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15 Brilliant Instagram Auto DM Examples to Boost Conversions & Save Time

For years, Instagram DMs (direct messages) have been one of the most used business communication tools on the internet. However, no tools have existed to scale and capitalize on this precious consumer touchpoint, until now. Enter Instagram auto DM tools from MobileMonkey.    

Instagram auto DM tools are your new secret weapon to growing your Instagram Follower count and presence on the platform.

MobileMonkey’s Instagram auto DM features are designed to perform the following functions:

  1. Instant replies to Instagram DMs.
  2. Auto-responses to comments on your posts.
  3. Hyper-acceleration of organic engagement with your content.
  4. Automatically start conversations with your followers and prospects.
  5. Boost content visibility.
  6. Scale messaging and increase daily DM send limits.
  7. Turn Instagram traffic into website traffic.
  8. Collect phone numbers in Instagram.
  9. Add automation and messaging capabilities to Instagram ads.
  10. Answer common questions for prospects and customers 24/7.

And a lot more, which you’ll discover throughout each of the examples and use cases.

In this article you’ll learn how to scale message volume and increase engagement with official, 100% Instagram-approved tools by MobileMonkey.

“Early feedback about MobileMonkey’s Instagram tools is off-the-charts. The way that creators and entrepreneurs can build their audience and take control of how they stay connected to their audience fundamentally changes how Instagram marketing and support works.”

Larry Kim, MobileMonkey Founder & CEO

So, want to join the experts, influencers, creators, artists, and brands leveraging Instagram engagement tools to grow and support Followers?

Let’s get straight to it!

15 ways to boost conversions & save time with Instagram auto DM tools:

  1. Get more followers by increasing Instagram engagement
  2. Use a menu-based chatbot to greet people on Instagram & link to popular offers.
  3. Instagram auto DM example of an influencer sending traffic to an online training program.
  4. Instagram growth hack: Build a lead generation funnel to Instagram from Clubhouse.
  5. Send ad traffic to your bot with Instagram direct message ads.
  6. Do a giveaway on Instagram where people enter with post comments, Story mentions, and DMs.
  7. Grow your SMS list for a VIP community you can re-engage at any time.
  8. Send an Instagram auto DM to people who comment on your posts.
  9. Surface valuable messages in a high-volume Instagram DM inbox.
  10. Add multiple users to your Instagram message inbox.
  11. Incentivize user-generated content (UGC) to increase customer loyalty.
  12. Qualify and capture leads on Instagram. Plus, how to get notified using hot lead alerts and notifications.
  13. Sell more products with Instagram auto DM tools.
  14. Answer frequently asked questions (FAQs) automatically
  15. Grow your email list to re-engage your audience at any time.


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#1. Get More Followers by Increasing Instagram Engagement

“Engagement” is the name of the game on Instagram, without question. And it’s engagement that’s going to result in getting more of the followers that you want. 

Instagram auto-reply DMs are easy to set up using MobileMonkey. Plus, auto DMs are extremely effective at both increasing engagement and getting more followers on Instagram.

Sure, you can find a cheap Instagram follower bot that will over-inflate your follower count with people who will never engage with your content. 

However, when more than 90% of your followers never interact with your content, what do you think that tells Instagram’s algorithm? 

It says that nobody is interested in what you’re promoting.

Even worse, your account is likely to get flagged for having a fake follower base, which can result in a suspended account or removal from the platform. 

Don’t fall into the trap of finding an Instagram bot that only follows and likes because cheating the system doesn’t work. Plus, it looks desperate, people (including Instagram) will absolutely notice, and it’s not necessary because there are much better ways to grow on Instagram.

Instead, grow your follower base the right way, with 100% Instagram approved auto-reply tools that will supercharge engagement via:

  • Comment Auto-Responders.
  • Instant replies to direct messages.
  • Automatic messages sent to people who share your content in Instagram Stories. 

