Creating a New Messenger Ad in MobileMonkey

Updated 2 months ago by Van Le

Below are the steps for creating a new ad in MobileMonkey. If you want to connect a MobileMonkey dialogue to existing ads already running in Ads Manager, see this help article.

  1. Go to Facebook > Click-to-Messenger Ads
  2. Click on the "Create new ad" button
  3. Fill out all of the steps in the ad creation
    1. Select your ad account
    2. Set up your campaign
      1. To set a budget on your campaign, turn on Campaign Budget Optimization
      2. If your ads are in 1 of Facebook's special ad categories, tick the checkbox for "I'm creating a campaign for ads in Special Ad Category". Note that targeting on ads with special ad categories will be restricted. Read more about Facebook's policy for special ad categories here.
    3. Set up your ad set
      1. Here you can select a pre-existing ad set to clone or create a new ad set from scratch.
      2. If you have a campaign budget set, you won't able able to set a budget at the ad set level
      3. Currency for bids & budgets will match whatever you set in your ad account.
    4. Set up your ad
    5. Set up your startbot
      1. A startbot is a collection of messages that the bot will send when the user clicks on the ad and engages with your page. Note that the first message in the startbot cannot be deleted since it is an opt-in question, as required by Facebook.
        1. You can test your startbot by clicking on the "test my bot" link in the section header.
    6. After you are done with all the setup, click on "Activate ad" to publish the ad to Facebook.

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