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Your Bot Builder Sidebar Shows You all the Tools You Can Use in MobileMonkey!

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The left sidebar gives you access to tools to build, use and monitor your bot. The left sidebar can be found once you access your bot from your dashboard after logging in!

There are four categories of MobileMonkey tools:

  • Bot Builder
  • Marketing Automation
  • Lead Magnets
  • Audience Insights

Bot Builder

This is how you create a working bot! There are three tabs under Bot Builder.

  • Dialogues: This is how you add content to your bot and direct the conversation
  • Q&A: Set up triggers for your bot to pick up on so it will send relevant conversational pieces based on user input

Marketing Automation

Use your bot to send mass messages to your contacts. The open rate is astronomically larger than Email blasts! There are four tabs under Marketing Automation.

  • Chat Blaster: Send a mass chat message (informational or promotional) to  an audience of your choice. The possibilities are endless!
  • Drip Campaigns: Set up timed automated messages (drips) to send to your user on a strategic timeline
  • RSS Blaster: Send RSS feeds, like blog updates, etc, to an audience of opted-in contacts
  • Connections: Connect your MobileMonkey contacts to other systems, such as CRM

Lead Magnets

This is how you generate engagement with your bot. There are three tabs under Lead Magnets.

  • Landing Pages: Landing pages are a place to host your send to messenger button and offer a buffer between your link and your bot.
  • Scan Codes: Scan codes can be read by smart phones cameras and other devices to link contacts directly to your bot in messenger.
  • HTML Elements: HTML elements generate links to your bot through buttons, website chat widgets, and more.
  • FB Comment Guard: Set up comment guard on posts to have your chat bot automatically message people who comment on the posts
  • Messenger Ads: Link a "Send Message" button from your ads to a preset Dialogue in your bot

Audience Insights

Sort your contacts into relevant audiences, to properly target your messages! There are four tabs under Audience Insights.

  • Contacts: Contacts are automatically added when a user interacts with your bot. You can view all details of each contact including chat sessions, attributes and form submissions (This is where your keep track of user responses to your forms)
  • Audiences: Audiences are created from contacts or attributes. They filter your contacts into targeted groups
  • FormsKeep track of the forms you created and the statistics of each.
  • Bot analytics: Keep track of number of new contacts, conversions, and more
  • Settings: Control your bot basics, such as bot name, language, quick messages, and response settings

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