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OmniChat Marketing Automation Tools to Transform Your Business in 2020 & Beyond

We spend more time chatting and texting than we do on social media, in email and on the phone.

That’s why MESSAGING is the future of customer communication, simplifying marketing, sales, and customer service for businesses.

And businesses today need to be able to connect with customers on many messaging apps popular around the world today. 

That’s why we’re proud to announce OmniChat by MobileMonkey: your unified chat marketing platform with businesses tools to automatically message customers on their favorite messaging apps including Instagram, Facebook Messenger, web chat and SMS.

It’s time to make customer messaging accessible on all messaging channels. Here’s how OmniChat works!

how does mobilemonkey omnichat work

Why Automated Messaging Improves Customer Communication

Here’s the truth: People overwhelmingly prefer messaging businesses than communicating via other channels like email. 

chat marketing automation: a graph showing shifts in messaging and communication trends

To add to that, engagement rates on chat marketing campaigns are much, much higher than email.

People are so much more likely to click on and read messages than other forms of customer communication.

Of course, people are much more willing to engage with messages from businesses, provided that:

  • They are businesses the people care about 
  • The content is interesting 

That’s why chat marketing tends to do better with lower funnel campaigns that target your best customers. 

You want to message users that are most likely to convert, i.e., the ones who have expressed interest and could use your support to take action. 

That’s where messaging comes in handy, and that’s why it’s an open door to a bright future for customer communication.

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Why OmniChat™ Makes Messaging for Business So Much Smarter

So, what does OmniChat provide that’s different from the usual message marketing platforms, tools, and services?

To start, OmniChat by MobileMonkey allows you to consolidate SMS, Messenger, and Web Chat all in one place. 

This means you:

  • Win more leads, as people are 3x more likely to engage with chat vs. website platforms
  • Get more sales, because you’ll be able to communicate with your hottest leads immediately
  • Build customer relationships, since 75% of customers say they’d rather message with business than email or call
chat marketing automation: win more leads, get more sales, and build customer relationships with omnichat

OmniChat allows you to use your favorite classic MobileMonkey tools in a way that lets you improve your communication with your customers by allowing them to receive all the benefits of chat messaging no matter what platform they’re using it on.

This benefits the customer and you, as it allows the customer an easier web flow and lets you build more than just Facebook Messenger contacts, since you’ll be accessing folks from a number of origins.

Now, let’s talk about a couple of awesome chat marketing automation tools that come with the OmniChat platform!

StartBot Chatbot Builder for Instagram, Facebook Messenger, SMS, Native Web Chat & More Soon

First, we have the foundation of the new MobileMonkey OmniChat platform — StartBot, a multi-platform chatbot builder.

This is the easiest-to-use chatbot editor yet, allowing you to write content once and use it on every platform.

Create audiences across different messaging channels using the ease and simplicity of a MobileMonkey chatbot editor.

chat marketing automation: mobilemonkey's new all-in-one startbot editor

With StartBot, it’s easier than ever to create conversational flows that lead the user to a conclusion while collecting user data and saving responses to various attributes. 

The conversations that you build in the StartBot editor will work the same no matter what platform they are accessed from: Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Web Chat, or SMS!

OmniChat™ Inbox: Streamlined, Unified Inbox for Every Messaging Channel

Sure, having the same conversations accessible from multiple channels after only building them once sounds great in theory, but isn’t that a nightmare to keep up with and maintain?

Not anymore, thanks to MobileMonkey’s OmniChat all-in-one inbox.

Once your conversation dialogues are built in StartBot and are being accessed on multiple channels by your customers, use the OmniChat all-in-one inbox to see and respond to all messages in one place.

No matter what platform they originate from. 

chat marketing automation: new mobilemonkey omnichat all in one inbox

In this image, you’ll see to the left a list of conversations that have been started by users via Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Web Chat, or SMS.

All you have to do is select a conversation and respond! 

MobileMonkey recognizes the need to simplify the task of creating and respond to the inbound chat inquiries that originate from different sources.

Otherwise, you’ll be spending a lot of time trying to keep up with it — and that’s the opposite of what OmniChat is intended for.

Website Live Chat: All Your Customer Chats in One Inbox with Advanced Agent Follow-up Features

We here at MobileMonkey understand that challenges that come with relying on Facebook Messenger as the foundation of your online chat experiences.

Not everyone uses Facebook or Facebook Messenger, and in different parts of the world, it’s not the go-to messaging app.

And some people simply don’t want to use Facebook when they’re browsing the web! 

Today, internet activity is often based on unconscious choices and instant gratification.

Because of that, the smallest challenge to a user’s experience can ruin their flow and send them in another direction to get what they’re looking for. 

That’s why with OmniChat we’ve released a brand new native MobileMonkey website chat.