MobileMonkey’s Instagram messaging tools are meant to hyper-accelerate the processes which grow your Instagram account and follower base organically.  As an official Instagram solutions partner, MobileMonkey is in a unique position with Instagram growth tools that are perfectly safe to use and deliver a competitive advantage over your competition. 

One of the most important Instagram auto DM examples are called Welcome or Greeting Messages. Welcome Messages are used to respond to Instagram users who send a Direct Message to your page’s inbox.

To set up an automatic greeting message, use MobileMonkey’s Instagram Page Welcomer tool.

Here’s an example of a welcome message one client is using on their Instagram page:

At the bottom of the welcome message, there’s a menu of options for the user to choose from. Each option leads the user down a different path in order to direct the user to the best possible landing page.

Using a chat menu is great because Instagram users who send your page a DM can ‘choose their own journey’ by selecting from multiple topics that pique their interest. Then, at the end of each chat menu option, add a link to send Instagram traffic to your website.

The next image is a good example of the dialogue that could follow when the user chooses the “🔥 Personal Training” option:

As you can see, the choice triggers a response with a link to sign-up for a free training webinar.

With the Instagram Page Welcomer from MobileMonkey, it’s incredibly easy to nurture people down your funnel, capture email addresses, phone numbers, and other important contact information.

Test it out for yourself on the MobileMonkey Instagram page by clicking the Message button, then say ”Hello”.

#3. Instagram Auto DM Example of an Instagram Influencer Sending Traffic to an Online Training Program

Here’s a real life Instagram auto DM example of how Sue B. Zimmerman (@TheInstagramExpert), an Instagram influencer with over 135,000 followers,  is using MobileMonkey’s Page Welcomer tool. 

Sue teaches small business owners how to become the go-to authority in their industry by using Instagram marketing strategies.

Sue’s Page Welcomer is set up to send traffic to her training courses and programs to teach aspiring Instagram influencers the ropes of growing an engaged Instagram follower base.

Let’s see what happens when we send @TheInstagramExpert a direct message on Instagram!

Step #1. MobileMonkey Page Welcomer:

First, Sue has adopted the menu-based chatbot (which we spoke of in our #2 Instagram auto DM example) in her Page Welcomer to provide multiple options for first time messagers to choose from:

Step #2. Provide Popular Product/Service Offers:

The next step is to provide value with one of your most popular offers or additional information about a product or service. 

When I click on the “3 Keys Training” button, Sue has a high quality image with information about her online course with a link to learn more and/or signup. 

Step #3. For each menu option, include a CTA (call to action) with a link to your most relevant landing page:

At the end of a short chat dialogue, Sue’s CTA is to check out her online training course on the “3 Keys to Getting Engaged Instagram Followers and Buyers.” When I click on the link, I arrive on Sue’s landing page for her free training course. 

Once you learn your way around MobileMonkey’s user friendly chatbot builder, creating highly engaging Instagram auto DM’s like Sue’s is a piece of cake.

Here’s what Sue B. (@TheInstagramExpert) has to say about her experience using MobileMonkey:

“MobileMonkey has been a game-changer. As someone who has been using the Instagram DM for 8 years for building relationships and getting new clients, it has saved my team and me so much time on a daily basis. We’ve been able to reply to clients quickly and get the information they are looking for back into their inbox — without lifting a finger or spending hours upon hours replying manually to each message.”

Sue B. Zimmerman, Instagram Expert & Business Coach

Are you an established or aspiring Instagram influencer? Discover the 10 best tools for Instagram influencers in 2021!


Grow Instagram followers and engagement with new tools for influencers, artists, brands and D2C businesses. Sign up to be the first to use tools that generate elite engagement via Instagram DMs.

#4. Instagram Growth Hack: Build a Lead Generation Funnel from Clubhouse 

Are you on the Clubhouse app? If you’re an entrepreneur, creator, or influencer, there’s a good chance you are, or you’ve thought about it.

Clubhouse has exploded in 2021 and is one of the fastest growing social media applications in years.

