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OmniChat Chatbot Templates for Lead Gen, Real Estate, Ecommerce & More

Launch bots fast with Facebook Messenger chatbot templates for Facebook Messenger marketing.

MobileMonkey OmniChatⓇ chatbot templates are ready-to-launch on all your customers’ favorite messaging apps.

You can get all the benefits of marketing automation with the incredible power of conversations in Messenger for Facebook and Instagram, native web chat, and SMS!

So, get started with multi-channel chat marketing using any of the templates available in MobileMonkey’s free chatbot tools.

How to Use Facebook Messenger Templates in MobileMonkey

You can use any of the sample template bots as a baseline for creating your own chatbot marketing campaigns.

However, there are some pre-built templates that you can get started with even faster when you sign up for MobileMonkey. With a free MobileMonkey account, you will have the option to start a bot from scratch or choose from the bots available as templates.

To access the pre-built Facebook Messenger templates seen in the following image, go to the Settings menu ⚙️ and select Templates from the Settings type options on the left-hand side of your screen.

Facebook Messenger Chatbot Templates

Each chatbot template has a few standard chat pages you can choose to set up, such as:

  • Questions to segment your audience: Asks what they’re looking for
  • Lead capture forms: Collects lead qualification data and emails it to you
  • Facebook Welcomer: What visitors see when they message a business for the first time using the Facebook Page Send Message button
  • Default message: The message visitors receive when the bot doesn’t understand
  • Main menu: Standard menu of options, like Home and Support

These Facebook Messenger chatbot templates serve specific types of businesses and their business needs for marketing, customer support, and sales.

Here you’ll find out what’s inside each of the Facebook Messenger templates, designed for various business objectives to help you start using bots to grow your business within minutes.

Review MobileMonkey’s chatbot examples for more inspiration and tools you can use to drive leads in Messenger for Facebook and Instagram, SMS text message marketing, live chat for your website, and more.

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Facebook Messenger Templates

Here are the Facebook Messenger templates you can find pre-built in MobileMonkey:

Facebook Messenger templates: MobileMonkey Chatbots

Then, the following chatbot demoes are designed to help MobileMonkey customers achieve their goals, and can be used as a chatbot template across a variety of businesses and industries:

Let’s begin with the Messenger chatbot templates you can find pre-built in MobileMonkey!

#1. Build an Email List Chatbot Template

Whether you’re just getting started with growing your email list or you’re ready to 10X your email subscribers list in 2021, this Facebook Messenger template has you covered.

There are many different ways to build an email list, however, chatbots are the latest secret weapon. The MobileMonkey email list builder chatbot template can actually capture email addresses for you in three different places:

  1. Facebook Page Welcomer (Messenger Greeting).
  2. Website Chat Widget (Facebook Live Chat).
  3. Facebook Post Autoresponders (Comment Guards).
build an email list with a chatbot

And the best part about this is that you can automate lead capture and build your email list in multiple places, and store that contact data in MobileMonkey.

Capturing the emails of your leads is super easy with this MobileMonkey template. There are only a few steps to get it up and running so you can start collecting leads immediately.

Want to build a chatbot to help you grow an email list, fast? Check out our video and documentation on how to install and configure this chatbot step-by-step: Build Email List Starter Template

#2. Marketing Agency Chatbot for Lead Generation & Lead Qualification

MobileMonkey values its chatbot marketing agency partners so much that we’ve created pre-built Facebook Messenger templates for them to hit the ground running.

Check out the lead qualification bot our agency partner created by playing the video below, or experience it yourself!

Experience the marketing agency chatbot on Messenger now!

Facebook Messenger Templates

The marketing agency chatbot template is designed to nurture leads, provide research studies, and be an all-around resource for current and potential clients. 

Starting with the welcome page, you can build an awesome Messenger greeting — also known as a welcome message.

In the MobileMonkey chatbot template, you’ll be able to segment subscribers by their interest. 

The template was built with a digital marketing agency in mind but can be customized to suit any type of marketing or creative agency.

#3. Use a Messenger Bot to Get More Reviews

you can use chatbots to get more reviews

Here’s an example of how to get more product reviews that you can try for yourself.

get more reviews

You should be able to make your review generating chatbot in roughly 30min using MobileMonkey’s easy to use chatbot builder.

Getting reviews is super easy with this MobileMonkey chatbot template. There are only a few steps to get it up and running so you can start collecting reviews immediately.

Check out our video and documentation on how to install and configure a chatbot that will get you more reviews step-by-step!

#4. Customer Support Chat

MobileMonkey OmniChatⓇ has customer support chat software that helps businesses connect to customers in the messaging apps they already use. And when you install MobileMonkey’s OmniChat customer website chat widget on your site, it can be set up to adapt to a customer’s preferred chat channel.

