Issues with the Website Widget

Updated 4 months ago by Allie Adams

There are a few reasons why your website widget may not appear.

NOTE: Facebook changed their Website widget codes on November 10, 2018. If you installed your code before then, you will need to change it to the new code. To learn more, click here.
NOTE: The website chat widget is currently not appearing on iPhones with iOS 12.1 downloaded. To learn more, click here.

If you are having a hard time getting your widget to appear on your site, try the following solutions!

  1. Make sure the code is in the right spot. We recommend putting it in the site's footer above the body tagline.
  2. Make sure your domain is whitelisted. You can check this within your Facebook page settings. Go to Settings > Messenger Platform > Whitelisted Domains. The site URL must be whitelisted exactly as it appears from within the site homepage.
  3. Make sure your site is secure. If your site URL does not begin with "https", then it may not be considered secure by Facebook, and the widget may not appear.
  4. Make sure your site has no adult content. Facebook does not allow their brand on websites with certain adult themes.
  5. Make sure your Facebook business page is published. If the page is not published, the widget will not appear.
  6. Make sure you have no other chat widgets on your website.
  7. Check for errors in your code, like conflicting CSS. If you aren't sure how to do this, you will need a web developer.

If you have tried these solutions and it is still not appearing, try a different method!

  1. Through your website's footer: Click here!
  2. Through Google Tag Manager (Quick and easy!): Click here!
  3. Have your developer take a look. These things can be tricky! Sometimes it's best to have a professional handle it.

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