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Announcing the MobileMonkey Facebook Messenger Marketing Virtual Summit

Know the one about the boiling frog?

If you put a frog in a pot of boiling water it will immediately bazooka launch out.

But if you put a frog in a pot of room-temp water and then gradually bring it to a boil, it will let itself be cooked.

To. Death.

Now we’re smarter than frogs, but marketers are chilling in a pot of water while the heat’s ratcheting up.

Right under our noses, in our own hands all day long, we fire off messages in chat.

Then when we execute our campaigns to communicate with our customers and prospects, we

… Leverage decades-old technology.

… Jostle for eyeballs in over-crowded inboxes.

… Let our messaging be sidelined in spam filters and promotions tabs.

… Accept dwindling open rates and pathetic click rates.

When do you accept that a massive communication shift has happened?

And you need to make some serious platform adjustments?

It’s happening right now.

The heat is turning up for marketing communication professionals.

If you’re not integrating chat marketing into your stack, you may as well grab your swim gear and cozy up to the frog in the jacuzzi.

But if it’s more your style to catch the wave, adapt, evolve and dominate —

We’re excited to announce the second live, virtual Facebook Messenger and chatbot marketing summit happening March 27, 2019.

This is your opportunity to learn how to engage, automate, and grow your audience using Facebook Messenger chat marketing automation – right from your desktop or mobile device for free!

Featuring world-renowned marketing speakers from Udemy, Bot Academy, MobileMonkey and more, it’s already trending to be the world’s largest summit of its kind.

Facebook Messenger and chat bots are revolutionizing how marketers communicate in 2019.

It’s time to join the ranks of marketers executing the strategies that will drive your ROI growth, this year and beyond.

The March 27 event is dedicated to teaching the step-by-step playbooks to grow your business with Facebook Messenger and chat marketing – all actionable, all proven.

We’ve invited 6+ of the best Facebook Messenger marketers to teach how they do it through sessions like:

  • Larry Kim’s 7 Essential Facebook Messenger Marketing Fundamentals
  • Psychological Principles of Persuasion: Designing Your Bots for Human Beings & Conversions with Isaac Rudansky, best-selling Udemy instructor
  • 5 Real-World Case Studies of Facebook Messenger Ads & Bots + BONUS Advanced Reporting Deep Dive! with Samir ElKamouny of Fetch & Funnel Agency
  • Facebook Advertisers’ Field Guide to Messenger Marketing: 15 Recipes You Can Use Today
  • Advanced Facebook Messenger Integration Made Easy
  • How to Scale Your Agency Business with Bot Building Services with Andrew Warner of Bot Academy

View the live summit agenda here.

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Join the +3,000 Facebook marketers who are fueling up their rockets to launch their clients and businesses into the next communication era.

Get your free ticket for the MobileMonkey Facebook Messenger Marketing Virtual Summit here today. Limited spots are available and admission is FREE for a limited time.

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