If users are signed in to Facebook on their browser, a Facebook Messenger live chat widget will automatically show. If they’re not logged into Facebook, a native chat widget will show.

This responsive flexibility is resulting in more than a 2X increase in conversations started for MobileMonkey customers.

MobileMonkey’s customer support chatbot template for Messenger has a Facebook page welcome message, an FAQ chatbot with Q&A triggers, and then follow-up chatbot drip campaigns.

Getting your Facebook page fans the support they need is super easy with this Facebook Messenger template. Additionally, you can use this chatbot template to capture the emails of your Facebook page visitors and website visitors in the process. There are only a few steps to get it up and running so you can start collecting leads immediately.

Want to build a customer support chatbot for your Facebook business page? Check out the video and documentation for our customer support chat starter template to learn how to set it up step-by-step!

#5. Run a Contest on Messenger

Thinking of running an online contest?

Running a contest or a giveaway on Facebook is one of the best ways to engage new and existing audiences. It’s also one of the best ways to generate a ton of leads and followers, fast!

Experience the contest chatbot template on Messenger now!

Facebook Messenger Templates

You can use the contest template to run a giveaway on Facebook or a comment-based contest powered by Messenger (and your chatbot!).

With a comment-based contest, you can announce the contest via a Facebook post and users will be entered to win whenever they comment.

On the backend, you’ll set up a Facebook comment autoresponder that prompts your contest chatbot to run whenever a comment is left.

The chatbot will deliver a message regarding the contest, and if the user interacts with the bot, they’ll be added as a new Messenger contact.

Creating a contest to get leads is easy with this MobileMonkey template. There are only a few steps to get it up and running so you can start collecting leads immediately.

Check out our video and documentation on how to install and configure the Messenger bot contest template!

#6. Add Messenger to your Website with Facebook Live Chat

Did you know that you can add Facebook Messenger to your website? Well, you can, and it’s a great option to have because you get all the benefits of live chat and Messenger chat.

With a Facebook chat widget, customer support conversations happen in the Facebook chat app known as Messenger.

Benefits to both businesses and customers who choose to use the Facebook live chat option:

  • Conversations are persistent: Both customers and businesses can continue a conversation in Messenger at any time.
  • Facebook Messenger default customer data: Facebook Messenger provides businesses with contact info like name, location, language, and more.
  • Allows for remarketing: Businesses can create an ad remarketing audience from Facebook Messenger contacts.

More importantly, with MobileMonkey, your live chat widget can automatically detect if your site visitors are Messenger users or not and will provide visitors bot native live chat and Messenger chat options.

Check out our video and documentation on how to install and configure Facebook live chat on your website!

#7. Chatbot to Book Appointments

One of the most common chat tools for customer support is an appointment booking chatbot.

Booking appointments is super easy with this MobileMonkey template. There are only a few steps to get it up and running so you can start collecting booked appointment requests immediately.

Want to build a chatbot that books appointments? Check out our video and documentation on how to install and configure an appointment booking chatbot step-by-step!

But booking the appointment is only half the battle! You still need people to show up, right? Well, here’s the power of MobileMonkey, where you can use OmniChatⓇ to communicate with your contacts using the best medium for the job.

#8. How To Re-engage Customers with SMS

Now that you have a chatbot template to book appointments via Messenger, let’s talk about the best way to reengage those contacts.

Sending business appointment reminders to customers via text reduces missed appointments by 26%.

Once you successfully book an appointment with the Facebook Messenger chatbot template, you can send them an SMS to remind them of their appointment. To do this, make sure you ask for the person’s phone number to follow-up with them via text after they’ve booked their appointment on Messenger.

The following image is an example of how you can use SMS appointment reminder text messages, in addition to the Messenger appointment booking template, to dramatically reduce missed appointments.

Having a fully automated process to both book appointments and then send a follow-up appointment reminder text handles two separate jobs on two chat channels, all within MobileMonkey. This is super powerful due to the human resources saved and the convenience to the customer.

Check out our video and documentation on how to install and configure a chatbot that reengages contacts by SMS step-by-step!

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More Facebook Messenger Chatbot Demoes

MobileMonkey is the world’s best platform for generating leads, qualifying leads, and supporting customers in Messenger and other popular messaging apps.

Here are some Facebook Messenger bots you can take for a spin yourself to see what chatbots can do for specific types of businesses across industries.

#9. Beauty Salon Chatbot

Experience the beauty salon chatbot on Messenger now!

Facebook Messenger Templates, Chatbot Templates

Imagine the time it would save if a bot could handle your appointments and attract new clients! 

Both are possible with the beauty salon chatbot template. 

In addition, you can set up the bot to handle FAQ, as well as offer more information about your services. 

