Automated sales development outreach at a fraction of the cost of human sales reps

RoboBDR™️ is the automated sales outreach platform to scale qualified sales opportunities for business owners

24/7 sales outreach automation for business owners

Capture, qualify, and convert leads to grow your sales pipeline with automated messaging.

Automate inbound and outbound sales engagement

Generate qualified leads and book meetings from messaging conversations targeted at audiences that meet your ideal customer profile.

Follow up on every lead, everywhere

Grow your business by automating lead capture and follow-up using a single messaging platform that connects to all the most popular customer messaging channels.

Reduce customer acquisition costs

Free up time and save money by automatically performing repetitive sales outreach and lead qualification tasks that fill your sales pipeline.

See what business owners are saying

Ed Jones

Owner, Lincoln Davies Building Supply

This campaign has freed my staff to focus on potential client interest from a more educated customer. For a growing business, this is critical.
Angel Buendía

Owner, Ornitorrinco Digital

MobileMonkey automations have been the best solution we could imagine. It makes our life much easier because it’s solved our greatest problem, which is making real contact with people who are looking for our services.

rick ho
Rick Ho

Customer Retention Specialist

MobileMonkey keyword text message opt-in brought in 1,000 qualified leads in 5 days!

Fill your sales pipeline faster with automated outreach tools

Sales Automation That Increases Your Sales Without Increasing Your Headcount

Outbound Outreach Automation

Supercharge sales opportunities by starting more conversations using targeted audience outreach and messaging automation to qualify sales intent.

Inbound Lead Qualification

Fill your sales pipeline by capturing contact information of people chatting with your business on your website, Instagram, Facebook and SMS.

Automated Lead Notifications

Set up real-time alerts via email, mobile push notification, desktop push notification and more to let you know a qualified prospect needs follow-up.

Qualified Meetings Booked

Convert high-intent leads into meetings booked for your sales team through integrations with CRM and Calendar apps.

Automated Engagement Sequences

Schedule cadences to send qualified prospects in the sales pipeline to increase conversion rate and booking rate with lead re-engagement templates.

Inbox for Qualified Leads from Instagram, Facebook, Web Chat & SMS

Log into an inbox that surfaces qualified lead conversations across customers' favorite messaging platforms so you can view and reply in one place.

Desktop & Mobile Inbox

Live chat with prospects from your desk and on-the-go with desktop and mobile apps for Android and iPhone.

Live Chat for Sales

Chat with future and current customers when they are learning about your offerings or looking for information about their purchase.

Answer Sales Questions Instantly

Get back time in your day and create confidence in buyers by automating instant answers to frequently asked questions in the sales process.

Automated Satisfaction Surveys

Send automated satisfaction surveys to better understand if prospects got information they need and are happy with follow-up they received.

How Does RoboBDR™️ Grow My Business?

Step 1

Customers are on messaging platforms and want to do business with your company.

Step 2

RoboBDR connects to your website chat, Instagram, Facebook, email and SMS marketing phone number.

Step 3

Automations qualify every inbound and outbound lead through conversations and alert you to join live chat with high-intent unicorns who are qualified to speak to a human sales agent.

Step 4

RoboBDR schedules sales calls with qualified prospects, and re-engages qualified prospects to take high-value conversion actions with sales cadences that send follow-ups in email and SMS.

Never Miss a Lead With a RoboBDR™️ Sales Development Army Working Around the Clock

Leave no unicorn lead behind

Connect automated lead qualification to all the most popular messaging channels so no sales opportunity is lost.

Fill sales pipeline with inbound and outbound sales automation

Launch messaging templates that convert high-quality leads to meetings booked and deals closed via SMS and email engagement sequences.

Close more sales by focusing on top-quality leads

Spend more time in your passion zone by focusing on the most high-impact sales opportunities for your business.


Sales Outreach Automation Tools for SMB Owners


Activate any of our growing library of lead qualification and engagement templates to convert high-value opportunities with the sales outreach sequences proven to close more deals

lead qualification templates
unicorn lead detector


Set your business’s qualification characteristics that leads will meet to trigger the unicorn detector and see which automations are finding the most unicorn leads for your sales team


Set up instant alerts when qualified unicorn leads are ready for follow-up by sales reps to close new business opportunities

notificación para el seguimiento del cliente
buzón de mensajería multicanal para escritorio


The OmniChat® enabled chat inbox surfaces your high-intent, qualified leads chatting with your business across your website, Instagram, Facebook and SMS for you to view and respond in one place


Connect sales outreach automation to the most popular communication channels so you never miss a potential sales opportunity

automation trigger connectors
buzón de mensajería multicanal unificado


View and respond to conversations with high-intent leads across Instagram, SMS, Facebook, and web chat in one place from your phone with the MobileMonkey mobile app for Android and iOS


Auto-sync contacts from lead lists, CRM and other databases to MobileMonkey where you can automatically message and qualify to find your unicorns within existing data sources

business system integration

Join hundreds of thousands of business owners scaling sales with the RoboBDR™️ sales outreach automation platform

Sales Outreach Tools

Automate chat and lead qualification with inbound leads and targeted outbound audiences to fill your calendar and sales pipeline

Unicorn Lead Detector

Get alerts when leads meet your business’s qualifications for high-intent, high-value prospects

OmniChat® Lead Inbox

View the unicorn lead conversations happening across business messaging channels in one streamlined inbox