However, lead generation from Clubhouse is somewhat of a challenge, and here’s why:

  • There’s no advertising on the Clubhouse app.
  • You cannot send direct messages to your Clubhouse social network.
  • Links added to the Clubhouse app are not clickable.

I know what you’re thinking, “What does Clubhouse have to do with my Instagram DM bot?”

Here’s why: One of the only clickable links on all of Clubhouse is a link to your Instagram page.

MobileMonkey Founder and CEO, Larry Kim, has found a clever way to build a marketing funnel from Clubhouse to Instagram. This funnel has already generated over 50,000 leads in only a month’s time!

Here’s how to get traffic to Instagram from the Clubhouse app:

  1. Build a following on Clubhouse.
  2. Send traffic to your Instagram profile with CTAs in your Clubhouse bio.
  3. Have Clubhouse users DM or use Messenger to contact you on Instagram using a keyword.
  4. Use MobileMonkey’s Instagram Tools to instantly respond to your direct messages, and send that Instagram traffic to your website.

Test it out for yourself by sending Larry Kim the word “notes” in an Instagram DM!

For a step-by-step guide on how to build an Instagram lead generation machine from Clubhouse, read this article: 10 Secrets to Build a Clubhouse App Lead Generation Funnel.

#5. Send Ad Traffic to Your Bot with Instagram Direct Message Ads

Did you know that you can run ads on Instagram and Facebook that link to Messenger? You may have.

However, what about Click to Instagram Direct Ads? Probably not, right?

Both Instagram Direct Message ads and Messenger ads deliver extremely high conversion rates and send people into interactive, engaging conversations with your business. This creates a fun user experience that allows you to easily capture contact information, qualify prospects, and generate high-quality leads.

However, we recommend Click to Instagram Direct Ads because they keep users in the Instagram app as opposed to switching the user over to the Messenger app. This provides for a truly seamless user experience, which was the only downside to Messenger ads.

Three Instagram ad types that start a chatbot dialogue

There are two types of Messenger ads, and one Direct Messages ad you can run on Instagram: 

  1. Click to Instagram Direct ads: DM ads start a chat conversation in your Instagram DM inbox when someone clicks on your ad. Using MobileMonkey, you can easily trigger any chat dialogue automatically. Prior to MobileMonkey’s release of features for Instagram, responding to Click to Instagram Direct ads had to be managed manually.
  2. Click-to-Messenger ads: Ads that click to Messenger do exactly what you think they do. Instead of sending traffic to a landing page, traffic is redirected to the Messenger app.
  3. Sponsored Message ads: These are simply messages that you’re paying to send to a target audience. In the simplest of terms, Sponsored Message ads are a great way to send a mass message to all your Messenger contacts from Facebook and Instagram.

When we said Messenger ads have an extremely high conversion rate, we weren’t using hyperbole. In fact, Messenger ads capture the contact information of every person who interacts with the ad, automatically!

Below is an example of a Click to Instagram Direct ad. When someone clicks on the “Send Message” button, an Instagram DM dialogue begins between a MobileMonkey chatbot and the user.

Want to see how this exact ad works?

Experience this Instagram Direct ad for yourself, here!

Some of the other reasons why chat ads are different from your average ads:

  • Reach people in a direct and engaging way, automatically capture lead data, and send automated follow-up messages.
  • Post-click ad experience is optimized for mobile and chat, where customers would rather connect with businesses.
  • Huge performance boost in lead volume and CPA (cost per acquisition).

Learn more about how to send automated retargeting ads with Larry Kim’s strategy: The Conversational Remarketing Method.

#6. Do a Giveaway on Instagram Where People Enter with Post Comments, Story Mentions, and DMs

Instagram is a great platform to run a contest, giveaway, or sweepstakes. However, unlike running a contest on Facebook or a dedicated landing page of your own, the ability to track giveaway entries or individual contestant data on Instagram is difficult.

MobileMonkey makes it super easy to track your Instagram giveaway campaign data, as well as the ability to capture and store new leads from a contest. And that’s because you can use multiple MobileMonkey tools for Instagram as the mechanisms that drive the contest or giveaways themselves.

