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7 Time- & Cost-Saving Tools to Enhance Live Web Chat for Customer Support

Today I’m going to show you easy-to-implement tools that will transform your business’s web chat for customer support. 

These tools, combined with a handful of proven live chat tactics, deliver better customer experiences and introduce slick efficiencies to your live chat solution.

Live chat is the customer support channel with the highest customer satisfaction rating — 92%!

And 79% of customers reach for live chat first because it offers instant response.

Since many of the live chat inquiries a business receives don’t require live agent intervention to solve, businesses are reducing online support costs 25% by leveraging automation for web chat customer support. 

There are many CX and cost-saving benefits of live chat software with automation:

  • Zero wait times for customers
  • Instant answers to FAQs
  • Smart routing to live agents
  • And significant savings on the cost of live agents.

Here are 7 tools that will enhance your business’s live web chat for customer support and serve a better customer experience:

  • Step 1: Install web chat on your website
  • Step 2: Set up custom greetings on key pages
  • Step 3: Use menus to guide visitors to the info they need
  • Step 4: Automate FAQs to give instant answers without human intervention
  • Step 5: Set up push notifications when an inquiry requires a human
  • Step 6: Jump into the conversation in the OmniChat inbox on desktop or mobile
  • Step 7: Send survey in chat with drip campaigns 

Web Chat for Customer Support Tool #1: Install web chat on your website

The linchpin of any web chat for customer support strategy is going to be the web chat tool located on site.

MobileMonkey website chat widget is free and supports multiple messaging apps in one unified inbox. This magic is called OmniChat.

Embed MobileMonkey web chat on your site and your customers have the option of chatting in familiar Facebook Messenger or no-login-required webchat.

So if someone on your site is signed in to Facebook, MobileMonkey OmniChat widget will detect that and serve up Facebook chat on the site:

facebook web chat

And if a visitor isn’t logged into Facebook, they’ll see a native web chat for customer support widget greeting them:

advanced chatbot builder for web chat sms messenger

To add multi-channel OmniChat live chat to your site, create a new MobileMonkey customer chat widget and easily customize the color, position, welcome greeting, mobile/desktop device, and page the chat widget shows up on:

web chat widget config

Copy the code provided by MobileMonkey to your website or tag manager and you’ll instantly see live chat on your site:

live chat website widget

Check out 11 web chat examples for more ideas of how web chat supports your customer support, marketing and sales goals.

Of course, adding a live chat widget to your site is just the first step in any web chat for customer support strategy.

What comes next is where true cost-savings and instantaneous customer service happens.

Web Chat for Customer Support Tool #2: Set up custom greetings on key pages

Here’s where your live chat is going to get smart — like, “save you time and make customers happy” smart.

Map your webpages to different customer personas and visitor intent, then match your web chat greeting to that visitor.

When you match your web chat greeting and convo flow to the intent of the visitor on the page and where they are in their customer journey, you’re going to gain the appreciation of your customers for taking the time to know them and their needs.

You’ll also start more website chat conversations when your web chat greeting offers something relevant to what they’re looking for.

It’s easy to put a page-specific customer chat widget in place with a custom greeting. Like this easy:

Web Chat for Customer Support Tool #3: Use menus to guide visitors to the info they need

Live chat is going to be your customers fastest way to get an answer to their questions, and both your business and your customer will be in a better position to get help fast by answering a few simple questions to send them on the right path.

When you call Home Depot, your call isn’t answered by the customer service desk, right?

First you answer a few questions, selecting the best option from a menu of options, to send your call to the right person to help you.

We create the same kind of menu system with automation tools to enhance live chat for customer service.

Even when your web chat automated answer system can’t answer their question instantly, the live agent who takes over the chat can see what that visitor is looking for to help them find their answer faster.

Create a simple chat menu like a phone tree to lead visitors down a few common paths, e.g. technical support, sales, hours and directions.

Web Chat for Customer Support Tool #4: Automate FAQs to give instant answers without human intervention

Will every customer inquiry need a live agent to answer their question?


Say your visitor is looking for directions to the store or the restaurant menu or info about your company founder.

These frequently asked questions are easy to automate in web chat using Q&A triggers.

MobileMonkey will analyze the customer conversation and match keywords to programmed responses using AI and NLP.

Type “who is Larry Kim?” in the web chat on this page and see what I mean.

And how does your web chatbot learn the answers to FAQs?

MobileMonkey saves the unknown, unanswered questions so that you can assign these customer questions to existing or new chat content.

Web Chat for Customer Support Tool #5: Set up push notifications when an inquiry requires a human

When your customers or leads connecting with you in web chat need a live agent’s help, the right members of your team can be notified with smart, instant alerts via email, mobile app push notification or browser notification.

Add the notification widget to the web chat conversation flow.

Here’s what a mobile app push notification looks like on your phone.

mobile app live chat customer support inbox

Clicking on the notification takes you right to the conversation in the MobileMonkey chat mobile app.

Web Chat for Customer Support Tool #6: Jump into the conversation in the OmniChat inbox on desktop or mobile

The MobileMonkey live chat mobile app lets your team respond to chat inquiries right from your mobile phone, any time, on the go.

mobile app live chat support inbox

And the MobileMonkey desktop inbox features more advanced customer support team features like assigning to agents and marking conversations as needing follow-up or done.

desktop inbox for live chat customer support

The OmniChat inbox collects all the chat conversations happening across your brand’s messaging channels — like Facebook Messenger, web chat and SMS — in one unified location so that you can streamline your chat support efforts.

Web Chat for Customer Support Tool #7: Send surveys in chat with drip campaigns 

One more advanced automation tool that will save your team time and improve your chat support management is automated drip campaigns to run customer satisfaction surveys.

What is a drip campaign?

Drip campaigns automatically send messages to customers based on triggers, like when a customer support ticket is closed.

When a chat conversation is marked as done by a live agent, the agent can tag that customer, which in turn triggers a drip message surveying the customer of how satisfied they are with their service experience.

Here you can see how to schedule drip campaign content to send minutes, hours or day after someone enters an audience:

Before you can send an automated survey in chat, you’ll need to gain opt-in for SMS or Facebook so you can re-engage with customers after they leave your website.

Use the Opt-in Widget in the webchat conversation flow to invite your visitor to get follow-up chat messages from your business in their preferred messaging app.

SMS lead tools website chatbot opt-in widget

Review survey results to measure support success and find areas where you can do better.

And check out How to Run a Survey with a Chatbot for more help with putting automated chat surveys in place.

Live Web Chat for Customer Support Boosted by Automation

We hope you got some good ideas of how your live chat for customer support strategy will be enhanced by adding a few upfront automations to find out what your visitor needs, route them to the right live agent and survey their satisfaction automatically.

Right now, MobileMonkey’s OmniChat messaging platform for live chat and customer service support is available for free in a limited-time special edition.

Stay connected with customers automatically in real-time in the messaging apps they already use, and improve customer metrics like response time and customer satisfaction by serving answers fast with MobileMonkey web chat.

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