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Weird but effective strategy helped this mom become successful.

This Mom Built a Million-Dollar Knitting Online Store with This Weird but Effective Business Strategy

The world of start-ups is a super exciting, innovative–and lucrative–place to be in 2018. This year, thousands will find their fortune in ingenious new tech businesses, marketing, software development, and… knitting? When you think of the types of super successful start-ups raking in almost a million in revenue, knit socks, ...

sending cold emails unicorn

The Case For Sending Cold Emails as Solid Business Practice for Entrepreneurs

Cold emailing has a bit of a bad rap, often due to the plethora of poorly written marketing emails people receive. That leaves many reluctant to give it a try. But, it’s actually a powerful tool in any entrepreneur’s arsenal, as long as it’s used properly (and doesn’t amount to ...


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Personal Branding Tips Unicorn

5 Magical Personal Branding Tips for Unicorns

Everyone needs a great personal brand. Having a personal brand is awesome. Personal branding is more important than ever. You should be building your personal brand. A strong personal brand can have a tremendous impact on both your individual success and that of your company. Having an exceptional personal brand is ...