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More than 11,000 Facebook advertisers have claimed their free tickets! And we’re saving your seat to MobileMonkey’s Facebook Ads Virtual Summit this Thursday. You might recognize a few faces from the 10 live session line-up… Meet the Facebook Ads Summit Speakers   Larry Kim, MobileMonkey founder (22,496 people like this) Cat Howell of ...


Agency Marketer’s Guide to Facebook Messenger: 3 Real-World Strategies to Get More Customers Through Facebook Ads & Messenger Bots

Facebook marketer, set your skills and services apart with Facebook Messenger and chat marketing. Watch the replay of the webinar “How to Turn Your Agency into a Unicorn with Chat Marketing” hosted by MobileMonkey in partnership with Fetch & Funnel, social ad agency HQed in Boston. Larry Kim and Samir ElKamouny ...

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Advanced Facebook Advertising Strategies for 2019 — Join the Free Facebook Ads Virtual Summit Jan. 24!

What do Facebook advertisers report as their top challenge? Take the survey and see what Facebook advertisers say. Check the ones that really speak to you. Loading… It’s in our monkey mission to provide training and education that solves Facebook marketing and growth marketing sticking points. MobileMonkey is proud to ...

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What Are Messenger Ads? Here is Everything You Need to Know

When you fire up a new ad campaign on Facebook, what’s your first move? Today I want to answer all your questions about the Facebook ad format that is driving big results for advertisers: Click-to-Messenger Facebook ads. This new format is converting extremely well and send-to-Messenger ads only take a ...


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how to promote blog posts facebook messenger ad

How to Promote Your Blog Posts with Facebook Messenger Ads

If you’re using Facebook Ads to promote your blog posts, I want to introduce you to a fundamentally more interesting way to promote content than a click campaign. Facebook traffic ads are donkeys compared to the unicorn click-to-Messenger ad objective. With traditional Facebook traffic ads: ✗ You’re probably paying $5-$6 ...