know it’s from an automated system, we like to be called by name.

In fact, Facebook suggests you personalize messages with a user’s name in your chatbot messaging.

MobileMonkey makes it easy to say “Hi, {{firstname}}!” with dynamic parameters.

In your chatbot builder, refer to a person by name by typing two left-curly-brackets and choosing {{firstname}} from the drop-down of all your customer variables:

{{firstname}} includes the user’s Facebook profile first name in your message.

Now you can start your blasts by greeting your subscribers: “Hi, <first name>!”

That’s what we did in our chat blast announcing a quick game showcasing the ease of chatbot interactions, Monkey or Unicorn. Test it out yourself.

Chat Blast Tip 9) Benchmark Your Chat Blast Results

Remember when I shared my open rate? Be sure you’re benchmarking yours.

Pay attention to your chat blast performance metrics available in the MobileMonkey chat blaster.

Benchmark your campaigns and know which blasts are getting the best results and the overall engagement level of your contacts.

When you start marketing to a new list, you can expect 80% read rate and 20% click-through rate.

Like anything there’s fatigue and you’ll see the engagement normalize.

We target a steady state of 50% open rate and 15% response rate.

Speaking of numbers, what’s my number one tip for Facebook Messenger chat blasting?

Grab your free MobileMonkey account and just get started.

Be a Unicorn in a Sea of Donkeys

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