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How to Chat Blast Your Facebook Messenger Contacts

When you launch an email campaign, what’s the engagement rate you’re shooting for?

15% open rate? 20%? An open rate of 25% would put you at the top of most industry averages.

You’re good with that, right?

False. Email blast open rates are dang donkeys.

I’ve been playing around with chat blasts in Facebook Messenger and get this —

Chat blasts average 70-80% open rate in the first hour because Messenger chat is the engaging and familiar channel preferred by a generation of mobile internet users.

facebook messenger open rate compared

Here’s how to chat blast your contacts in Facebook Messenger in 3 steps for totally unprecedented engagement:

  1. Build your chat page.
  2. Create the blast.
  3. Blast it!

You can actually see the chat blast we’ll build together in action in Facebook Messenger.

Here’s how to do it yourself.

Step 1: Build your Messenger chat page.

Start by building the chat page that will go out in your blast.

Use the chatbot builder to create the blast page content.

Type double curly brackets to select from a drop-down menu of custom contact variables to dynamically insert any contact attribute. Include their first name to personalize the message:

dynamic attribute insertion chat blast

Add a CTA button that links to the blog post or content you’re sending them to read:

cta button link to post

And don’t forget your unsubscribe message! Remind readers that they can unsubscribe at any time by responding “stop”. This helps you reduce complaints.

To test your page, click the “Send to me” button:

test this page button

Here’s what it looks like in chat:

how to chat blast messenger

Step 2: Create the blast.

From the marketing automation tools, go to Chat Blaster and create a New Chat Blast.

Choose the page you’re blasting from easy drop-down menus:

drop-down page selector for blast

Similarly, use the drop-down options to select the Facebook Messenger audience segment for the blast.

Last, choose the purpose of the blast from the menu:

chat blast purpose menu

  • Promotional update
  • Community alert
  • Event attendee reminder
  • Non-promotional subscription
  • Pairing update
  • Application update
  • Account update
  • Payment update
  • Personal finance update
  • Shipping update
  • Reservation update
  • Issue resolution
  • Appointment update
  • Game event
  • Transportation update
  • Feature functionality update
  • Ticket update

Step 3: Blast it!

Hit send to chat blast away immediately!

send chat blast immediately

Or schedule the blast for a future date and time with the scheduled blasts feature for Pro and Team users:

messenger scheduled chat blaster

Bonus Blaster: Automated Chat Blasts via RSS Feed

Readers subscribed to your blog updates can get new published content automatically sent to Messenger with the RSS Blaster!

Facebook Messenger RSS Blaster sends automated blog updates to you Messenger subscribers in engaging and mobile-friendly chat with push notifications!

rss blaster facebook messenger marketing

Thanks for joining us on this epic journey from donkey email blasting to unicorn chat blasting land.

You’re now armed and ready to chat blast.

Facebook Messenger Marketing is FREE for unlimited contacts in MobileMonkey.

How often do you find free unicorns hanging around?

Be a Unicorn in a Sea of Donkeys

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5 thoughts on “How to Chat Blast Your Facebook Messenger Contacts”

  1. I like your approach to messenger marketing
    I would like to see some links to step by step videos as a non tech or non coder.

  2. I am wondering how we can send these chat bot messages to our Facebook page likers?
    I am working for the nonprofit sector we don’t have money and manpower to do this. Is there any way or no cost solutions to do this?
    Kindly guide.

    1. Virginia Nussey

      Hi Ravi, great question.

      Converting people who like your page into Messenger contacts is a great strategy. Use a post comment autoresponder to conver commenters into Messenger contacts. Here’s the how-to: In the post, let people know that they can sign up for your updates if they comment on the post. Or, publish a question, riddle or enticing offer that will generate a lot of comments.

      Another strategy for growing your Messenger contacts is converting your email list. Here’s the tutorial for this:

  3. I really like your approach to messenger marketing. I think it is very innovative and creative, which is excellent, because as you show, it is not over-complicate, and many times, the things that work the best are the simplest and that go straight to the point. I wanted to ask you, what do you think of social CRM software? I’m thinking about trying something like this to see how it helps me to manage social media inquiries. Thanks in advance for your help!

    1. Virginia Nussey

      Hi James, MobileMonkey works with your CRM via integrations so your Messenger contact profiles stay in sync with any CRM you use. Connecting these tools could prove useful.

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