Plan & Schedule Chat Blasts in MobileMonkey Pro

A little planning can go a long way. Schedule your chat blasts for ideal open and engagement rates.

Scheduled chat blasts are like scheduled email blasts with one key difference. Marketers can send campaigns at a scheduled time in the future.

Just pick a time for the blast and MobileMonkey launches the campaign to your audience based on the sender’s time zone.

Easy-to-Use Visual Chatbot and Blast Builder

You can schedule a blast of any chat page you’ve built to any audience segment you’ve created with the easy, visual chat blaster.

Step 1: Create the page you want to blast with drag-and-drop  widgets in the chatbot builder.

Here we’re creating a downloadable guide on chat blasting for agency marketers with the text widget, image widget and a button to download the guide:

messenger chat page to blast

Audience-Based Chat Blasting

Step 2: Create the audience segment you want to blast to from any variable in your Facebook Messenger contacts.

You can create an audience segment from any attribute — when they subscribed, where they’re located, and custom variables you’ve created. This lets you serve content tailored to what customers are looking for.

For instance, you might ask people if they’re an in-house or agency marketer to create audience segments for each:

create audiences based on user input from messenger

Now you can create custom audiences based on these attributes, like people who are agency marketers:

create custom audience

Scheduled to Maximize Engagement

Step 3: Create the Messenger chat blast, selecting the chat page and the audience.

messenger chat blast scheduler

Send immediately OR schedule in advance! To schedule a blast, pick the date and time from the calendar!

You’ll deliver content at the time of day and day of week planned for optimal engagement.

And just like that, 10x your blast open rate compared to email marketing!

Bulk-send interactive content and engaging offers to custom audience lists in Facebook Messenger and plan your campaigns in advance!

Plan Campaigns with Scheduled Chat Blaster Automation
for MobileMonkey Pro and Team Users!


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