How to Get Live Chat on Your Site in 5 Min with 10 Free Live Chat Support Tools

Do you remember waiting in a queue for 30 minutes on a web live chat? Those days are long gone, thanks to chatbots. 

Prospects and customers don’t want to wait and will turn elsewhere if they are put on hold. Chatbots with a live chat takeover option is the quickest way to a better customer experience. 

Every business relies on great customer service. With 48% of customers preferring live chat with a business versus email, phone, or other methods, there should be no debating to get live chat on your site.   

Let’s say you have a brick-and-mortar retail store. You want someone to approach new customers and greet them, asking if they need help finding anything, and hopefully encourage or assist a sale. 

Websites are becoming more important than any physical storefront. Digital Darwinism is eating up franchises faster than you can say “Blockbuster”. Add in a pandemic with stay-at-home orders and social distancing measures, and perhaps your brick-and-mortar has been rendered useless.

So wouldn’t you want to greet and assist your customers on your website with equal, if not more gusto? You can! 

We’re making it as fast and easy as possible to get live chat on your site in 5 minutes with 10 free live chat support tools that you can start using today.

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How To Get Live Chat On Your Site In 5 Minutes

Your customers are tired of waiting for you to respond to clunky web forms. You’ve considered getting live chat on your website, but don’t know where to start. 

Let’s begin with how to get live chat on your site step-by-step using the world’s best chat marketing software, MobileMonkey. (Psst… want to see it in action? Check out a demo web chat on our homepage! Just click the little chat icon in the bottom right to begin). 

how to get live chat

When you do, you’ll find what’s known as a menu-based chatbot.

What is a menu-based chatbot? It’s like a tiny website living within the chat widget on your website. It functions as a shortcut and roadmap to your website, as well as a more conversational UX than any other form of menu or directory. 

It can also send a live agent an alert if a sales or customer service message needs to be escalated per the trigger words you setup on MobileMonkey. 

Instant answers to frequently asked questions, more engaging, and 24/7 customer service. 

how to get live chat

Follow these steps to get your chatbot and live chat in a single smart widget that harnesses the power of Facebook Messenger and native web chat – simultaneously! 

Deliver the same chatbot experience whether visitors are logged into Facebook or not. With MobileMonkey, every time someone visits your website while logged into their Facebook (basically everyone with a Facebook account) it’s a sweet bonus! You instantly capture their lead info.

How To Get Live Chat – Support Tools #1: Use The Visual Website Chat Widget Builder In MobileMonkey

How do you get live chat on your site in 5 minutes? By using the visual website chat widget builder within MobileMonkey, of course!

This is where your web chat success story begins, you can get live chat on your site by setting up once and installing one simple plugin.

Essentially, it’s a little line of JavaScript code that packs a big punch. 

Don’t freak out, you don’t have to even think about the word “code” in order to get live chat on your site with MobileMonkey’s easy-to-use tools and user-friendly agency dashboard. It’s just a quick and painless copy and paste.

how to get live chat

Here’s what you do:

Step 1) Sign up for MobileMonkey if you haven’t already.

Step 2) Log in to MobileMonkey and go to “Website Chat” and then “Customer Chat Widgets”.

how to get live chat

From here you can create multiple chat widgets with different greeting messages and autoresponders based on the page that visitors engage the web chatbot on. 

Step 3) Customize your chatbot’s name. This comes in handy when you have multiple live chat widgets for various pages ie: a pricing page chatbot and a contact chatbot. 

We’re calling this one “Test Widget”.

Step 4) Customize the color of your widget to stay in sync with your branding guidelines. 

how to get live chat

Step 5) Set your greeting message. 

how to get live chat

Choose a greeting message that will get your visitors to respond. 

Perhaps try to start with a special offer such as “Hey there! Would you like 30 days of premium access for FREE?” or something relative. 

Step 6) Configure your autoresponder. 

how to get live chat

This is where it gets fun, but if you want to get live chat on your site in 5 minutes, you’d better just plug-and-play with our examples or templates here

how to get live chat

Or click one of the Chatbot Template wizard/guide from your MobileMonkey dashboard.

Customize further later!

At this point you can add any additional widgets or dialogue you’d like and the Website Chat setup wizard will ask you to set up the responses to your questions. 

how to get live chat

Unicorn Tip: Configure your new website autoresponder to capture contact info and integrate with your sales funnel. Simply asking for an email will automatically grow your email list!  

Step 7)  Decide if you want to display on mobile, desktop, or both. 

how to get live chat

You can skip this step for now or choose one, the other, or both based on your unique chat widget needs. 

Step 8) Choose advanced options. You can specify a different bot, greeting, and autoresponder per page on your website. 

how to get live chat

If this sounds complicated or unnecessary, just leave it as-is to automatically apply your live chat widget across your entire website. 

Step 9) Install the plugin. Select which hosting provider your website uses for a step-by-step tutorial. 

how to get live chat

Then grab the code. 

how to get live chat

This is as technical as it’s going to get. Click the “Copy Code” button. 

Now, go to your website’s dashboard and navigate to where you normally input scripts, likely the HEAD section. You can also use Google Tag Manager or similar tools to apply scripts.

Paste that code, and BOOM! Done!

How’d we do? If you ate your Wheaties today, that should’ve been 5 minutes. 

One more thing. 

Step 10) Activate the widget inside MobileMonkey and visit your site to verify it’s working.

