Manage All Customer Communications with Omnichannel Chat Support Software

Having omnichannel chat support software means you can manage all prospect and customer interactions from one unified messaging inbox.

When managed properly, the result is better communications and more sales.

In fact, companies with omnichannel customer engagement strategies retain on average 89% of their customers, compared to 33% for companies with weak or non-existent omnichannel customer engagement, according to eMarketer.

The key benefits to MobileMonkey OmniChat Inbox are:

  • Integration with messaging on your website and social channels
  • Stronger team collaboration around customer support
  • Instant, 24/7 answers to people on all channels
  • Simple bot to human handoff
  • Better customer profiles and behavioral insights
  • Hours saved by using one, as opposed to many, inboxes

Chat instantly with customers on the messaging apps they already use

Manage All Conversations Across Channels in One Unified Inbox

With MobileMonkey’s patent-pending technology OmniChat, chat marketing campaigns and automated customer service conversations work across:

  • Native webchat
  • SMS/MMS (text messaging)
  • Facebook Messenger
  • And more soon to come!
omnichannel support multi-channel unified inbox

MobileMonkey users have the ability to view each channel individually, or to view all channels at once as interactions happen in real-time.

Customer Service Team Collaboration

The OmniChat inbox features a multi-channel chat inbox and advanced customer service features.

Three advanced customer service features that teams using MobileMonkey love are:

  • Ability for customer service teams to collaborate
  • Automated notifications of conversations that need follow-up
  • Assign conversations to live agents

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Tag Contacts from the Omnichannel Support Inbox

Based on the conversation one of your customer support team members or your bot is having with a prospect or customer, you can choose to add a Tag(s) to that visitor.
omnichannel support tag contacts automation campaigns mobilemonkey

Additionally, by tagging contacts for follow-up, you can enter prospects or customers into different automation campaigns, such as an email or SMS drip sequence.

Take Over Live Conversations Anytime From the Web or Mobile Apps

If your bots aren’t getting the job done, use notifications to your support teams to jump into a conversation at any point from MobileMonkey on your desktop or from MobileMonkey Chat apps for iOS and Android.

There are many scenarios that call for bot-to-human handoffs, such as urgency, complexity, and user preference.

An example of where all three of these scenarios are true would be if an enterprise level client has unique questions that your bot doesn’t have answers for, and that client is demanding to speak with a customer representative. If this is the case, you’ll of course want one of your reps to take over the communication as soon as possible.

With MobileMonkey, it’s easy to implement alerts and automated bot-to-human handoffs at the right times.

To learn how to setup alerts with MobileMonkey chat support software, dive into this article:  “How To Do The Bot-To-Human Handoff

Chat Support Software and MobileMonkey OmniChat

With MobileMonkey OmniChat Inbox, you can support and engage with customers anytime by managing their conversations from your website, messaging channels like Facebook Messenger, SMS text messaging, and more.

  • Chat with customers in the messaging apps they already use
  • Build campaigns once that work on many popular messaging apps
  • Respond to conversations across chat apps from a unified inbox

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