Can You See Who Views Your Facebook Page

How To See Who Views Your Facebook Page: 3 Tools & Tactics To Find Who’s Looking

Everyone at some point in time wants to know, “Can you see who views your Facebook Page?”

The short answer is: Yes, and no. 🙃

But nobody is here looking for reasons as to why you can’t see who viewed your Facebook Page, right? So, in this article, we’re going to focus on the best solutions for how to see who viewed your Facebook Page.

There are a handful of reasons why people would want to know the answer to this question. 

For example, digital marketers should want to get email addresses and phone numbers from people who engaged with their Facebook Business Page in order to target Page fans with marketing campaigns.

On the other hand, individuals are often curious to know who’s checking them out on their Facebook profile. Which is only natural.

Here, we’re going to focus on the former and help out those Facebook Business Page managers with their digital marketing game.

However, the tactics and strategies to capture the contact information of people visiting your Facebook Page can also be of use to the individual who wants to know if they’re being stalked as well – although we hope that’s not the case. 😨

So let’s get straight to it! 

Here are the 3 best solutions for how to see who viewed your Business Page on Facebook.

  1. Free Lead Generator for Facebook that instantly captures names, emails, and phone numbers.
  2. Use Facebook Ads Manager tools to target everyone who engages with your Business Page.
  3. Set up Facebook post autoresponders via Facebook Messenger.

#1. Facebook Lead Generation Tool

By far the easiest way to find out who visits your Facebook Page is to add a Facebook Lead Generator to your Facebook Page and Posts.

The Free Facebook Lead Generator by MobileMonkey is a free tool that turns your Facebook Page fans into leads. 

These are people who follow and like your company’s page on Facebook.

And you capture their names, emails, and phone numbers – automatically!

free Facebook lead generator

Here’s how the free Facebook Lead Generator works:

  • Fans and prospects message your Facebook Page and comment on Posts.
  • MobileMonkey auto-replies in Messenger to collect emails and phone numbers.
  • Then MobileMonkey sends you a daily email report containing all your new leads.
  • Use MobileMonkey to re-engage your leads at any time.

So, don’t let hot leads on Facebook fall through the cracks. And find out who your Facebook Page visitors are!

Add a free, automated answering service to your Facebook Page and Posts to capture critical contact info so you can follow-up with prospects fast using the Free Facebook Lead Generator.

#2. Run Facebook Messenger Ads Targeting Page Fans

Another great option to see who views your Facebook Page is to run Facebook Messenger ads. 

Facebook Messenger ads present a rare opportunity that savvy digital marketers are taking advantage of in 2020. 

And that’s because Facebook Messenger ads are different than regular Facebook ads. Most importantly, Messenger ads perform better than normal Facebook ads because they start a more engaging conversation with a bot.

can you see who views your Facebook Page with Messenger ads

In order to best capture the contact information of your Facebook Page visitors, you’ll want to run what are known as “send-to-Messenger ads.”

And a send-to-Messenger ad, in this case, could be as easy as asking your page fans something like: “Hey can we connect on Messenger?”

Here’s how to do it.

Run a send-to-Messenger ad on Facebook, by using the audience filters to target your page fans. These are people who have engaged with your Facebook Business Page.

facebook ad targeting facebook page fans

Once your ads are served to your Page visitors, all they have to do is engage with your brand in Messenger and they instantly become a contact. That means you’ll capture their lead data and have the ability to send follow-up messaging.

Use MobileMonkey’s Facebook Messenger funnel builder to automate the conversation you have with new lead. This trick can infinitely scale your lead gen efforts because you don’t have to manually qualify and collect lead data.

Here’s how to use the Click-to-Messenger Ads tool in MobileMonkey to set up a Facebook Messenger ad with automated lead capture.

Facebook click-to-Messenger ad builder

Ask qualifying questions and create lasting connections with new leads with a visual chatbot builder that connects right to your Facebook ad.

Facebook click-to-Messenger ad funnel tool

MobileMonkey customers are cutting their cost per lead in half or more with this engaging new ad format. See what I mean in this Facebook Messenger ad case study.

#3. Use Facebook Post Autoresponders

The last tool you can use to see who has visited your Facebook Page is called a Facebook Post Autoresponder. Which is also known as a Comment Guard.

Most of the people who comment on your Facebook posts are your Page fans, naturally.

What a Facebook post autoresponder does is automatically send a message in Messenger to someone who posts a comment on any of your Facebook content.

Facebook Post Autoresponders

Facebook autoresponders are a great tool to add some juice to all of your organic posts. And marketers have had nothing but success with MobileMonkey Facebook Comment Guards

Autoresponders are easy to set up and will run fully automated on all of your Facebook posts. 

So, in order to get as many Page visitors to comment and to get a lot of attention on your post, try the following:

  • Ask a click-bait question on your post, such as, “Name your 10 favorite movies, go!” People love answering questions about themselves, it’s in our nature, and this always works.
  • Have people guess the answer in the comments.
  • Auto-send a private response with your MobileMonkey chatbot via Messenger.

Then, when engagement on one of your posts is well above average, boost your Facebook post to ensure that it gets a ton of impressions.

The more people that respond, the more visibility the post will get in your news feed. The best part is that you automatically capture lead user data every time someone replies to your private message. Additionally, those contacts have now opted-in to receive promotional messages from your Messenger chatbot.

Final Answer: Can you see who views your Facebook Page?

Using a combination of the three above lead capture tools, you’ll get the best solution to know the answer to the commonly asked question, “Can you see who views your Facebook Page?”

Lead magnets are the tools that capture contact information and connect you with prospective customers.

Tap into MobileMonkey’s lead generation potential and pour traffic into your funnels with these additional resources:

Important Next Steps

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