6 Sticky Facebook Messenger Lead Magnets to Drive New Contacts

Your number of Facebook Messenger contacts is the size is your reach.

Because Facebook Messenger sees 60-80% open rates, growing the size of your MobileMonkey contact list is key.

Use MobileMonkey’s collection of lead magnets to grow your Facebook Messenger contact list:

  1. Website chat widget: Every person who chats with you from your website is converted into a Facebook Messenger contact.
  2. Links: Create a link that drops users straight into your chatbot experience while creating a new contact.
  3. Landing pages: Custom, coding free landing pages drive traffic to conversion-focused mobile-friendly chatbots and create new contacts.
  4. Facebook Messenger ads: New contacts are created when your target audience clicks on your Facebook send-to-Messenger ad campaigns.
  5. Comment Guard: Include a Facebook Messenger autoresponder on your Facebook posts and create conversations and contacts with engaged commenters.
  6. Checkbox plugin: Add an opt-in checkbox to any web form to secure a new contact while they’re completing a form.


Capture contacts from anonymous website visitors and add them to automated email outreach funnels to super charge sales. Request a call to see it in action! 

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