New MobileMonkey Web Chat is compatible with every browser out there and doesn’t require a Facebook login to use, like that classic MobileMonkey Facebook Messenger website chat widget.

It also works seamlessly with all other MobileMonkey chat marketing automation tools.

Now you can finally access users without the challenge of them requiring logging in with Facebook.

Best of all, you can continue conversations (via live operator chat takeover) with folks who access your chatbot using Web Chat through the OmniChat inbox, alongside Instagram, Facebook Messenger and SMS conversations.

Notifications & Customer Live Chat Mobile App (Android and iOS)

You might be thinking: that all sounds great, but my job is incredibly busy and I’m always on-the-go.

How can I be expected to sit and respond to hot lead inquiries on an inbox all day?

Don’t worry: we get you.

People can’t be tied to a computer sending live responses all the time. 

And as we’ve discussed before, having the opportunity for bot-human-handoff can prevent customer churn and increase customer satisfaction rates.

Luckily, MobileMonkey has come up with a solution for busy, on-the-go businesses that still need to access customer inquiries:

The new Customer Live Chat MobileMonkey Mobile Apps for Android and iOS.

With the mobile app, you can see and respond to messages from any platform.

chat marketing automation: mobilemonkey mobile app inbox

With a visually-pleasing layout, it’s easy to see and select conversations that need your attention.

chat marketing automation: mobilemonkey mobile app conversation

And it becomes easier than ever to take over the conversation by pausing the chatbot and responding by hand right on your mobile device. 

Once you’re finished responding, you can start up the chatbot again. 

Again, these chatbots are built using the new MobileMonkey OmniChat StartBot, so it’s the same conversation dialogues you built once, accessible on all channels — for your customers and you!

There’s a lot of great new tools coming with MobileMonkey’s release of OmniChat, but that doesn’t mean your old favorites don’t follow along.

Let’s see how some classic MobileMonkey chat marketing automation tools blend with OmniChat technology!

Q+A Automation: Program Chatbot Auto-responders for Instagram, Facebook Messenger, SMS and Web Chat in One Place

Q+A automation is a fan favorite for chat marketing automation tools from MobileMonkey. 

This tool allows you to set up an FAQ chatbot which recognizes and answers commonly asked questions, using conversational question and answer content added manually by you in the chatbot builder. 

With MobileMonkey’s Q+A automation, it’s never required that the user type the question exactly how you entered it in the bot builder.

Instead, natural language processing algorithms can read intend and respond to “Location” the same way it would respond to “Where are you located?”

chat marketing automation: FAQ trigger words

With OmniChat by MobileMonkey, you only need to create these FAQ chatbot triggers once.

Then, powered by OmniChat technology, they are applicable no matter where a user is chatting from.

OmniChat™ Chatbot Integrations to Other Business Applications with Zapier in MobileMonkey

Imagine all of the new and different people you can access now that you’re not tied down to Facebook Messenger as your primary communication method.

Think of all the new customer data that comes with chatting people over Instagram, Facebook, SMS, and Web Chat.

The new OmniChat tool set means that MobileMonkey seamlessly brings together all of the data from these different chat channels, so you can send it along to the leading marketing systems that you already use.

Do this by using MobileMonkey’s classic chatbot integration tool, Zapier.

Zapier allows you to connect your chatbot to over a hundred different marketing systems, from email systems to conference. 

chat marketing automation: integrate omnichat simplicity with all of your marketing platforms

Chat Blast and Drip Campaigns for Both SMS & Facebook Messenger in One Campaign Builder

Don’t think that some of those top-notch chatbot tools are going away any time soon, either.

OmniChat by MobileMonkey brings your chat blasts and message drip campaigns to life, making them accessible by users over Facebook Messenger, Web Chat, and SMS.

You can set up your chat blasts and drip campaigns via the MobileMonkey chatbot builder as usual, but your audiences will increase exponentially now that you’ll be able to access folks over different channels.

No more will you only be using a Facebook Messenger Chat Blaster or Messenger drip campaigns; now you’ll be able to use these handy tools outside of the Facebook platform.

How to Get Started with OmniChat™ Campaigns Today

Messaging is overwhelmingly the preferred communication channel of customers today, and chat platform preferences vary among individuals.

That’s why MobileMonkey is so proud to offer this multi-platform solution that will help close more deals and increase customer satisfaction. 

Chat marketing automation using MobileMonkey’s OmniChat platform allows you to consolidate Instagram, Messenger, SMS, and Web Chat content in one place.

This means writing content once and using it everywhere, and seeing conversations from across messaging apps in a unified inbox, whether on desktop or mobile app.

Create your free MobileMonkey account today and you’ll instantly get:

  • OmniChat website chat
  • OmniChat inbox
  • OmniChat Q&A builder
  • Mobile apps for notifications and follow-up

Get ready to win more leads, get more sales, and build strong customer relationships with OmniChat™  by MobileMonkey.


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