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Instagram Comment Bot

Instagram Comment Bot: Everything You Need to Know in 2021

People are always going to try to cut corners. It’s human nature and occasionally, it works. However, when it comes to an Instagram comment bot, there’s actually no need to cheat. At least, not anymore.

So, what is an Instagram comment bot?

The short version is, there are two kinds of Instagram comment bots:

  1. Old Instagram comment bots that comment on other peoples posts from a fake profile, and 
  2. New Instagram comment bots, which get more comments on your own posts from real profiles. 

So, which would you prefer? A bot that comments on others’ Instagram posts, or a bot that gets more engagement and reach on your own content on Instagram?

Hopefully, that’s a rhetorical question because personally, I’d much rather increase the amount of comments on my own Instagram content. Not to mention, generate that engagement organically from real people.

Engagement is the key to successfully growing your follower count on Instagram. To get new followers, you need to reach new people. And to increase Instagram reach, you need to get engagement, such as comments, on your posts.

Today we’re going to cover why there’s no reason to use the old Instagram comment bots and why you’d be crazy not to use the new Instagram comment bot. Here’s our agenda:

Let’s dive in!


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Instagram Comment Bots

Since there are two different Instagram comment bots to define, I’m going to continue to refer to them as the “old” Instagram comment bots, and the “new” Instagram comment bots. 

To further clarify, the new generation Instagram comment bot is brand new and made it’s debut in 2021. Old comment bots have been around for nearly a decade, and grow less and less popular each year.

Let’s start with the new version of Instagram comment bots, which are changing the way marketers think about Instagram altogether.

The Best Instagram Comment Bot in 2021

Let me introduce you to InstaChamp by MobileMonkey, which takes an entirely different and immensely more effective approach to growing your presence on Instagram.

Instagram comment auto-responders allow you to send private automated messages to people who comment on your posts.

The message is sent to the commenter immediately after the comment is published.  

To trigger a comment auto-responder, users need to comment on a post using a specific keyword. For example, below you’ll see an Instagram post with a CTA (call-to-action) to comment with the word SATURN to enter into an Instagram giveaway. 

Comment auto-responders are extremely powerful and viral in nature because comments equal engagement. More engagement triggers Instagram’s algorithm, which results in more impressions of your post. 

Prior to the launch of this tool, we already have an all-star example of virality from MobileMonkey Founder, Larry Kim. 

Larry has a large social media presence with over a million followers across the major social networks. His most successful Instagram post, by far, uses the new Instagram comment bot to drive his CTA.

Here’s Larry’s post, which has received over 550 comments in just 5 weeks!

If you swipe or click through the example carousel post above, you’ll see that the CTA (call-to-action) in the captions and the last slide of the carousel is to:

“Type “AUTODM” in the comments section below to get instant access to all 15 Instagram auto DM use cases.”

This is a completely new way to attach a call-to-action to a post, which in turn has the effect of boosting the post significantly.

The results speak for themselves. In addition to the +500 comments, this post generated: 

  • 700% increase in reach outside of Larry’s own followers.
  • Nearly 100 bookmarks.
  • 25x Larry’s normal post reach. 
  • 69% of the post reach was outside of Larry’s existing follower base.
  • Well above Larry’s average new follower count (in the thousands) for the month.

Test it out for yourself by commenting BOOST on this new post from Larry now!

Essentially, InstaChamp is an Instagram comment bot that allows users to boost a post on Instagram for free, which is pretty amazing.

Why InstaChamp is the best Instagram comment bot

What we find is by asking for a simple engagement, like a comment, InstaChamp users get 3x to 5x more engagement on their posts, on average!

Clearly, one of the best use cases for comment auto-responders is to tease your content and then ask for a comment for access to the full article, infographic, white paper, etc.

There are multiple challenges faced by Instagram marketers addressed with this one solution: 

  • Lack of locations where you can place clickable links. 
  • Variety of effective CTAs marketers can place in their content.
  • Getting people to comment and engage with your posts.

Think about it, where can you place links on Instagram? Most marketers ‘go-to’ call to action is, “Click my bio link for more information.”

However, you can always include a clickable link in a DM. Therefore, by sending a DM to users when they comment on your post, not only do you have an easy CTA for followers to complete, but you also have an opportunity to share a link and drive traffic to your site.

Additionally, the more comments you get on your post, the more visibility your posts will receive.

