17 Web Chat Tools for Marketing, Sales & Customer Service

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The stats are clear: 48% of customers would rather connect with a business using web chat than email, phone or any other means. Here’s why:
  • Real-time web chat is the most convenient channel for one-on-one communication.
  • Web chat provides the quickest responses.
  • And customers that use web chat are likely to spend more and do repeat business.
Web chat tools for business enhance marketing, sales and customer support with smart features like:
  • Tools for native web chat, Facebook web chat, WordPress and more
  • Website chat automation tools
  • Advanced customer support management
  • Marketing lead capture and qualification tools
Want to satisfy customers and grow revenue with web chat tools for lead generation and sales support? Here are 17 web chat tools that every business can use to add live chat to a site, implement 24/7 chatbots, capture leads and sell more online.

Web Chat Tool #1: Live Chat Website Widget

Customers and leads that want information to help them purchase a product or service reach for web chat to get instant answers.

web chat tools website chat

Embedding chat on a website is easy with the smart MobileMonkey customer chat widget integrated with live chat and advanced customer support features.

Here’s how to add live chat to a website using MobileMonkey:

  1. Go to Website Chat > Customer Chat Widgets to create a customer chat widget.
  2. Customize the look and messaging of the chat widget. Every option from color to greeting is customizable.
  3. Set up a menu of options to help direct visitors to the info they need.
  4. Install a little snippet of code on your site and voila!

Any business can have web chat on a site in 10 minutes for free.

Of course, adding a website chat widget for live web chat is just the tip of the iceberg of business friendly customer chat tools.

Web Chat Tool #2: Multi-Channel Website Chatbot

Chatbots are poised to save businesses across the world $8 billion a year in reduced customer support costs.

Add a chatbot to web chat to route visitors to the info or agent that can help them, adding automation efficiency to the customer support and sales process.

website chatbot multichannel support settings

MobileMonkey’s website chatbot features OmniChat technology that serves a website chatbot in the messaging channel the visitor prefers, whether it’s Facebook Messenger or native web chat

Web Chat Tool #3: Web Chat Bot Builder

Power-up web chat with a chatbot first-responder to field customer inquiries and automatically route conversations to the right agent.

Setting up the chatbot autoresponder is easy with the MobileMonkey visual StartBot editor.

Use content widgets to add text, rich media, menus and more to the chatbot conversation flow.

web chat startbot builder

Visitors to the website will see that content and media in a widget on the website, allowing them to find the info they are looking for instantly and get assistance through live chat fast. 

web chat conversation on website

Web Chat Tool #4: Automated FAQs

A website chatbot is also the best way to serve 24/7 instant answers to customers.

Program web chat tools to answer frequently asked questions using keyword-based Q&A triggers and natural language processing.

Chatbots to answer FAQs are easy to build in a visual chatbot builder.

web chat bot qanda answer questions

MobileMonkey even tells you what visitors to your site are asking in web chat so you can program instant answers for all your FAQs.

Web Chat Tool #5: Live Operator Takeover

Transferring a customer from chatbot to live agent is easy to do and always available with live operator chat takeover.

A smart chatbot does the job of answering FAQs and routing customers that need a live agent to the right representative.

web chat browser notifications of inbox follow up

Live operator takeover is supported by smart alerts and notifications of conversations requiring a live agent follow-up. 

Notifications can be set up as browser notifications, mobile app notifications, email notifications and more.

Web Chat Tool #6: Alerts & Notification Trigger

Live agents jump into the conversation at the right time thanks to easy-to-setup web chat lead notifications.

Drop a notification widget into any automated conversation flow and select from the notification options that work best for any team — from browser notifications to email alert to web app or mobile app notification.

Web Chat Tool #7: Facebook Web Chat

Many customers prefer to use apps they already have on their mobile device to engage in web chat with businesses.

Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world and businesses that add Facebook chat on a website can count on some key benefits:

  • Persistent conversations that track customer history
  • Default contact data from Facebook including name, location, language
  • The ability to send follow-up messaging and do remarketing to Facebook chat visitors

To add Facebook web chat to a website, simply install the OmniChat widget.

facebook web chat

MobileMonkey recognizes when site visitors are signed into Messenger and serve the Facebook web chat widget accordingly.

Web Chat Tool #8: Native Web Chat

Native web chat allows any site visitor to start a chat conversation without any log in.

advanced chatbot builder for web chat sms messenger

The MobileMonkey OmniChat web chat widget automatically serves the native web chat widget to visitors not logged in to Facebook, a flexible solution for customers and businesses.

Web Chat Tool #9: WordPress Chat Plugin

WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world, and the WordPress plugin ecosystem allows for easy plug-and-play customizations.

To install web chat on a WordPress site, install the WP-Chatbot plugin by MobileMonkey.

Get the benefits of OmniChat flexible, responsive Facebook and native web chat in a click with a WordPress web chat plugin.

Web Chat Tool #10: Omnichat Web Chat Inbox

Manage customer conversations from across messaging platforms including Facebook Messenger, SMS and native web chat from a unified inbox.

omnichat multi-channel unified inbox

The OmniChat inbox features a advanced customer care features including:

  • Automated notifications of convos that need follow up
  • Ability to assign live agents
  • Ability to tag contacts for follow-up chat automation campaigns

Web Chat Tool #11: Chat Marketing Mobile App

Stay in touch with customers through a multi-channel chat inbox conveniently accessed from a mobile app.

conversations across messaging apps chat marketing mobile app _ iOS

Download the MobileMonkey customer chat mobile app for Android and iOS featuring:

  • Push notifications when customers require attention
  • Multiple live agent support
  • Integrated web chat for Facebook Messenger, native web chat, SMS and more

Web Chat Tool #12: Advanced Customer Support Features

Leverage full-service customer support features of MobileMonkey web chat tools including:

  • Customer support chatbot
  • Live agent takeover
  • Automatic notifications of conversations requiring follow-up
  • Support agent assignments and team management tools
  • Autoresponder for business off-hours
  • Rich customer profiles for saving chat history and customer preferences
  • Advanced automation options including follow-up surveys

Web Chat Tool #13: Web Chat Display Rules

Set a web chat widget to display on different web pages, user devices, and to new and returning users with advanced display rules.

website chatbot smart display rules

To display a different web chat widget greeting on a pricing page or a product page, a contact page or a shipping rate page, just create new web chat widgets for each scenario and set display rules accordingly.

Web Chat Tool #14: Web Chat Integration

MobileMonkey is advanced web chat software that lets you connect conversations and contact data from website chat to any other business application.

MobileMonkey’s native Zapier integrations to chatbots include CRMs like Salesforce and Infusionsoft, marketing software like MailChimp, Zoom and ActiveCampaign, and business productive apps from Gmail to Slack to Sheets.

zapier chatbot integration in mobilemonkey

Automatically send web chat and customer data between MobileMonkey and infinite business systems with Zapier two-way integrations for ultimate efficiency and accurate data management.

Web Chat Tool #15: Chat Marketing Opt-In Tools

Leads engaging in web chat are warm prospects.

So it makes sense to invite them to sign up for marketing updates via SMS, Facebook Messenger, email and more, during a chat conversation.


Use the automated opt-in widget in a web chat to grow the marketing leads while serving customers at the same time.

Web Chat Tool #16: Web Chat Analytics & Reporting

MobileMonkey chat software serves up a wealth of chatbot analytics to give businesses data for understanding the effectiveness of web chat installations and campaigns.

web chat leads reporting

View visual reports of new leads captured from web chat, chatbot conversion form completions, and much more. 

Web Chat Tool #17: Web Chat API

Any application can leverage all MobileMonkey web chat features directly by connecting with the MobileMonkey chatbot API.

The MobileMonkey API can be used to send messages to contacts as well as update contacts in the MobileMonkey database.

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