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How MobileMonkey’s Business Is Being Impacted by Coronavirus

What I’ve learned these last few weeks is that there’s a silver lining on every cloud.

Unfortunately, nearly a quarter of MobileMonkey customers have had to cancel due to Coronavirus because they’ve stopped operating their business.

But as stores have closed, there’s more demand for online commerce.

And new installs of MobileMonkey have more than doubled.

One new customer closed their brick and mortar locations nationwide and found web traffic is up +150%.

The need for web chat and messaging to assist with sales, marketing and customer service is greater than before.

So yes, we lost a lot of customers as an impact of Coronavirus and we hope they find themselves back to full-strength soon.

But there are agile businesses adjusting to offer interactive web chat to serve more customers than ever before. 

There’s opportunity for growth even today.

To help I’m giving away MobileMonkey for free.

Not free for 7 days. Free forever.

Claim your new special edition Free Forever MobileMonkey account. Start selling through and supporting customers in the messaging apps they already use.

If you are expanding your online capabilities, these are the strategies MobileMonkey has developed to provide excellent customer service, sales and marketing through messaging apps:

Now is the time to be available to your customers via online communication channels. 

Thank you for choosing MobileMonkey to serve you as you serve your customers.

And try the best you can to adapt to these times.

Because you are a unicorn in a sea of donkeys.

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