Now that you were able to get live chat on your site, you might be worried that you will be responding at odd hours 24/7 to your customers or prospects pressing inquiries. 

Fear not! This is why marrying a chatbot autoresponder with a live chat takeover is brilliant. Pre-qualify your visitors and capture their data while you sleep. 

Then set up notifications for trigger keywords that are worth waking up to jump on a live chat. 

how to get live chat

How To Get Live Chat – Support Tools #2: Custom Greetings By Page

In Step 5 above we covered setting up custom greetings in your web chat. 

When you set up custom greetings for important website pages you can increase the number of inquiries.

how to get live chat

How To Get Live Chat – Support Tools #3: Chat Menus

You can easily set up a simple or elaborate menu system to route the visitor to the best agent.

Don’t send a bunch of generic messages to your customer or prospect. Get to know them, make them feel welcome, offer personalization. 

You can get creative or select from our pre-loaded Quick Questions. 

Just as a phone operator will guide you through a “phone tree” so should your web chat. Set yourself up for success before jumping on a live chat or call by fielding some preliminary questions to gain the context of the inquiry. 

how to get live chat

How To Get Live Chat – Support Tools #4: Live Agent Automation Settings

MobileMonkey recently rolled out a new feature that enables you to set up an alert or notification to follow up with a customer or hot lead. 

Also, you can queue chats for your live agents to respond to them in the appropriate order.

Sell More & Satisfy Customers with Live Chat 2.0

Provide 24/7 support on your Website, Facebook, Instagram, SMS, and more without adding overhead. Start with a free account to scale your customer support & sales today!


How To Get Live Chat – Support Tools #5: Automated FAQs

Tired of answering the same questions? Well, why the FAQ haven’t you created Q&A autoresponders to spare your live agents or yourself. 

Maybe you need help with how to make a Q and  A chatbot

how to get live chat

MobileMonkey’s Q&A chatbot tool makes automated FAQs a cinch. 

There’s a reason it’s so hard to get a human on the phone when you call just about any large company. They are screening you with their FAQs to decide if you’re worthy of a human interaction. 

Use a smart response to the trigger keyword “FAQ” and automatically send users to your support documentation or website’s help/FAQ page. 

how to get live chat

How To Get Live Chat – Support Tools #6: Integrate with Facebook Messenger

Did you know that with MobileMonkey’s OmniChatⓇ your web chatbot detects if the visitor is signed into Facebook? 


It then automatically captures their lead info, and visitors that are not logged in enjoy the same experience. 

how to get live chat

It doesn’t matter if a question or comment comes in through SMS, Messenger, or your website, OmniChatⓇ integrates them all. 

Whoever you have monitoring your chat notifications for web and SMS can now also be alerted and respond to Facebook inquiries, all in one place. 

how to get live chat

There are actually quite a few ways to integrate OmniChat with Facebook live chat. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Use the “Send Message” button for your Facebook page’s main CTA.
how to get live chat
  • Use Facebook’s Click-to-Messenger ads to generate tons of leads with the same dialogues you’ve set up for SMS and web.
how to get live chat

How To Get Live Chat – Support Tools #7: Collect Opt-In To Persistent Messaging Apps Like SMS and Messenger

You want to get permission to send your chat blasts for more reasons than one. 

It’s a big no-no with Facebook’s chatbot policies first of all. Prepare for judgment. 

Second, it’s polite and is common sense. Imagine getting a random message from a person or company that you don’t even recall signing up for. It stinks.

That’s why it pays to be quick with autoresponders and live agent keyword triggers for chatbots. 

how to get live chat

There are many ways to collect opt-ins and you can get as creative as you want. MobileMonkey provides “Quick Question” bot sequences that you can drag and drop into your own chatbot. 

How To Get Live Chat – Support Tools #8: Automated Customer Satisfaction Survey

It’s easy to get more 5-star ratings and drastically improve your customer experience with automated customer satisfaction surveys. 

Simply set up a drip sequence of messages to automate the process. 

how to get live chat

Based on whichever action triggers you have set up, such as when a support ticket closes or a chat conversation ends, a satisfaction survey can automatically be sent. 

How To Get Live Chat – Support Tools #9: Multi-Agent, Multi-Channel Inbox

With MobileMonkey’s OmniChatⓇ you can have multiple agents utilizing one dashboard that centralizes all of your communication channels. 

This is the only multi-channel, multi-bot, multi-user dashboard designed for agencies to scale. Some of OmniChat’s omniscient features include but are not limited to: 

  • Assign live agents
  • Tag contacts for follow-up campaigns
  • Unified inbox for Facebook Messenger, SMS, and native web chat
how to get live chat

How To Get Live Chat – Support Tools #10: Out-Of-Office Hours Message

Although your autoresponders and chatbot drip sequence workflows should be doing the heavy lifting while you are on vaca, you may want to let them know why a live chat isn’t triggering. 

Set up an automated away message from within MobileMonkey!

how to get live chat

To set or adjust your away message for both your website and Facebook Messenger chatbots, go to Automation Rules / Business Hours, where you can enable your “Away Settings”.  

Set it and forget it – enjoy your vacation!

Sell More & Satisfy Customers with Live Chat 2.0

Provide 24/7 support on your Website, Facebook, Instagram, SMS, and more without adding overhead. Start with a free account to scale your customer support & sales today!


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