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Facebook Messenger Chatbot Templates for B2B, Restaurant, Real Estate & Ecommerce

Launch bots fast with chatbot templates for Facebook Messenger marketing!

Send a message to any of these Facebook Business Pages to demo the sample bots for:

Send a message to the Facebook Business Pages above to demo the bots.

How to Use Chatbot Templates in MobileMonkey

You can use any of the sample template bots as a baseline for creating your own chatbot.

From the dashboard, simply choose “Add a bot” and you’ll see these bots available as templates to choose from:

messenger chatbot templates

Each template bot has a few standard chat pages set up like:

  • Welcome page: What visitors see on their first contact
  • Default page: What visitors see when the bot doesn’t understand
  • Main menu: Standard menu of options, like Home and Support
  • Questions to segment your audience: Asks what they’re looking for
  • Lead capture forms: Collects lead qualification data and emails it to you

Here are just a few highlights of each chatbot template.

B2B Chatbot Template

The B2B Sample Bot welcomes your visitor and then asks them to choose their path for more info.

Whether they select “Current Client”, “Interested” or “Just Visiting” now you know more about them! Hello, custom variables!

b2b chatbot template audience segment

From here, create audience segments and follow up with nurturing drip campaigns for new contacts and helpful engagement campaigns for your clients!

B2B Sample Bot even collects the users preferred method of communication, making it easy for your team to know the best way to reach them:

b2b chatbot template contact collector

And if anyone tells your bot they want to talk to someone, you’ll get an email notification that someone interested in your business wants to talk:

send email b2b lead alert

Ecommerce Chatbot Template

Choose Vermont Custom Sample Bot for a chatbot template geared toward online merchandise sales out of the box!

This bot template has a starting framework with:

  • Product pages featuring image galleries
  • Conversion forms with emailed lead alerts
  • An ad landing page designed to earn engagement

On first contact, users are invited to tell you more about what they’re looking for, adding custom variables to their customer profile you can use to segment them for future messaging!

ecommerce chatbot segmenter

As visitors travel through your Messenger funnels, use beautiful list layouts to continue segmenting their interests:

chatbot list widget

Showcase your products with interactive image galleries that users swipe through to see more:

chatbot gallery widget

We’ve also included a landing page for Facebook Ads Click-to-Messenger campaigns or when you link to Messenger in AdWords, the Google Display Network and more.

Restaurant Chatbot Template

Choose Rai’s Place Sample Bot to start a bot from a template designed for restaurants and food service businesses.

Out of the box, you’ll have pages ready to customize for your business, like:

  • Menus
  • Contact and inquiry forms
  • Reservations
  • Catering order forms

Visitors who connect in Messenger are welcomed with a page that finds out if they’re interested in catering or to see a menu:

restaurant chatbot template welcome page

When someone selects their interest, they’re tagged, which you can use to create a custom audience and chat blast them special offers and content:

restaurant chatbot template attributes

Menu pages use image galleries and lists beautifully formatted for chat:

restaurant chatbot template gallery images

Messenger conversion forms designed for catering orders are a great place to start collecting lead and order information.

Real Estate Chatbot Template

The real estate chatbot template is ready to go for Realtors. Automation basics free you up to keep growing your business.

Get started out the gate with:

  • Contact request forms
  • Inquiry forms for buyers, sellers and renters
  • “Meet the Team” pages

The welcome page lets new clients segment themselves by what they’re looking for:

real estate chatbot template welcome page

Contact forms let interested people let you know their phone number and email where they want to be contacted and their preference.

Inquiry forms for buyers, sellers and renters each collect data like where they’re looking, what they’re looking for, bedrooms and budget.

real estate chatbot template inquiry contact forms

Meet the Team pages let you showcase your personality and experience and give people a way to contact the agent directly:

real estate chatbot template team pages

Clone Your Own Bots

When you’ve built a bot you love and want to connect to another Facebook Page, go ahead and copy your own bot!

You’ll see your existing bots available to copy when you create a new bot!

clone chatbots

The possibilities are endless and your creativity has no bounds with Messenger marketing, but you’ve got to start somewhere!

Start off your business bot with MobileMonkey chatbot templates.