Tailored plans designed for sales automation enablement for small businesses 

InstaChamp VIP Edition

Instantly auto-respond to comments and messages in Facebook Messenger and Instagram DMs
This Week Free Gift
  • Story Mention, Q&A keywords and DM autoresponder tools
  • Programmed autoresponder for Q&A keywords
  • 10 MobileMonkey branding-free sends free each month
  • Optional InstaChamp Platinum upgrade for more automations and branding-free sends


Fill sales pipeline with self-service tools and templates for inbound and outbound lead qualification and re-engagement automation
Starting At $119 / Month
Annual Plan
  • Automation templates for lead qualification
  • Connect to Instagram, SMS, Facebook, Web Chat & Email messaging
  • Re-engagement tools to increase conversions via SMS and Email
  • Custom marketing funnel features
  • Integrate with CRM, Email Platforms and other business systems

RoboBDR™️ Managed For You

Built-for-you automation and account representative dedicated to growing your sales pipeline as an extension of your team
Let's Chat
  • Everything in RoboBDR DIY plus:
  • Dedicated account representative
  • Built-for-you automation
  • Optional outbound audience prospecting sources

Free Forever Edition

Instantly chat with leads and customers in live chat on your website, Facebook Messenger, Instagram (beta), and WhatsApp (coming soon).

Starting At

$0 / Month

with annual plan

  • 1 multi-channel inbox
  • 1,000 send credits
  • 500 contacts
  • 1 user

Everything you get with Free Forever Edition:

  • Unified hub for all customer chat
  • Mobile and desktop inbox apps
  • Single streamlined inbox for Instagram, live web chat, Facebook Messenger and more

Operator Edition

Better-than-live chat platform for marketing, sales and support.

Starting At

$21.75 / Month

with annual plan

  • 1 multi-channel inbox
  • 4,000 send credits
  • 2,000 contacts
  • 1 user

Everything in Free Forever Edition, plus:

  • 24/7 automated answering service
  • Business hours and out-of-office hours customizations
  • Automated answers to FAQs
  • SMS marketing phone number and growth tools
  • Lead qualification funnels

Engagement Edition

Sell more and serve 5-star customer support with instant engagement, advanced automations, and re-engagement campaigns.

Starting At

$89.25 / Month

with annual plan

  • 1 multi-channel inbox
  • 6,500 send credits
  • 3,000 contacts
  • 1 user

Everything in Operator Edition, plus:

  • Qualified lead notifications
  • Re-engagement campaigns including drip campaigns and blasts
  • Automated conversation follow-ups
  • Facebook and Instagram (beta) messaging ads integrations
  • Zapier integrations

Join Hundreds of Thousands of Small Businesses Saving Time & Money with Chat Automation

«MobileMonkey has freed my staff to focus on potential client interest from a more educated customer. For a growing business, this is critical.»

Ed Jones, Owner of Lincoln Davies Building Supply

Blog Posts for Business Owners

Chatbot FAQs for Small Business Owners

RoboBDR is MobileMonkey’s messaging automation tools suite licensed for businesses with fewer than 10 employees and less than $2 Million (USD) in annual revenue?

The tools are specially designed to assist business owners by automating the tasks that will give them more time in their busy day wearing many hats, and to start more conversations that are opportunities for sales.

Automation is a friend to businesses in any situation where repetitive tasks happen or with activities at scale. SMBots chat automation tools are designed to give business owners simple but powerful tools to scale messaging across your customers’ go-to messaging channels.

With more time spent by shoppers in chat apps than on social media, your customers are looking to connect with your business in the messaging channels conveniently available on their phones including Instagram, website chat, text message and Facebook Messenger.

Messaging with leads means more sales conversation opportunities, more traffic to your website and more leads on your re-engagement lists.

Messaging with customers to support them automatically saves you and your team time, that critical resource there’s just never enough of.

The MobileMonkey SMBots platform includes a messaging inbox that unifies messaging conversations across all connected business messaging channels. You can view and respond to message from the desktop web app and mobile app available for Android and iOS.
SMBots advanced editions provide automation tools for answering frequently asked questions. It’s very easy to program a bot to automatically reply to a visitor using your programmed response. You do this using Q&A pairs inside SMBots. Just name the keyword to match the bot reply to and pair it with a reply that answers common questions using that keyword, or sends people to your website with more information.�?
Rather than responding to inbound messages to your business in multiple apps and platforms, the Free Forever Edition provides a single-login platform for chatting with customers in both Facebook Messenger, website live chat and (coming soon) Instagram and WhatsApp.

Selecting the right plan depends on your business goals. SMBots Operator Edition is for SMBs and SMEs that want to greet leads and customers with a 24/7 answering service and answer frequently asked questions.

SMBots Business Edition assists SMBs and SMEs in growth goals using lead generation and qualification tools including Facebook Ad integrations, automated qualification funnels, integrations to other business apps via Zapier, and advanced messaging automations such as drip campaigns and automated support satisfaction surveys.

Every message sent via MobileMonkey’s live chat inbox or chatbot automations counts as a send credit, except for messages sent to SMS contacts which count as 10 send credits.

MobileMonkey saves each contact that messages your business through the messaging channels connected to MobileMonkey. These contacts make up your MobileMonkey contact database.

SMBots does not offer support for multiple live chat agents or account managers. Multiple live agent logins or account managers are supported by MobileMonkey FunnelPro and Agencio.

We're here for SMEs & SMBs!

SMBots is the multi-channel customer messaging platform that makes live chat and chat marketing automation accessible for all business owners.

We’re here to answer all your questions to support your business growth.

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