Here, you’ll learn just one of many ideas for how to do a giveaway on Instagram using MobileMonkey.

But remember, you can use multiple tools from MobileMonkey as the way to earn points in a contest or giveaway on Instagram, simultaneously. The Story Mentions tool is just one of them! 

How to use MobileMonkey’s Story Mentions tool in an Instagram giveaway or contest

Ask participants to upload a photo of themselves using your product or service in an Instagram Story. 

This is another easy opportunity to spread brand awareness, since your participants’ posts will be seen by their own network of followers and friends. You should ask participants to include your brand’s hashtag, or tag your brand, for optimal visibility.

And even better, if you ask the contestant to tag your Instagram handle in their IG Story, you capture their contact information using the MobileMonkey Instagram Story Mentions tool.

Here’s an example of someone mentioning MobileMonkey’s Instagram handle in their IG Story, and what happens afterwards:

Instantly, you receive a notification message from MobileMonkey along with a text in the Messenger app.

Then, if you tap on the notification, the Messenger app opens automatically and a chatbot dialogue begins.

This is a great option for running a contest or giveaway because you can immediately thank the person for sharing news about your campaign and ask them to perform another action.

Furthermore, in your thank you note, let the contestant know how many points or entries into the giveaway they earned. This serves as instant gratification, which highly increases the chances of them performing more actions to help spread the news of your giveaway!

You can use MobileMonkey to fully manage a giveaway or contest on Instagram from end-to-end with tools that:

  • Serve as the mechanism to earn points for contestants.
  • Capture leads and build rich-data customer profiles.
  • Track entries and points scored by each contest participant. 

Learn more about  how to do a giveaway on Instagram and how you can use Comment Auto-Responders and your DM inbox in addition to the Story Mentions tool from MobileMonkey!

#7. Grow your SMS List for a VIP Community you Can Re-Engage Any Time 

You can re-engage with your Instagram audience on multiple other channels using MobileMonkey. 

And an ideal channel for a mobile friendly community, such as Instagram, is SMS text messaging.

SMS marketing tools from MobileMonkey empower businesses to send customers marketing and customer support messages in bulk, with smart features like:

When leads and customers are chatting on your Instagram bot, invite them to connect via SMS to stay in touch.

Use the MobileMonkey SMS opt-in widget to capture the phone numbers of your Instagram followers. 

SMS is great for sending promotional messages, important company updates, event notifications, and remarketing campaigns.

#8. Send an Instagram Auto DM to People Who Comment on Your Posts

You can send private Instagram auto messages to people who comment on your posts.

Additionally, you can send private Instagram auto messages to people who mention you in their Instagram Story.

So, let’s focus on best practices for sending an Instagram auto DM to the people who comment on your posts.

Adding an Instagram Comment Auto-Responder to your posts is a guaranteed way to increase visibility and engagement on Instagram. 

Comment Auto-Responders allow you to automatically reply to the comments on your Instagram posts with an engaging chat dialogue.

In the example below, you can see how SaturnBeauty is using a Comment Auto-Responder in a post promoting their Instagram giveaway. If you look at the post’s caption, you’ll see to enter the giveaway, people must comment using the word “SATURN”. 

You have many options for how to use Comment Auto-Responders. In the above example, you could send an Instagram auto DM thanking the person for their comment and congratulating them for entering your giveaway.

Instagram Comment Auto-Responder Example

Below is another Instagram auto DM example of a Comment Auto-Responder triggered by the keyword “INSTATOOLS”. 

In this use case, the person is commenting in order to receive a link to learn more about Instagram tools from MobileMonkey. In the DM, we provide a thank you and a link to the content. 

Here are some other popular options for how to use Comment Auto-Responders:

  • Send Instagram traffic to one of your landing pages.
  • Opt-in followers to your email newsletter, SMS text messages, Facebook Messenger promos, and other communication channels. 
  • Capture their contact information using one of many lead generation tools from MobileMonkey.