In fact, 69% of the people reached by Larry’s example above were not already following him. 

That means the majority of the people that were shown this post were potential new followers, which is exactly how to grow your follower base on Instagram.

Prior to using InstaChamp, Larry’s average posts only get maybe a third of this kind of traction and around 10% of the engagement are from people who do not follow him.

Instagram rewards posts with high-levels of engagement. That’s why the Comment Auto-Responder is so ingenious. Every time someone comments on the post, Instagram’s algorithm is triggered favorably. 

In return, Larry’s post gets shown to more people, and with each new comment, the likelihood of reaching new eyes, and therefore getting new followers on Instagram, increases.

Without the InstaChamp Comment Auto-Responder, none of this would have been possible.

So, if you want to know how to boost a post on Instagram for free, InstaChamp by MobileMonkey is your answer.


Grow Instagram followers and engagement with new tools for influencers, artists, brands and D2C businesses. Sign up to be the first to use tools that generate elite engagement via Instagram DMs.

The “Old” Instagram Comment Bots

Up until the release of InstaChamp, Instagram comment bots were exclusively bots that would comment on the posts of people in your target audience. All you had to do was define a comment that would work for most posts on Instagram, such as, “Wow, that’s so cool!”

Then, your Instagram comment bot would post that exact same comment over and over on as many posts as you could until your account either got suspended or banned from Instagram.

In return, the hope was to gain attention from people in your target audience in the form of likes, follows, and comments on your own content.

Or, you could even build an Instagram bot that comments on your own posts. However, that’s not effective either, and I’ll show you why, next.

Instagram comment bots to stay away from and why they don’t work

So, why do the old Instagram comment bots no longer work?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of problems with this outdated strategy, most notably:

  • Fake Comments Do Not Work: People started noticing and calling out Instagram profiles using comment bots years ago. So, if you want to get a bad reputation on Instagram, by all means, use one of these old comment bots. Disingenuous and blatantly fake comments are highly frowned upon and even offensive to those growing their influence on Instagram legitimately.
  • Instagram’s Algorithm will NOT be happy: When all you do is comment on other peoples posts and get very little comments on your own posts in return, Instagram notices that! The result is your content will lose its reach because Instagram’s algorithm is being told that your content isn’t worth sharing with anyone. 
  • Violate Instagram’s Terms of Service: And the biggest problem of them all, the old comment bots are not allowed on Instagram because they violate their terms of service. It’s very easy to get your Instagram account blocked or banned by using this type of comment bot, follower bot, or like bot.

Even if your Instagram comment bot comments on your own posts, sure you’ll get extra comments on your posts, which may look nice. However, that doesn’t increase your reach because your comment bot’s followers aren’t real. 

Instagram doesn’t reward comments from fake accounts, as opposed to the new, 100% Instagram-approved version of comment bots, which generate many comments from real people, organically!

That’s what Instagram does reward: Organic engagement

To sum up the old Instagram comment bot strategy: They’ve become annoying, inauthentic, and no longer work. It’s really that simple.

How to Make an Instagram Comment Bot

First of all, if you’re looking to get an Instagram comment bot free of charge, you’re still in luck!

There is a free version of InstaChamp, for a limited time, so grab it while this deal still exists. Then, follow these five steps to create your first ever Instagram comment bot!

How to build an Instagram comment bot using InstaChamp:

Step #1: Create an InstaChamp account for free and connect it to your Instagram.

Step #2: Create new content to post on Instagram. If you’re looking for examples or new ideas, here are a few examples:

Step #3: Create a call-to-action for your content as well as your post’s caption.

Your CTA needs to ask people to comment on your post using a certain keyword, such as BOOST in the example below:

Go ahead and comment on the post above to see the Instagram comment bot in action!

Step #4: In InstaChamp, create a new Comment Auto-Responder that’s triggered by the keyword you chose in Step #3. For the above example, your Comment Auto-Responder could say, “Thanks for the comment! Here are the remaining 10 Auto-DM use cases!” along with a link to that content on your website.

Step #5: Post your content and watch the comments start flowing in!

Here’s an example of the experience people will have when they comment on your posts:

Instagram Comment Bot

So, are there any Instagram bots that work? Yes, absolutely. Here’s how to get started with #1 Instagram bot in the world, right now.

Instagram Comment Bot: Important Next Steps

Want to get started with InstaChamp and new Instagram DM automation tools?

Learn how to:

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