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Installing the MobileMonkey Chat Widget on a Website.

Installing the MobileMonkey Website Widget into your site allows people to chat with your bot directly on your website.

How to Install a Chatbot on a WordPress Site Using MobileMonkey

You may notice that in this video clip, dialogues are referred to as "pages". For your convenience, pages were renamed to dialogues on 1/22/19. Learn more.

Generally, installing a website widget into other sites will be very similar to installing one through WordPress.

  1. Watch this video to learn about installing the Website Widget through WordPress: 

Installing Widget into WordPress Theme

The first think you need to do is "click" on the option on the left called "HTML Elements"

Then "click" on the button on the top right that says Add HTML Element. 

Next you will see a pop up box with a few options. "Choose" the first option that says, "Customer Chata Widget"

Now you have to fill out this Dialogue. Each section is documented below:

  1. Name your Chatbot here
  2. This should say "Customer chat" if it doesn't you need to change it.
  3. This is the Dialogue that you want to show up when people engage with the bot. All your Dialogues are in the dropdown.
  4. This is the website that you will be placing the code on. Make sure you enter this including the "https://"
  5. This is the code you will copy into your website.

Login to your Wordpress dashboard and "click"  on the option to the left called "Appearance" and then on "Editor"

On this page you want to scroll down on the right side till you find the "footer.php" link and "click on it" 

Then scroll to the bottom of the page and locate the "</body>" tag and put your cursor in front of it and hit "enter"  to make a space for the code. 

"Paste"  then code you got from MobileMonkey here. Be very careful and always copy the existing code before you make changes in case you make a mistake. Your page should look like the image to the right. Once done click the "Update" button to save it. 

Go to your website and "Refresh" the screen. If all is well you will see the little chat window in the bottom right corner. 

Test it by clicking on the "Chat Now" button and you should see your Dialogue load up that you chose in the MobileMonkey dashboard. 

That's it! You now have the widget on your Wordpress website.

If you are having issues getting your website widget to show up, check out this article!

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