Comment Auto-Responders are extremely effective because they dramatically increase the number of comments you’ll receive on a post. Therefore, the visibility of your posts will skyrocket as well because Instagram’s algorithm recognizes that more people should see posts with super-high engagement.

#9. Surface Valuable Messages in a High-Volume Instagram DM Inbox

The MobileMonkey inbox is your central hub for all your Instagram communications. 

From the inbox, you have many tools at your disposal: 

  • See everyone that has interacted with your Instagram bot over time.
  • Review all chatbot dialogues and live agent conversations.
  • Build rich-data customer profiles over time to provide great support and offer the right deals at the right time.  

And for those with super high message volume, MobileMonkey makes sorting through your conversations and data easy with multiple custom filters.

For example, let’s say you’re using MobileMonkey to qualify leads and one of the questions you ask is budget related.

Use the MobileMonkey inbox filters to identify all of the budgets within a certain range, or even trigger live agents to jump-in and take over a chatbot conversation with real-time alerts, lead routing, and notification tools.

#10. Add Multiple Users to Your Instagram Inbox

For the influencers, creators, and brands out there with a large volume of incoming messages per day, you’ve likely had your fair share of frustrations with Instagram’s inbox management options.

Even if you hire multiple VAs (virtual assistants) to manage your inbox, they end up tripping over one another, logging each other out, and are only able to reply to so many messages each day. 

Here comes MobileMonkey to the rescue! 

Take full control over the Instagram inbox with multi-user inbox management solutions.

MobileMonkey allows you to scale message volume and even increase your send limits per day. Yes, you read that correctly. 

With MobileMonkey, you can transform the Instagram DM inbox into a suite of customer support chat tools, which you can use to:

  • Answer complicated questions
  • Build data-rich user profiles, and
  • Alert live chat agents with notifications of hot leads.

It’s simple to add multiple users to your Instagram inbox to handle even the largest message volumes.

How to filter conversations and find opportunities to sell in the MobileMonkey Inbox

And for those with super high message volume, who wish to conduct customer support via the Instagram DM inbox, you can even filter conversations by status or live agent assignments.

Here’s an example of how to filter conversations by status, such as:

  • Follow Up
  • Pending
  • Resolved

And here’s an example of how to assign a conversation to another live agent.

People turn to Instagram to stay in touch with people, products, and service providers they love. 

Be there for your audience 24/7 and launch an answering service to sell, support, and engage your fans with max efficiency and authenticity!


Grow Instagram followers and engagement with new tools for influencers, artists, brands and D2C businesses. Sign up to be the first to use tools that generate elite engagement via Instagram DMs.

#11. Incentivize User Generated Content (UGC) to Increase Customer Loyalty

You can increase CLTV by sending an Instagram auto message to people who mention you or share your content in their Instagram Story.

Think about how cool it would be if one of your favorite people or brands sent you a personalized thank you for mentioning them in your Instagram Story? Pretty cool, right?

MobileMonkey’s Instagram Story Mentions tool gives influencers and creators the power to do exactly that!

Here’s how the Story Mentions tool works: When someone mentions your Instagram handle in their Instagram Story, MobileMonkey will instantly start a conversation by sending that person an auto DM.

And not only can you thank your fans for sharing your content, but you can also send them a link to your latest promotion, discount, or relevant landing page in the same dialogue.

Using MobileMonkey’s Story Mentions tool is guaranteed to encourage Instagram followers to share more of your brand in their Stories while building influence and loyalty!

#12. Qualify Leads for Your Offers and Get Notified of Valuable Conversations

Want to qualify leads before sending them to your sales team or skip scheduling lead qualification calls with your SDRs altogether?

Use MobileMonkey to ask a series of lead qualification questions up front and choose whether or not to schedule a call or send the person into one of your marketing funnels. 

Then, store the data in MobileMonkey, automatically send the lead data to your CRM, straight into a Google Spreadsheet, or anywhere else you’d like. You could even send lead notifications to a dedicated Slack channel

Additionally, using customizable tags and attributes in your lead qualification questions will allow you to easily segment your leads for future marketing campaigns.