You can also use the bot to deliver coupons and/or promo codes!

#10. Dentist Office Chatbot

Experience the dentist office chatbot on Messenger now!

Facebook Messenger Templates, Chatbot Templates

The dentist office bot is perfect for dentists and doctors alike. 

You can use it to direct people to your location(s), learn about services, set up appointments or meet the professionals on staff.

Even something as simple as having a picture of each dentist or doctor with a friendly bio will make potential patients feel more comfortable with coming to your office. 

You can also use the bot to answer frequently asked questions, provide users with directions to your office, fill out first-time visit forms, or offer promotions. 

#11. Ecommerce Chatbot

Experience the ecommerce chatbot on Messenger now!

Facebook Messenger Templates

With an ecommerce bot, you’ll be able to do things like:

  • Create product galleries
  • Offer product recommendations
  • Guide users to your site to make a purchase
  • Collect conversion forms with emailed lead alerts

On first contact, users are invited to tell you more about what they’re looking for, adding custom variables to their customer profile you can use to segment them for future messaging!

Showcase your products with interactive image galleries that users swipe through to see more:

Facebook Messenger Templates, Chatbot Templates

We’ve also included a landing page for Facebook Ads Click-to-Messenger campaigns or when you link to Messenger in AdWords, the Google Display Network and more.

#12. Gym Facebook Messenger Chatbot Templates

Experience the gym chatbot on Messenger now!

Facebook Messenger Templates

With a gym chatbot, you can connect with your gym members in a variety of ways.

You can keep them up-to-date with new classes, announce special events, showcase facility upgrades, and even encourage members to bring in their friends!

The bot can also answer common questions regarding hours, location, pricing, etc. 

You can even send out offers for a free trial to new customers via the bot:

Facebook Messenger Templates

#13. Lead Generation Chatbot Template

Set up a bot with the sole purpose of collecting leads!

The lead generation chatbot template is perfect for collecting contact information in exchange for things like webinar tickets or downloads.

 Experience the lead generation chatbot on Messenger now!

Facebook Messenger Templates, Chatbot Templates

You have multiple options when it comes to lead generation chatbots on MobileMonkey. For example, every lead that chats with your business on your website or through your Facebook Page could receive a chatbot lead form asking:

“Thanks for stopping by! Can I ask for your email address?”

Then, anyone that’s using Facebook Messenger will see their Facebook account email automatically populate in a button that they can submit with a simple tap.

The bot will respond:

“Thank you. And what’s the best phone number for us to reach you at?”

Facebook Messenger chatbot templates: Lead generation chatbot

Whenever the chatbot gets a new contact, you’ll get an email notification so you can follow up with your fresh lead!

To build a fully automated lead capture funnel, connect your chat automation to a CRM, email marketing platform, spreadsheet, or any business system using a Zapier chatbot integration. By connecting the rest of your marketing tools, you can automate the management of lead collection from your site and from your Facebook page.

#14. Personal Coach Facebook Messenger Template

Experience the personal coach chatbot on Messenger now!

Facebook Messenger Templates, Chatbot Templates

Whether you’re a business coach or a fitness coach, this is the bot template for you. 

It’s suited for anyone who plans to coach, train, motivate, consult or educate clients. 

Accordingly, this template lets you gather data and info on new clients, collect lead information, set up initial consultations, set up ongoing appointments, and introduce yourself with a bio. 

You can also use this template to provide tips and helpful articles to your clients.

A fitness coach, for example, can offer workouts or nutritional advice straight from the bot. 

#15. Podcast Bot Template

Experience the lead qualifying chatbot template on Messenger now!

Facebook Messenger chatbot templates for podcast

Grow your podcast listeners and increase engagement using a Facebook Messenger chatbot.

Our podcast template makes it oh-so-easy to get started. 

Using our podcast chatbot template as a base, you can create a custom experience for your listeners.

You can update them whenever a new episode comes out, share announcements and use drip campaigns to encourage reviews.

Keep your users engaged with your podcast by using the chatbot to share exclusive info on guests, hosts and topics (your listeners will love it!).

You can also set up your podcast to answer FAQs.

Once your chatbot is set up, you can also use Messenger ads and Facebook post private replies to get new subscribers!

#16. Real Estate Chatbot

Experience the real estate chatbot on Messenger now!

Facebook Messenger Templates, Chatbot Templates

The real estate chatbot template is ready to go for Realtors.

Automation basics free you up to keep growing your business. 

The welcome page lets new clients segment themselves by what they’re looking for (to buy, rent or sell).

You can use contact forms that let interested people let you know their phone number and email where they want to be contacted and their preference.

Or, deliver inquiry forms for buyers, sellers, and renters each collect data like where they’re looking, what they’re looking for, bedrooms and budget.

