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If you’re using Facebook Ads to promote your blog posts, I want to introduce you to a fundamentally more interesting way to promote content than a click campaign. Facebook traffic ads are donkeys compared to the unicorn click-to-Messenger ad objective. With traditional Facebook traffic ads: ✗ You’re probably paying $5-$6 ...

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3 Brilliant Ways to Boost Facebook Video Views

If you’re serious about making every day count for your business, then there are plenty of things you need. You need technology. You need remarketing. You need Facebook ads. You need to fix your website. You need tools to understand your target market. And you need to use Google AdWords. Let’s talk about ...


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Is Your Company’s Ad Better Than the Competition? Find out here!

Companies of all sizes continue to question the value of Facebook Ads. Small business owners and even large brands like P&G earn headlines whenever they say Facebook Ads weren’t worth the money. But Facebook Ads are essential for companies that want to grow. They’re awesome. You can use Facebook advertising to cheaply build brand awareness and ...