Have live agents on staff or want to get your sales team involved? It’s easy to jump into the conversation at the right time thanks to automated hot lead notifications and live chat takeover tools from MobileMonkey.

Notify the right person on your sales or customer support team via push notification, email, or mark a lead to follow-up with. 

Then select who should be notified. It’s that simple.

#13. Sell More Products Through Instagram DMs

Instagram has proven an incredibly powerful sales driver for businesses that have mastered the Instagram arts. The potential for getting thousands or even millions of eyes on your content is there. And more than 1 billion people are now using Instagram on a regular basis!

In fact, 81% of consumers say Instagram helps them to research products in order to make buying decisions.

So, what’s the best way to sell products and services to the Instagram audience? 

Well, there are a number of ways to sell more products on Instagram. However, the best way to sell your product or service online is through your own website. So, you really should be thinking about how to drive Instagram traffic to your website

Using MobileMonkey, you no longer need to rely on one link in your Instagram bio because you can add a link to any Instagram auto DM, which include:

  • Any auto-reply to your Instagram message inbox.
  • Responses to comments on your Instagram posts.
  • Instagram auto DMs sent to people who mention you in their Instagram Story.
  • Automatic greeting messages with the MobileMonkey Page Welcomer.

Successfully driving traffic to your own site is critical if you want your company to make money selling on Instagram. 

What good is increasing Instagram engagement metrics if you aren’t able to capitalize on it?

#14. Answer Frequently Asked Questions Automatically with Instagram Auto DM Tools

With MobileMonkey, you can build a chatbot based interactive question answering system for Instagram using keyword-based Q&A triggers and NLP (natural language processing) technology.

Using chatbots to answer FAQs is an easy set of dialogues to build in a visual chatbot builder.

Add “icebreakers” or FAQs to your Instagram account to help ease customers into a conversion.

MobileMonkey even tells you what visitors to your Instagram pages are asking, so you can program instant answers for all your FAQs.

#15. Grow your Email List to Re-Engage your Audience Any Time with Instagram Auto DM Tools

Another exciting tool for Instagram delivers what many of us have wanted for years: The ability to own and take control over your contacts on Instagram.

New Instagram tools from MobileMonkey empower your community growth with tools to: 

  • Capture leads and build contacts lists. 
  • Automatically store, tag, segment, and export contacts.
  • Reengage contacts via email, SMS, Messenger, and more via automated workflows.

Let’s quickly walk through an example together using the Page Welcomer tool. However, keep in mind that you can add this same chat dialogue to any Instagram auto DM example we’ve covered in this article.

In the following GIF, you’ll see a chat dialogue started off with a welcome message and a chat menu followed by a series of questions. Finally, the fully automated dialogue ends by asking for an email address. 

As we’ve covered in this article, you can then store all valuable information captured in any part of the chat dialogue you wish. Most important to this conversation, however, would obviously be the email address.

Learn more about how to build lead lists using MobileMonkey!

Getting Started with Instagram Auto DM Software

Instagram accounts that use MoibileMonkey’s Instagram marketing tools, especially when paired with engaging content, will generate automated activity and interactions which are perceived as entirely organic and translate into a huge increase in genuine followers. Best of all, with MobileMonkey, you’ll be working with 100% Instagram-approved engagement tools.

Furthermore, the benefits of “owning” your Instagram followers as contacts, as opposed to a long list of usernames, is almost immeasurable.

Adding Messenger capabilities to Instagram will create a 3.3 billion user network. Between Facebook Messenger users and Instagram Messenger users, that’s roughly 43% of the world’s population on one chat platform.

Start with 100% Instagram-approved tools in the MobileMonkey Instagram Bot today!


Are you looking for an edge on Instagram? Influencers, artists, brands and D2C businesses, you may qualify to be the first to use tools that generate elite engagement via Instagram DMs.

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