Tips for an Event Marketing Chatbot to Boost Webinar & Event Attendance with Chatbot Marketing

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Below is a transcript of the Chatbot Marketing Training Course by MobileMonkey and Isaac Rudansky, of Adventure Media. Get the full course here and become a Messenger marketing master.

In this lecture, we’re gonna briefly talk about webinar and event registrations using MobileMonkey and Facebook chatbots.

Webinars, events, these are — especially webinars are one of the most powerful ways brands generate leads, the problem is through the typical funnel like a landing page and a regular opt-in form, only 15% of registrants actually end up attending the webinar, and this is your average data across multiple different types of industries and webinar types.

Facebook Messenger bots, and we’ve seen this happen over and over again, can double attendee rate getting up to thirty or more percent of registrants to actually attend for the seminar. On top of that, registering for the seminar is so much easier because it could be all done in side MobileMonkey.

It’s very very cool through MobileMonkey’s integrations platform where you use Zapier to connect to zoom or go to meeting, or webinar jam, or whatever webinar service you’re using.

And using forms with it natural language forms within MobileMonkey chatbots, you can actually register users for webinars right within Facebook Messenger automatically at scale quickly efficiently totally mobile-optimized.

The kicker is you don’t ever have to write a single ounce of code. If you look at this screenshot on the right-hand side over here, it says– and this is an actual chatbot. Would you like to sign up for Larry’s webinar the top 10 Facebook Messenger marketing hacks of all time? So on and so forth, and then the user clicks “sign me up.”

All of a sudden that information that Facebook has is sent to Zoom awesome what’s your email address. Facebook knows your email address.

It offers you to just tap it in you tap it in. there might be a couple follow-up questions, but it’s all done right within Facebook Messenger on a mobile device.

It’s incredibly efficient and incredibly easy. The same thing goes for events. If you’re using Eventbrite or another online event management system, you could sign people up for events right within Facebook Messenger.

Send them information through a connection through Mobile Monkey, and we’re gonna walk you through how to do all this right into that platform.

Like I said, Eventbrite or GoToWebinar, and then that person could be notified by email or whatever it may be and this could be the case for offline and online events. The real power comes from the ability to follow up before the webinar and after the webinar. You could create a follow-up drip campaign with key takeaways from the webinar.

You could send useful tips every single day leading up to the webinar to increase attendance rates. 30 minutes before the webinar, an hour before the webinar, a day before the webinar, you could push simple reminders right in Facebook Messenger where people are hanging out anyway to remind them to come to the webinar, and that’s how we get such high webinar attendance rates, because typically, GoToWebinar sends out an email; that’s how it’s usually done.

Then, it’s gonna maybe go into the person’s spam folder a person’s not always on email, they’re gonna forget about the webinar.

Email just has this perception of just being spammy. Facebook Messenger is useful, it’s relevant, it’s where my friends are, it’s where the information I want is, that’s where my pleasant conversations are taking place.

If you could replicate the pleasantness and the non-pushiness and the non-marketing-ness of email, and you have a natural sounding process, and I’m gonna teach you how to do that effectively in Facebook Messenger.

Your webinar and event registrations and attendance rates will absolutely skyrocket and go through the roof.

So yes, webinars at event registrations it’s hugely powerful, and I recommend and I tell this to all my clients oh we’ve been doing this take your entire webinar registration final that you have in place now and transfer it 100% to a Facebook Messenger chatbot approach.

You will be enormously impressed with the results that you see. In the very next lecture, we’re gonna talk about some lead gen chatbot strategies.

So I hope you enjoyed this one. I hope you’re starting to get some useful tips and techniques formulating in your mind.


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