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SMS Blaster and Text Message Blast Tools for Super-Charged Customer Engagement

Text messages get better response rates than any other channel for marketing and customer communication:

See why MobileMonkey’s SMS Blaster is the easiest-ever tool for sending mass SMS messages to your audiences, featuring:

Visual Drag-and-Drop Content Builder for SMS Blaster Campaigns

MobileMonkey features a best-in-class visual chatbot builder for sending SMS blasts.

Go to Marketing Automation tools to create a chat blast and follow the step-by-step instructions to choose the platform, select your audience, and create the SMS blast content using the visual StartBot editor.

The StartBot chatbot builder lets you add rich content widgets to the SMS blast including:

sms blaster visual campaign builder

See what the SMS blast will look like in the SMS previewer right from the campaign builder.

Immediate and Advanced Scheduling for SMS Blasts

Whether you want to send the SMS blast immediately, or set it to send at a date in the future, it’s up to you!

schedule future chat blast

Scheduling an SMS blast for the future is as easy as selecting the date and time from a calendar and clock!

Audience Segmentation Tools

Segmenting chat marketing contacts based on audience criteria improves engagement and response rates as much as 3X!

Utilize MobileMonkey audience segmentation features to create audience segments based on past chat history, communication preferences, and many other custom and default contact attributes.

sms tools to create audience segments

Find SMS audience tools in MobileMonkey Leads and create meaningful audience segments of customers who want to get your updates.

SMS Blast Campaign Reporting

Visual SMS blaster statistics give marketers data-driven insight into their most successful blasts.

sms blaster campaign reporting

See a report of every SMS Blaster campaign, and dig into metrics like open rate and engagement rate to track the success of text message marketing efforts.

Integrated SMS Contact List Growth Tools

MobileMonkey’s all-in-one SMS marketing tools include contact growth features like keyword opt-ins, contact list uploader and an SMS opt-in widget.

keyword opt in message for sms chat blasts

Here you can see how to set up a keyword that customers or leads can text to a business to sign up for SMS updates.

Mobile & Desktop Apps with Live Takeover Notifications

It’s even possible to set up triggers in the SMS Blaster to let marketers, business owners or team members know when automated SMS conversations require follow up. 

mobile app notification of sms chat blast

When a user triggers a notification widget because they’re asking for help or have an unanswered question, a notification is sent to the MobileMonkey web application or chat marketing mobile app. 

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