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Setting Up Your Facebook Page Custom URL Like a BOSS

Now that you’ve successfully set up your Facebook Business page, you might be wondering how to set up a Facebook page custom URL

Our simple steps below will solve all of your “how do I get a custom URL for my Facebook page?” questions and help you create a killer custom URL to increase your traffic and following.

It takes a lot of time to create a beautiful and insightful Facebook Business page, and it only makes sense that you would want your Facebook page URL to sing as well. 

That’s why they call it a Facebook vanity URL, after all.


Facebook is a fantastic avenue (with 2.7 billion monthly active users!) that will help you double-down on your marketing efforts, giving you the ability to do things like boost Facebook video views and successfully utilize your Facebook messenger marketing efforts.

“But I just want to know, how do I get a custom URL for my Facebook page?!”

Click here to skip straight ahead to the step-by-step custom URL.

First, before you get started, here are a few words of advice: Make sure that when you’re setting up your Facebook custom URL that you have all of your information in place. That way, you can make these tiny final adjustments with a bit of confidence! 

In this article you will learn: 

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Can I Change My Facebook Vanity URL?

When you start setting up your Facebook business page, you’ll probably notice that your URL is, to put it plainly, less than beautiful. 

Facebook URLs are often long and difficult to remember. Initial URLs that Facebook gives to businesses have what seems like extraneous numbers beyond your www.facebook.com/ address. These numbers generally have nothing to do with you or your business.

Do not fret! We realize that a long and confusing URL will make it more difficult for customers and clients to find your Facebook Business page, which is a problem we’d like to help you avoid. 

Plus, a long Facebook URL won’t look very good on a business card or email signature, will it?


Facebook has an option for those searching for a shorter, cleaner version of a business page link. In such scenarios, a custom URL will serve you well!

How To Set Up Your Facebook Page Custom URL And Other Common Questions

You shouldn’t need a designer or marketing guru to set up your custom URL. It’s straightforward. 

And, by the end of it, the great news is that you’ll no longer have a Facebook URL that spans the length of an orangutan arm, which will only help you in your direct response marketing efforts!

Follow our helpful guidelines below to set up your Facebook page custom URL like a BOSS, and you are well on your way to crafting eloquent conversational question and answer content that handles 50-60% of your most common questions and keeps your fans engaged.

Facebook Page Custom URL Step #1: Go to your Facebook Business Page

Make sure that you first visit your business page. Click on the Create Page @Username option on the left side of your page.


Facebook Page Custom URL Step #2: Choose your URL

Facebook now asks you to enter your Facebook page custom URL. Drumroll! 


Facebook Page Custom URL Step #3: Confirm

Make sure that the username in question isn’t already taken. 

You will have to get creative about crafting a Facebook page custom URL that meets your criteria if it is. 

After you are finished and have come up with an original Facebook page custom URL, go ahead and click Create Username.


What Is My Facebook Vanity URL?

Your Facebook vanity URL happens to be the same thing as your Facebook page custom URL. 

By creating your Facebook page custom URL, you are simultaneously creating your Facebook vanity URL, sort of like a vanity license plate!


So, essentially, you will inherently get a vanity URL for Facebook by following the steps below. Awesome! 🙌

Why Come Up With A Facebook Page Custom URL In The First Place?

Of course, it’s natural to ask the “why?” But, when it comes down to it, customizing your Facebook URL is pretty much essential for businesses these days. 

Make sure that you also keep Facebook’s user guidelines close to heart while creating your custom URL, as you are now a member of the Facebook community, and you are held to the standards.

How Do I Get A Custom URL For My Facebook Page With All These Rules?

As you can imagine, Facebook has more than a few rules and regulations when it comes to usernames.

Facebook Page Custom URL Rules:

  • Remember that users are limited to just one username for business pages and profiles.
  • Users cannot claim a username that is already in use.
  • Make sure only to include alphanumeric characters (A-Z, 0-9) or a period in your username (“.”).
  • User names may not use generic terms and extensions like “.com” or “.net.”
  • Even though you can use periods, these or capitalized letters don’t count as a part of your custom URL. For example, janedoe77, Jane.Doe77, and jane.doe.77 would all be considered the same username according to Facebook.
  • Your Facebook vanity URL/username needs to be a minimum of 5 characters long.
  • Usernames and Facebook custom URLs have to adhere to Facebook’s terms of service.

Adhere to Facebook rules and Terms of Service as you go along. 

Also, make sure you learn how to chat blast your Facebook Messenger contacts that you gain along the way with your brand spanking new Facebook page custom URL. 

Facebook Page Custom URL Benefits

Having a custom URL will take you many steps closer to getting the most out of your social media accounts. 

Assisting your business in realizing its full potential is just a good business move. 

Now that you have your own spiffy Facebook page custom URL, you will be able to remember it more easily, not to mention communicate that information to your potential followers and customers. It’s a win-win!


Remember that there are currently billions of Facebook users worldwide, so the sooner you can create a customized and straightforward username for your page, the better. 

Facebook Page Custom URL Things To Keep in Mind

Remember that Facebook custom URL usernames tend to get claimed rather quickly, so it’s a good idea to craft a memorable name and even better to have that URL reflect the business/service you provide.

Choose a username you’ll be happy with for the long term. It may or may not be changeable in the future! 

The key is to have your username be as concise and memorable as can be. It’s also a great idea to keep your custom URL and vanity URL as true to your actual business name or the name of the person your page represents. 

As far as aesthetics go, try not to get too hung up on it. Users will be able to search your new URL with or without capital letters and periods. 

Remember also that you will be unable to claim a URL that is already in use by merely adding periods or caps, so don’t try any monkey business!


Pro Tip: If the Facebook vanity URL you’d like to use is already taken, keep a watchful eye on it for inactivity — there is a chance you can snatch that URL at a later date if the current user is slacking.

Can I (And Should I) Reserve My Facebook Vanity URL for Later?

For those who wonder, “How do I get a custom URL for my Facebook page and can I reserve my Facebook custom URL for later?”, we wouldn’t recommend relying on a reservation for your Facebook vanity URL and username. 

You’ll want to make sure to strike the iron while it’s hot.

Your Facebook business page’s username can (and will) be removed due to the simple act of inaction (or inactivity). 

We’ve heard horror stories about business owners/operators setting their URL and not using their page, and, long story short, now that particular URL belongs to another party entirely.

One way to hold onto a Facebook page URL is to routinely post on said business page, giving it an active status. Otherwise, Facebook can release your username to someone else. 

If you need any help setting up your Facebook business page or would like to know how to add admin to Facebook page we have a blog article that can help with that, too. 

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When you’re done setting up your Facebook page URL, we will help you take the next steps when it comes to launching your business into the stratosphere.

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