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Engage & Convert Contacts with Advanced Facebook Messenger Marketing Automations

Leverage MobileMonkey’s advanced messaging automations for Facebook Messenger to create lead-nurturing funnels you design once and use across contacts.

All MobileMonkey users get powerful automations for:

  • Facebook post autoresponders that grow contacts through Page interactions
  • Custom variable insertion that makes for super personalized messaging
  • Mass messages to custom audience contacts on-demand
  • RSS blaster that automatically sends messages to contacts powered by RSS feed
  • Q&A triggered chatbot experiences that match content to what users are looking for
  • Chatbot-powered website chat featuring live operator takeover
  • Links, buttons and checkboxes that send people to your Messenger chatbot and create new messaging contacts

MobileMonkey Pro users receive incredibly helpful automation capabilities for Facebook Messenger marketing:

  • Scheduled blasts: Plan Messenger campaigns in advance and schedule messages for a future date and time.
  • Blast for the recipient’s time zone: Always send blasts at optimal times for your contacts.
  • Automatic drip campaigns: Design and schedule lead-nurturing drip campaigns to onboard and educate audiences.
  • Integration: Connect MobileMonkey contact data to other business systems.