how to make a poll on instagram

How to Make a Poll on Instagram Stories in 7 Easy Steps + Instagram Poll Ideas

Take your Insta’s engagement to new levels by learning how to make a poll on Instagram with the best Instagram polls ideas!

Besides, one of the most effective ways to improve engagement and grow your Instagram accounts is to ask questions! 

Whether you are simply working on a brand awareness campaign or trying to convert Ecommerce sales and closing hot leads, Instagram polls are a highly effective and fun way to engage with your followers while simultaneously increasing profits!* 

(*Disclaimer: The top 100 brands have seen their engagement grow by 53 percent year-over-year on Instagram! But how many are effectively monetizing that growth? Learn the benefits of a business Instagram account and how you can turn your Insta into profits).

So, what can we do with Instagram polls? Read on because after we’ve covered how to make a poll on Instagram and the best Instagram poll questions, we will cover a few easy ways to boost your Instagram polls engagement.

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How to Make a Poll on Instagram

Here is how to make a poll on Instagram, step-by-step:

If you want to get straight to the Instagram Polls ideas then you can skip ahead quickly here:

Let’s get down to business. Here’s how to make a poll on Instagram step-by-step in more detail. 

Step #1: Open the Instagram app and swipe left                                                      

After opening the Instagram app on your smartphone, swipe the screen from left to right.

instagram business account

After swiping left, you will come to the above screen where you can post to your Instagram Stories and choose from a variety of options, from boomerangs to reels. 

Step #2: Select “Story” under the large photo/record button

To post an Instagram poll, you need to make sure you have “Story” selected. 


Step #3: Snap a photo or record a video

Use a photo or video you have saved on your camera roll or snap a new photo or video, as usual, using the big white circular button. 

how to make a poll on instagram stories

Step #4: Tap the sticker icon in the upper left of your screen

Tap on the happy little square icon for Instagram Story stickers. 

how to make a in

Step #5: Swipe down and tap “Poll” (or slider poll)

There are tons of engaging and fun stickers to choose from, but for our purposes, let’s find the Instagram Polls stickers.

how to make a poll on instagram

The traditional question and answer poll sticker is simply labeled “Poll”. If you prefer the slider format, look for the emoji on a slider bar.

how to make a instagram slider poll

Step #6: Type your clever or mind-boggling question and responses

For the question and answer poll format, you get to decide on the answer choices.

how to make a instagram poll

If you are using a slider poll, you simply ask a question and choose an emoji. 

Step #7: Tap “Send To” and select your Story to publish

That’s it! 💥 Just tap “Send To” at the bottom right of your screen and choose your Story. 

how to make a instagram poll slider story

Watch your Stories and when your Instagram poll has gathered some results, be sure to swipe up to check out the viewers list.

Track and Share Your Instagram Polls Results

Check the results for your Instagram Poll by viewing your Story and tapping “Seen By” in the bottom left of your screen. 

You’ve got 24 hours, and then it’s gone! 

You can also choose to share the results with your audience, which is almost always a good idea. This encourages further engagement, which means more Insta algo love for you. 😍

The Best Instagram Poll Ideas

Instagram polls are a seriously powerful engagement tool that taps into 500 million+ active Stories users. 

Until recently, there has been a lack of valuable and 100%-Instagram approved automation tools. 

Everything has changed in 2021 (for Instagram). 

instagram polls

The Instagram beast has officially been tamed for marketing by Larry Kim, adding to his stable of Unicorn tools for Instagram influencers and brands.

As official Messenger Partners, MobileMonkey had dibs on utilizing the new API-friendly Feb. 2021 Instagram update, which resulted in some of the most effective and exciting new social media growth opportunities for businesses. 

By utilizing the new MobileMonkey Auto DM and Comment Instagram tools with different engaging post types such as carousel posts. Larry increased his Instagram reach by 3,556%! 🔥🔥🔥 

With a single post. 😮

Here’s that post. Check it out for yourself by visiting the post on Instagram and commenting the keyword prompt “AUTODM.” Then, watch the magic happen. ✨

Considering at the time Larry had appx. 43k+ followers, this is an incredible jump.

It’s not just the best digital marketers out there benefiting from Instagram’s engaging platform, but celebs, influencers, and all sizes of businesses. 

Instagram Stories is by far the best place to take advantage of every growth opportunity you can, with Stories receiving 2-3X more engagement versus other post types. 

How perfect that one of the most engaging features, Instagram polls, is only possible within IG Stories, double whammy engage-o-rama! 🎉 

Here’s how to add some gasoline on that Instagram Stories and polls fire. 🧨

Best Instagram Poll Ideas #1: Market Research and Targeting with Instagram Polls

You are going to generate some interesting data with your Instagram polls. It’s up to you what you do with it!

Consider an Instagram poll as the perfect opportunity to learn more about your audience. A simple yes or no question can generate some revealing insights that you can later leverage. 

Quick and easy actionable Instagram polls prompts: 

Choose A or B: Give your audience two options, such as:

  • “Do you like Logo A or Logo B?” or,
  • “Bright colors or Dark?” and,
  • “Tagline or slogan A or B?”

Get opinions and survey before a product launch. Ask: 

  • “Would you like this feature?” or,
  • “Would you use this product?”

Best Instagram Poll Ideas #2: Go Beyond “Yes and No” and Use Instagram Slider Polls

You can go beyond “Yes” and “No” questions. You can replace Yes and No with anything you’d like, such as:

  • “How much would you be willing to pay for this product?”: ‘Less than $20’ or ‘More than $20.’
  • “What content would you prefer to see more of?”: ‘Resources and How-To’ or ‘Just for Fun and Inspirational’

Also, use a sliding poll to find an average rating or scale on any topic, such as: “How excited are you for auto-reply DM tools?”

automate instagram dms

How to Make a Poll on Instagram Pro Tip: Keep your questions short and to the point for better engagement. 

Best Instagram Poll Ideas #3: Automate Your DMs

Auto DM

Gone are the days of having to MacGyver shotty workflows and jumping from browser tabs and multiple apps just to make Instagram behave for marketers. 

Traditionally, there have only been two options for a clickable link. Not to mention an outdated and overflowing (for influencers and large brands) DM inbox that is more trouble than it’s worth. 

Now, you can use the new MobileMonkey Instagram Bot to auto-reply to DMs and funnel all DMs into one omnichannel inbox that is organized and viewable across any device and browser. 

Sign up for MobileMonkey and sit back while your conversational Instagram Bot automatically welcomes visitors to your Instagram page. 

Instantly reply when anyone DMs you with a pre-designed sequence that ultimately captures contact info. 

reply to commments

It’s all about interaction. By definition, the act of engaging is a two-way road. Are you replying to your comments and Story mentions? 

With MobileMonkey, you can auto-reply to post comments and Story mentions. Tie this in with your Instagram poll so you can add a clickable link that simultaneously drives massive engagement on your Instagram page and Instagram traffic to your websites. 

There are many use cases to grow your accounts with Instagram Comment Auto-Responders, such as the ability to opt-in and build contact lists that automatically follow up with customers or leads using either Instagram DM or Messenger, email, and SMS.

I hope you take advantage of these tips and tricks to grow your Instagram account, contacts lists, and ultimately (so long as you follow Instagram Stories best practices) — profits! 

Remember to try to keep it light-hearted and fun for the best results. 😸

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