24/7 Automation + Live Operator Takeover in Facebook Messenger

Just in case you were wondering, with chatbots on the job, you don’t give up the personal touch of a live person. Jump into the conversation at any time with the Live Operator Takeover feature.

It’s the best of all worlds!

  • With chatbot automation, your customers get answers to the most frequently asked questions with no wait time and no staffing required.
  • When questions require a personal touch, MobileMonkey makes it easy to connect with customers from the convenience of a mobile app.
  • The efficiency of automation combines with convenient and cost-efficient customer service powered by MobileMonkey and live chat takeover much cheaper than operator chat.

In fact, Facebook Messenger chat automation blows away live chat:

  • Automate responses to 60% of the common questions
  • Available 24/7 without the expense of live operator staffing
  • Jump into the conversation at any time
  • Respond in mobile-friendly and desktop environments
  • Stay aware of the conversation with Facebook Messenger push notifications

Leave It to the Chatbot or Get Involved in the Conversation
Using MobileMonkey’s Live Takeover Feature for Mobile and Desktop!


Jump Into the Conversation on Facebook Messenger

Your customer service chatbot is on the job for you 24/7 in Facebook Messenger, no expensive operator staffing required.

Just set up automations to answer frequently asked questions, offer directions and other helpful tasks. This is great for the majority of conversations.

Two-thirds of the topics handled in customer service are the same questions over and over again. Arrange for automation to handle all of these. For instance, create a simple multiple-choice menu for sign-up, scheduling and support:

facebook messenger menu faq

Your customers never have to wait to get an answer to an FAQ with the instant response times of a Facebook Messenger chatbot.

And where human intervention can help, you’ll be at the ready with live chat takeover:

facebook messenger live operator chat takeover

Chat from the Convenience of Desktop or Mobile with Facebook Messenger and Push Notifications

When you’re at your computer, Facebook Business Manager is your all-in-one stop for managing your business on Facebook.

Just as easy, the Facebook Pages Manager app for Android and iOS is all you need to manage your Facebook Business Page when you’re on the go.

Mobile push notifications for Facebook Pages Manager keep you alerted of chat conversations happening with your business. It’s a really low-effort way to keep your eye on the chat.

facebook messenger push notification alert

Chatbot automation with live operator takeover in Facebook Messenger:

  • Combines 24/7 chatbot automation with personal service as needed.
  • Requires no extra staffing and is easy to turn on and off anytime.
  • Notifies you via Facebook Messenger push notification so you can jump in.

Combine Facebook Marketing Automation with Personal Attention,
Automatically Enabled through Live Operator Takeover!