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You can launch your first Facebook Messenger marketing chatbot in minutes, with no coding necessary, using MobileMonkey’s Chatbot Builder and our fresh new line-up of industry-based chatbot templates: Real estate chatbot Lead generation chatbot Ecommerce chatbot Beauty salon chatbot Auto repair shop chatbot Dentist office chatbot Gym chatbot Personal trainer ...


World’s Best Chatbot Marketing Training Video Course Will Make You a 5-Star Unicorn Facebook Messenger Master

Today I’m excited to tell you about the best training class on Facebook Messenger marketing out there. Blazing unicorns, guys. What makes it the best chatbot training ever? 5-star rated by students, over 1000 enrolled The #1 bestselling Udemy instructor on digital advertising 11.5 hours of step-by-step video instruction on ...


How to Personalize Your Facebook Messenger Chatbot with Customer Names & Other Dynamic Attributes in MobileMonkey (Pst… It’s Easy!)

We got a great question from a MobileMonkey user, Trevor, this week: I signed up for the MobileMonkey chatbot when I saw a YouTube video of someone using {{first name}}, {{phone numbers}}, {{email}} in their chat messaging. How do I add personalization to my bot, like addressing customers by name ...

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An Important Message about Your Facebook Page: Tips for Bettering Your Facebook Messenger Block Rate

Facebook Messenger is the newest channel out there. Pairing Messenger with MobileMonkey’s marketing automation platform for Messenger has proven outrageous marketing engagement. If you’re flexing the power of a shiny new Lamborghini and decide to step on the gas… you’ll get a speeding ticket. Facebook Messenger monitors the ratio of ...


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What You Get with Your Free Ticket to the Chatbot Conference, a 1-Day Deep Dive into Facebook Messenger Marketing, the Most Engaging Channel Today!

The Facebook Messenger & Chatbot Marketing Summit is in 2 weeks and MobileMonkey is gearing up for the world’s largest event of its kind. Over half of the tickets have been claimed, and we want you to get in on the action before they run out. Leveraging the platforms with ...


World’s Largest & Free Online Chatbot Conference! Learn the Experts’ Facebook Messenger Marketing Strategies that Drive Leads & Sales

Attention marketers: The chatbot marketing conference of the year is happening Sept. 20. ✓ It’s FREE for a limited time. ✓ It’s online so you can join from anywhere. ✓ And it’s the fastest way to advance your marketing performance and your career with Messenger marketing tactics, strategies and networking. ...