MobileMonkey + Facebook Ad Bots Case Study: Chatbots in B2C Lead Gen for the Travel Industry

MobileMonkey + Facebook Ads Sell Travel Packages to the Tune of $20K Each Week as Sales Teams Sleep!

Facebook Messenger channel became a strong revenue stream for a New York helicopter tours company generating an average of $5K-$7K daily bookings from $900 daily ad spend.

“It worked wonders as we targeted people worldwide, and MobileMonkey helped us automate replies around the clock.”

—Jose Andres Chavez, Digital Marketing Manager

Selling while you sleep.

Isn’t that the dream?

That was the dream come true for Jose Andres Chavez, digital marketing manager at a popular New York helicopter tours company, after he activated MobileMonkey’s chatbot marketing automation super powers in Facebook Messenger.

So Jose and his sales and marketing teams counted sheep each night in New York.

The next morning, they came into the office and counted $5,000-$7,000 in new revenue in the bank!

Facebook Messenger Automation Campaign Highlights

What’s going on behind the scenes of these campaigns?

  • MobileMonkey-powered Facebook Ads are running 24/7 during day-time hours in locations and seasons with high bookings.
  • MobileMonkey chatbots are automatically fielding hundreds of interested buyer questions from around the world.
  • The bots are converting leads into customers by pointing prospects to the travel packages and answers that will make them confident in their purchase!

Here, in Jose’s own words:

“MobileMonkey allowed us to automate a lot of the generic responses, as well as answering questions while we were asleep here in New York.

So by the time we woke up, we would already have $5,000-$7,000 in revenue simply because people targeted in other time zones had already found the answers to their questions.

As Facebook Messenger got busier for us, we integrated it as part of the Sales Team tasks in addition to their daily phone and email duties.

Messenger became so useful as we were able to share maps for our locations, we were able to share videos as to what helicopter tours covered what parts of New York City, we were able to persuade in selling our premium products and/or our add-ons.

It also had a word-of-mouth effect were customers were telling friends, and they would reach out seeking the help of specific sales team members.”


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Lessons from the Bottom Line

There’s a seismic shift happening right under our noses as marketers.

People unanimously prefer chatting and texting over emailing.

And when it comes to providing personal info, it’s magnitudes easier for users to do in a conversation than on a web page.

And the tools that enable a business to automatically engage with their customers or leads in chat are easy to use.

There’s literally nothing holding a business back at this point.

Yet less than 1% of businesses are using tech to automatically chat with customers.

It’s mind boggling.

Of course, if you’re one of the early ones, it’s incredibly exciting.

Here’s Jose again:

“MobileMonkey will help you engage, retain, and persuade current or potential customers by keeping them engaged with the products, announcements, offers via push notifications.

It has a higher open and click-through rates than email! It is a way to monetize customer engagement in a way that you could only really do via brick-and-mortar!

You are basically interacting with the customer face-to-face rather than just a ‘user’ on your website where you don’t even know what their intentions are.

It helps you spark the conversation.

Did I mention that Facebook is integrating WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram messaging into one? The future of chatbots is bright, and you must act fast!”

Check Out the MobileMonkey Features Jose’s Team Used

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