The Biggest Problem With Instagram Marketing, And How You Can Fix It

Instagram is a great marketing tool, but it isn’t without its flaws. Instagram has an algorithm that ensures posts are shown to the same people over and over again, making exposure difficult for businesses with more than 100 followers. Instagram hashtags are used for discovery, but Instagram doesn’t allow them to be clickable or easily searchable. Instagram posts don’t link back to your website, making it harder to track traffic. Instagram doesn’t have built-in analytics for users or brands that are actively engaging on the platform.

So how can you get around this? We will discuss strategies to make Instagram work for your business.


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Tip #1 – Create Content That Your Audience Likes

I know this sounds like the most obvious tip, but you’d be surprised as to how many companies or accounts fail to post content that performs well with their audience. If you’re just starting out or don’t have enough content on your Instagram, look at what your favorite brand in your niche is doing, and then take inspiration from them.

Take a look at which of your posts are performing the best, analyze what resonated with your audience. Was it the message? The call-to-action? Did you have scroll-stopping graphics? Test out your hypothesis, and see if you can replicate the previous post’s success. Your account and content will start to be shared with people outside of your followers, allowing you to grow quickly!

Tip #2 – Have a Call-To-Action

Instagram is all about storytelling, so have a call-to action in your Instagram posts that encourages people to visit your website or landing page. With the shear number of accounts and ads nowadays, you need to be using every tool that you can to make your posts count.

The most common Instagram mistake people make is to assume their audience will like or share great content. People get into the flow of their feed and forget to either hit the like button, share the post, or comment. By making sure your posts have a CTA, you’ll increase the likelihood that people will engage with your Instagram post, which will then get your post in front of new potential customers.

Tip #3 – Use Tools To Help You Grow

You’re creating relevant content for your audience, you’re making sure they’re engaging with you post. Instagram can only include so many features, which is why there are so many approved third-party tools out there to SUPERCHARGE your business!

Here are some great tools that will help you with your Instagram marketing: – There are a lot of Instagram schedulers out there that allow you to schedule your Instagram posts ahead of time so you don’t have to spend hours each day managing Instagram. Later is super easy to use, you can schedule posts to go live at the time that is best for your audience, so you can focus on other things. It even comes with a hashtag suggester that you easily add into your post draft.

InstaChamp by MobileMonkey – Sending people to your DMs is probably the most under-utilized tool on Instagram. On average, you can expect to see a 97% open-rate on DM messages to your followers. With InstaChamp, you’re able to automatically send users who comment keywords on your posts, straight to your DMs. Once there, you can automate your messaging, give your user reply options, and send them a links. You can create automated follow up messages, DRIP campaigns, and so much more. Visit this link to see all of InstaChamp’s features.

Canva – Instagram allows you to use custom Instagram-sized images, but if you don’t have great graphic design skills or time/money to outsource them, Canva is a great Instagram graphic design tool. You can create awesome graphics that fit your brand style and personality. Canva’s free version is great for those just starting out, and their pro plan is great for those who need access to even more features.

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Now that you’ve understood some of Instagram’s marketing limitations, learned ways to hack the system, and have a list of tools to help you make your content creation even easier, you should be on a good path to seeing greater return from your Instagram marketing efforts.

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