“Meet the Team” pages to showcase your personality and experience and give people a way to contact the agent directly.

Facebook Messenger Templates, Chatbot Templates

Last but not least, use listing galleries to showcase available properties. 

Facebook Messenger Templates, Chatbot Templates

#17. Survey Chatbot

Experience the survey chatbot template on Messenger now!

Survey Chatbot

All businesses can benefit from customer feedback — a survey chatbot makes it easy to gather it. 

The survey chatbot is streamlined and straightforward, and easy for users to complete.

That ease of use makes it much more likely that they’ll complete the survey. Whether you’re looking for feedback on products and services or trying to figure out your customers’ knowledge and experience, you can set it up with the survey chatbot template. 

FAQ Chatbot

#18. Website Chatbot Demo

Experience the website bot template in Facebook Messenger.

A live chat bot is like your website translated into a bot with highlighted features and visual menus.

This Facebook Messenger bot template is a framework for creating a conversational version of your website featuring:

  • About the company info
  • Blog link
  • Opt-in to subscription updates
  • Links to product or service description pages
  • More info on pricing
  • A way to get in touch with customer service or sales
Website Demo Bot

Team Plan Feature: Clone Your Own Facebook Messenger Chatbot Templates

MobileMonkey Team Plan subscribers have an extra superpower for making their chatbot templates go farther.

If you’ve built a bot you love and want to connect to another Facebook Page, go ahead and copy your own bot with the Team Plan clone feature.

You’ll see your existing bots available to copy when you create a new bot!

Agencies and marketing consultants running chat marketing campaigns for many clients can clone and share Facebook Messenger chatbots built with MobileMonkey.

Jump Right Into Facebook Messenger Marketing with Chatbot Templates

The possibilities are endless and your creativity has no bounds with Messenger marketing, but you’ve got to start somewhere!

MobileMonkey chat marketing automation works in Facebook Messenger as well as SMS and native web chat. That makes your campaigns reach more leads and customers.

Start off your business bot with MobileMonkey chatbot templates for Facebook Messenger, web and SMS today.

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Important Next Steps

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Messenger and how does it work?

What is Messenger? Facebook Messenger is a messaging app and platform developed by Facebook that launched in 2011. Messenger has over 1.3 billion active users worldwide and is a place to share, and communicate with your connections.

Once limited to Facebook users only, Messenger now powers conversations within Facebook, Instagram, Portal, and Oculus.

The easiest way to start using Messenger is to create a Facebook account and create or change your Facebook Page name. To start using Messenger on your mobile devices, download the Messenger app for iPhone or Android.

What are Facebook Messenger chatbots?

Facebook Messenger chatbots are artificial intelligence computer characters that can hold conversations with humans from within the Messenger chat application. Messenger bots are a scalable and affordable solution that can help businesses operate at a high level and on par with large-scale chat solutions.

Additionally, by pairing Messenger with a chatbot software platform, such as MobileMonkey, you can equip Facebook Messenger for business with marketing, sales, and customer support tools both on your Facebook business page, as well as for live chat on your website. 

How do I use chatbots on Facebook Messenger?

There are many ways to use chatbots on Facebook Messenger. Popular use cases include: 

Messenger chatbots can also be used to send Messenger blasts to page fans or chat blasts to your Facebook contacts. Another mass messaging option for Messenger is known as one-time notifications.  

Some more clever ways to use a Facebook Messenger bot for lead generation would be to learn how to do a giveaway on Facebook, or how to run a Messenger bot contest. You can even use chatbots to see who views your Facebook page.

How do you create a chatbot for your Facebook page? 

It’s easy to build a Facebook Messenger bot when you have a chatbot builder, such as MobileMonkey. You can also create basic Messenger bots, such as a Messenger greeting, directly on Facebook. 

As Shops for Facebook and Instagram become more popular, more businesses want to know how to build end-to-end Facebook Messenger funnels to sell more products online using chatbots.

A simple way to get started with Facebook tools for Messenger is to add pre-built automation tools to your pages, such as the Free Facebook Lead Generator. Bots make it possible to see who views your Facebook page, capture their contact information, and run follow-up automation campaigns to your audience via Facebook Messenger ads.

To create basic Messenger bots without a chatbot platform for business, be sure that you’re an admin on your Facebook page and know how to add an admin to your Facebook Page.

How does Messenger work without Facebook?

Messenger doesn’t actually work without Facebook, because Messenger is a Facebook powered product. In January 2020, Facebook removed the ability to create a Messenger account without a Facebook account. So you will need to create a Facebook account in order to use Messenger.

However, you can use Messenger outside of the Facebook application by adding Messenger to your own website. This is commonly referred to as Facebook Live Chat.


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